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Free inspection tour of your wished properties

Why do you need a free inspection tour of real properties?

If you want to buy real estate in Turkey, then the free inspection tour from Tolerance is a very convenient solution. We invite you to take a trip during which you will learn the Turkish real estate market, select a  suitable property, buy it and prepare and sign necessary documents. This will take you only a few days.

We assume all the cares of the tour arrangement and guarantee you the ideal service from the moment your plane lands in Turkey.

This guided tour creates no obligations for you. Everything is honest, open and fair!

What is included in a free inspection tour?

1. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the place of accommodation.

2. Accommodation in comfortable apartments, in the villa or at the hotel for a period up to 3 days.

3.Work of a personal manager:  professional advice on the regions of Turkey, real properties and developers.

4. Introduction to documents, signing the sales contract and the beginning of the registration of the title to the property if you have decided to purchase a property you liked.

5. Transfer to the airport on the day of departure.

And, of course, the sea and the sun!

Our tour is a great opportunity to experience all the benefits of relaxing in your own apartment or private villa. You'll understand why more and more people are buying real estate and going on their holidays to their own homes rather than to hotels!

What is unique about the Tolerance's free tour?

Why is it better to work with us and not with someone else? Because we guarantee professionalism and full mutual understanding.

We will design for you an individual program of the inspection tour according to our experts' advice and the requirements you set for a property. This program will allow you to combine examining properties and preparing documents with a comfortable rest, because Tolerance is the biggest operator in the market, we manage the best properties in different regions of Turkey, and so we can comfortably accommodate you in luxury complexes or villas.

How to order a free inspection tour?

Call our experts or fill out the registration form for a free inspection tour on our website.  We will take care of everything else!

Are you already in Turkey?

Then just contact us. We will send a car for you, introduce you to our company and arrange a viewing of properties!

Welcome to a free inspection tour!

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