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Dear clients and friends! For more than 17 years, we have been working hard to provide you daily with the most professional and accurate information on the real estate market in Turkey wherever you are. To make it possible, we constantly participate in the largest international real estate exhibitions worldwide. 17 years, dozens of countries and cities, many exhibitions and seminars – and the trust of thousands of people around the world! 

Sergiy Volchenkov

Tolerance Real Estate Agency

Development Director

  • March 2015

    International Exhibition of Foreign Real Estate KÖPA HUS UTOMLANDS, Göteborg, Sweden

    Tolerance, together with its partner, a Swedish leading real estate company Mäklarringen, participated in this famous international exhibition in Sweden to present the best properties available on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

    Tolerance’s stand attracted numerous visitors who showed genuine interest in the Turkish real estate due to its traditional high quality and very attractive prices in comparison with the cost of similar apartments and villas being sold in Europe. Tolerance guarantees the highest level of service to its European clients and cordially invites them to visit Tolerance and Mäklarringen offices.
  • February 2015

    International Exhibition of Foreign Real Estate KÖPA HUS UTOMLANDS, Stockholm, Sweden

    Tolerance, together with its Swedish partner, Mäklarringen, took part in the international exhibition of foreign real estate in Stockholm on February 14-15, 2015. The KÖPA HUS UTOMLANDS exhibition brought together the leading players in the foreign real estate market who focused on European buyers. For almost 15 years of operations in the Turkish real estate market Tolerance has always been paying special attention to the selection of the best properties and construction companies. We ultimately rely on high quality of services and meticulous work with the documents related to real estate transactions. Such an approach has helped Tolerance win the hearts and trust of thousands of clients around the globe.
  • April 2014

    The 18th International Exhibition "Leisure Without Borders. SUMMER 2014", St. Petersburg, Russia

    This exhibition was a unique event for all participants of the tourist market and related sectors. St. Petersburg brought together both tour operators organizing trips abroad and companies targeting foreign tourists. For many players of the real estate market it was a great opportunity to find reliable partners who could arrange air travel, transfers and hotel accommodation for prospective buyers visiting a country of their choice. Tolerance is a unique operator in the market of tourist and real estate services: the company specializes in the real estate, construction and foreign travel for Russian tourists. As a result, potential buyers of property abroad can get top quality service turnkey: from booking tickets and organizing welcome tours to registration of the Title Deed of the property and its management in the future.
  • March 2014

    IX International Exhibition INTOURMARKET-2014, Moscow, Russia

    As one of the world's major events in the tourism business, this exhibition attracted hundreds of companies servicing the market of domestic and international tourism. Tolerance, the leader of the Turkish real estate market with a 15-year experience, demonstrated its achievements and offerings in the section "International Real Estate”. The agency presented its unique products: staying in luxury class apartments and villas in a residential complex with a five-star infrastructure; welcome tours with accommodation and showing properties on-site; apartments and villas purchase with a guarantee of their leasing in the future; property management for the period of the owner`s absence and much more. Tolerance has successfully closed thousands of property deals in Turkey and knows all the subtle details of the transactions, which foreign buyers should bear in mind. This is precisely why Tolerance can rightfully claim to be one of the most professional real estate agencies in the region.
  • October 2013

    Foreign Real Estate Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2013, Moscow, Russia

    Tolerance participated in the international real estate exhibition "INVESTSHOW 2013". The event organizers set a goal to give potential buyers and investors complete answers to the following questions: “How to make well-thought investments into the foreign property in time of crisis?”, “What are the specifics of managing foreign real estate?”, “Who is a reliable partner in the foreign real estate market in Europe and in the Mediterranean?”. Many leading players in the real estate market of Turkey, Spain, Greece, Germany, and other countries took part in the exhibition. Tolerance presented a number of projects of the major Turkish developers: extremely attractive investment properties with a hotel infrastructure, which are demanded by the rental market 100%.
  • April 2013

    Moscow International Fair PROPERTYSHOW 2013, Moscow, Russia

    This exhibition is one of the most important events for every player in the real estate market. The venue attracts the leading developers, real estate agencies, and consultants. The exhibition featured properties in Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, and other countries. Tolerance, as the leading operator of the Turkish real estate market, presented the best properties available on the Mediterranean coast. During 13 years of operations in the Turkish market, Tolerance is professionally engaged in real estate management and presents multiple attractive investment products with guaranteed returns.
  • March 2013

    Foreign Property Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2013, Moscow, Russia

    "INVESTSHOW" is a venue where you can get first-hand analytical information on real estate markets. Leading developers, real estate agencies, and consulting companies come here twice a year to find new partners and introduce potential buyers and investors to the economy of real estate markets. Tolerance helps clients make real estate transactions along with getting a mortgage loan and payment installments. As an exhibition participant, Tolerance consulted its prospects on long- and short-term rent as well as financial attractiveness of real estate investments in various regions of Turkey.
  • November 2012

    Moscow International Exhibition PROPERTYSHOW 2012, Moscow, Russia

    The leading foreign real estate market visited Moscow to participate in PROPERTYSHOW 2012. Tolerance is fully aware of the importance to present its projects to the Russian property buyers and investors. For more than 12 years of operations in Turkey, the agency has gained invaluable experience in working with the developers, financial institutions and state agencies in Turkey. This experience has made Tolerance the leader of the Turkish real estate market and enables the agency to provide high-level professional services to its clients.
  • October 2012

    Foreign Property Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2012, Moscow, Russia

    Moscow investment exhibition INVESTSHOW 2012 is a place where potential buyers and investors obtain not only information on real estate abroad, but on the financial feasibility of such investments. The exhibition featured investment solutions in real estate from more than 100 companies from 20 countries. Tolerance has operated in real estate in Turkey for more than 12 years. As the leader of the Turkish real estate market with a 12-year experience, Tolerance is equipped with the full range of financial knowledge on real estate transactions (bank transfers, mortgage loans, installments plans supported by the developers, expected returns on rent, and liquidity in the housing).
  • April 2012

    International Real Estate Exhibition PROPERTYSHOW 2012, Moscow, Russia

    The exhibition has proved that potential buyers of foreign real estate have many questions, fears, and doubts related to property purchase and its use and maintenance abroad. Moscow International Property Show`s organizers being aware of the need to disseminate the relevant information brought together the leading agencies and companies operating on the real estate markets of Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, and other countries. Tolerance, as a major operator of the Turkish real estate, took the role of the market expert and its team demonstrated genuine willingness to share with the visitors their accumulated expertise in the specifics of acquisition property in Turkey. Every year Russian clients demonstrate an increasing interest in buying property in Turkey, and the exhibition provided potential buyers and investors with an opportunity to find reliable partners and get useful information and first-hand insights.
  • March 2012

    Foreign Property Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2012, Moscow, Russia

    This is common knowledge that investing in real estate is not only highly profitable but also one of the most reliable investment tools. In times of crisis and instability, you need top-level analytics on this matter. Moscow International Investment Show brought together the leading professionals of the foreign real estate. Developers and real estate agents from Turkey, Spain, Montenegro, Germany, Great Britain, and many other countries highlighted detailed information on the acquisition and management of real estate abroad. Tolerance, as the leader of the Turkish real estate market with thousands of customers throughout the world, has proved to be a flawless partner and a trusted advisor on buying and investing in Turkish real estate. The company’s prospects had an opportunity to review extensive offerings in Turkish real estate at Tolerance’s stand and get professional consultancy.
  • November 2011

    International Exhibition PROPERTYSHOW 2011, Moscow, Russia

    The organizers of the Moscow International Property Show set a goal for gathering in one-place foreign real estate market leaders and professionals with an impeccable reputation. After a thorough analysis of property markets in more than 40 countries, they invited 200 major players. Tolerance, the leading real estate agency in Turkey, demonstrated the Russian buyers its best resort property projects in Turkey. Hundreds of satisfied clients from different countries and over 11 years in business – all this has helped Tolerance win invaluable confidence among its customers and investors.
  • October 2011

    Foreign Property Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2011, Moscow, Russia

    Where do we start with buying real estate abroad? How do we find a liquid property with a guaranteed rental income? How do we make international money transfers to pay for your property at minimum banks` fees? When do you need local lawyers to deny any risk and loss? The organizers of the Moscow Investment Exhibition brought together the leading experts in foreign real estate to give potential buyers and investors competent answers to all these questions. Tolerance, with hundreds of completed transactions with Turkish real estate behind its belt, presented the visitors with useful and accurate information on various regions of Turkey and property acquisition procedures.
  • April 2011

    Moscow International Exhibition PROPERTYSHOW 2011, Moscow, Russia

    Moscow`s PROPERTYSHOW is a high-end event for the participants of the foreign real estate market. This event is open only for serious market players with an impeccable reputation – development companies, real estate agencies, and consulting firms. Tolerance demonstrated potential buyers with the best Turkish development projects with rich infrastructure. The agency has an extensive database of available properties and offers the largest selection of apartments and villas from economy class to exquisite designer`s projects. Due to its own network of agencies on the Mediterranean coast, Tolerance is capable of providing clients with a high level of service, wherever they are.
  • November 2010

    X Foreign Real Estate Showroom "REAL ESTATE FAIR – 2010", St.Petersburg, Russia

    From November the 5th through the 7th, 2010, the Sports and Concert Complex “Peterburgsky” (St. Petersburg) hosted the 10th Exhibition “Foreign Property Salon” in the framework of XXI Real Estate Fair. By tradition, Tolerance presented its development projects at this event, which proved this time that the residents of St. Petersburg had regained interest in foreign real estate and to the Turkish real estate in particular. Many buyers consider property in Turkey not only as an investment into their lifestyle but into their future as well. They take this opportunity to redistribute existing risks and to invest a part of their assets into a fast-growing, resistant to crisis, and very promising Turkish economy.
  • October 2010

    International Investment Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2010, Moscow, Russia

    Being an owner of foreign real estate seemed a pipe dream for many clients just a few years ago. Today it is a reality! More and more Russians are willing to buy property abroad. How to make the real estate market in another country clear and transparent? How to give potential buyers reliable and complete information on property purchase and investments in real estate abroad? Moscow International Investment Show brought together numerous real estate professionals from different countries to help the Russians buyers get first-hand information. Tolerance is the leader and one of the pioneers of the Turkish real estate market. The agency provides potential owners of the Turkish properties with a full package of services. Its specialists know in detail how to work with real estate in Turkey – from land acquisition and development to leasing and professional management of residential complexes. Visitors of Tolerance's stand received comprehensive information on available property units and the procedure of real estate purchase in Turkey.
  • March 2010

    International Investment Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2010, Moscow, Russia

    Today, Russians buyers when choosing real estate abroad, often pay attention to Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. There are many offerings in these countries, but one pressing concern remains – how to choose a reliable partner in the real estate market? Moscow International Investment Show brought together foreign real estate market leaders, who had already established themselves as flawless partners and consultants. The organizers invited true professionals from the countries of interest for Russian buyers: well-known companies and agencies, which had earned a high reputation among the clients. One of them was Tolerance, the leading expert in Mediterranean real estate in Turkey with over 10-year experience. Hundreds of property transactions and deep knowledge of the Turkish real estate market have made Tolerance the unrivaled market leader. Russian buyers get a unique opportunity to secure reliable property transactions in Turkey.
  • April 2009

    International Real Estate Exhibition PROPERTYSHOW, St. Petersburg, Russia

    This year the residents of the northern capital had a unique opportunity to meet all the major players of the foreign real estate market in one place. On April 3 – 4, 2009 development companies, leaders of the real estate services market, and consulting agencies met in St. Petersburg to present Russian buyers with the latest offerings in the foreign property market. Tolerance, a regular participant of the exhibition, displayed its best properties from economy class apartments to luxury villas with a sea view. Thanks to hundreds of completed transactions, confirmed by clients' testimonials, Tolerance has earned the trust of clients from around the world.
  • March 2009

    International Investment Exhibition INVESTSHOW 2009, Moscow, Russia

    In spite of financial market volatility, buying real estate is still considered a promising investment tool by individuals and the corporate sector. To successfully invest in real estate, especially abroad, it is key to be equipped with reliable information from credible sources. With 9 years of operations in the Turkish real estate market Tolerance is an experienced consultant on property liquidity, investments with the aim to generate rent returns, purchase for resale, mortgage loans for individuals and companies, and other financial issues related to real estate transactions. The visitors of INVESTSHOW 2009 could get professional advice from Tolerance’s experts at its stand.
  • November 2008

    Moscow International Exhibition PROPERTYSHOW 2008, Moscow, Russia

    From November 14th to 15th 2008, Tolerance participated in the XI Moscow International Property Show held in the T-Modul exhibition complex. Many visitors showed interest in resort real estate in Turkey, especially with a sea view or a walking distance to the beachfront. Tolerance, as the leading agency in the Mediterranean coast, presented the largest selection of Turkish properties that could satisfy the needs of any buyer. Thanks to Tolerance's special agreements with the developers, all these properties are available at the most favorable terms, including credit or installment plans.
  • October 2008

    Tatarstan`s V Real Estate Fair, Kazan, Russia

    Tolerance, together with its Kazan representative, real estate agency Happy House, took part in the fifth specialized exhibition Tatarstan`s Real Estate Fair in Kazan from October 3d to 5th, 2008. The exhibition showed a high demand for foreign real estate, which had recently grown not only in the capital but also in other regions of the Russian Federation. Many potential buyers filled out request forms to get additional information on Turkish real estate in the Mediterranean region.
  • March 2008

    V Foreign Real Estate Showroom "REAL ESTATE FAIR", St. Petersburg, Russia

    In March 2008, Tolerance participated in the Fair of Real Estate in the framework of the V Salon of Foreign Real Estate (Sports and Concert Complex Petersburgsky, St. Petersburg). Considering the needs of Turkish real property buyers, Tolerance pays special attention to all the details of the property title deed registration, traces any changes in visa policy, and verifies all the documents before a transaction. Such a professional approach has helped the company win the confidence of both Russian and European buyers.
  • February 2008

    18th International Real Estate Exhibition DOMEXPO 2008, Moscow, Russia

    "DOMEXPO" is one of the largest and most prestigious real estate exhibitions in Moscow. Gostiny Dvor (the event venue) brought together the market leaders and prospective buyers who could interchange and get professional advice on the specifics of buying property abroad. Real estate market players could also find new business partners, network at round table meetings and discuss the challenges faced by the industry, and consistently promote market transparency and improve service delivery to the customers. Tolerance, one of the eldest companies in the Turkish real estate market, demonstrated the visitors the most recent projects from the leading property developers in Turkey.
  • November 2007

    IV Foreign Real Estate Showroom "REAL ESTATE FAIR", St. Petersburg, Russia

    On November 9 - 11, 2007, Tolerance participated in the Real Estate Fair, as a part of the IV Salon of Foreign Real Estate (Sports and Concert Complex Petersburgsky, St. Petersburg). Being the leader in the Turkish real estate market, Tolerance presented potential buyers with a large variety of properties in numerous regions of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. The visitors who crowded the Tolerance’s stand could get expert advice on the specifics of buying real estate by foreigners in Turkey.
  • October 2007

    VIII International Exhibition and Forum "REAL ESTATE - 2007", Kyiv, Ukraine

    According to numerous mass media, the real estate exhibition in Kyiv exceeded all expectations. More than 60 companies from a dozen countries presented foreign real properties from the best developers. The visitors were quite surprised by the affordability of luxury real estate at the seashore and unique nature around the property units. Having many years of cooperation with the best Turkish developers behind its belt, Tolerance presented the most modern residential complexes and villas on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Prospective buyers of property in Turkey could get professional consultancy from Tolerance representatives on mortgage availability, visa restrictions, payment installment plans, insurance, and specifics of Title Deed registration.
  • May 2007

    IV International Exhibition "GOLF EXPO – 2007", Moscow, Russia

    On May 18-19 2007, Tolerance took part in the most popular among golfers exhibition "Golf Expo - 2007" in Moscow. On the stand, Tolerance presented unique real estate market properties: luxury class residential complexes located near to the golf courses in Belek, the elite Mediterranean resort.
  • March 2007

    XIV REAL ESTATE FAIR, Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Real Estate Fair is one of the leading specialized Russian exhibitions. With its stand, Tolerance participated in the section Foreign Real Estate. Given the constantly growing interest of the Russian buyers to Turkish real estate, Tolerance presented the best proprietary building projects, as well as the most lucrative projects from the leading Turkish developers.
  • February 2007

    The 16th International Real Estate Exhibition DOMEXPO 2007, Moscow, Russia

    The latest DOMEXPO event has proved that the interest of the Russian buyers of foreign real estate is constantly growing, and one of the most attractive destinations is Turkey. It has also become vivid that the buyers are well aware of the specifics of the housing facilities and the standards of construction in Turkey. In addition, more and more clients pay close attention to the legal protection of property transactions made by foreigners in Turkey. Tolerance, the leading agency in the Mediterranean region, provided the visitors with comprehensive information on the legal aspects of paperwork and real estate purchase made by foreigners. As the market leader, Tolerance is putting special emphasis on verification and preparation of the related paperwork and is regularly consulting with the leading Turkish lawyers. As a result, the agency has earned the confidence of its clients.
  • October 2006

    The 15th International Real Estate Exhibition DOMEXPO 2006, Moscow, Russia

    From October 12th to October 15th Moscow`s Gostiny Dvor hosted the largest Russian real estate exhibition DOMEXPO. As a participant Tolerance, together with its Russian partner AKDENIZ.RU, received a lot of positive feedbacks from the exhibitors and visitors. The guests showed particular interest in inTolerance's proprietary projects in Turkey – Seit Bay Sitesi, Tolerance Golf City, and Tolerance Golf Apartments.
  • January 2006

    International Real Estate Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark

    International Real Estate Exhibition in Denmark took place in one of the best European exhibition centers – the "Bella Center" in Copenhagen. Tolerance agency, which was exhibiting the best properties of the Turkish Mediterranean resort real estate, attracted a wealth of interest among European buyers. The visitors noted that over the recent years the quality of Turkish real estate had become much higher while the prices for apartments and villas remained affordable for the European buyer.

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