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The process of buying real property in Turkey

Tolerance Real Estate Agency will advise you during the entire process of buying real estate in Turkey, will help to process the deal in compliance with the Turkish and international laws, act as the guarantor of legal purity of the transaction for both the buyer and the seller, check the purity of the property (to ensure that there are no mortgage or other encumbrances on the property). That is why to contract with us is to make the transaction safe and legal. We also assume all the work related to the registration of the purchase and sale transaction at the Office of Cadastre.

Step 1: Selecting real estate on Tolerance website. 
On our site you will find the largest selection of high-quality Turkish real estate. You can select properties meeting your needs yourself, or you can contact one of our consultants, leaving a request for the selection of real estate. Our specialists will quickly select suitable properties and contact you.

Step 2: Arriving for a free survey tour. 
Tolerance provides a unique opportunity to come for a survey tour to inspect real estate with the accommodation in a luxury residential complex with a rich hotel infrastructure. Contact our managers to discuss arrival dates and accommodation. Arriving to survey properties allows you to see the apartments and villas "live", to assess the quality of the finish, and to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the residential complex and the surrounding area.

Step 3: Transaction formalities. 
Before completing transaction formalities, the selected property will be fully audited. Our experts will check the presence of all permits and registration documents, as well as the absence of encumbrances and court decisions for the property.

Typically, a purchase and sale contract is signed between a real estate agency that performs the sale of a certain property and the buyer, or a tripartite agreement between the seller of the property, the buyer and the agency may be signed. When buying property in Turkey the data on the buyer, seller, real estate agency which is the guarantor of your transaction, as well as information on the property being acquired, price of the property and terms of payment are indicated in the contract.

It is essential to emphasize that after the signing of the purchase and sale contract, you, based on it and by mutual agreement with the seller of the property, can use the purchased real estate without any limits, even if the process of registering it in your name is not yet fully completed. 

Step 4: Submitting documents.
After the conclusion of the contract and performance of all the procedures required to start the processing of the real estate, the agency, under a power of attorney from the client submits his documents to the Office of Tapu and Cadastre of the city and the district where the property was acquired.

Step 5: Paying for real estate.
The payment for real estate is carried out in accordance with the signed purchase and sale agreement. A transfer through banks and private financial institutions of funds to pay the price of purchased real estate (both with foreign currency exchange, and without it), as well as of the funds received as proceeds from the sale or use of real estate, is not subject to any restrictions .

Step 6: Obtaining the title.
After the obtaining of positive responses from the relevant inspection bodies for foreign citizens and the payment of the relevant taxes and duties, the Buyer receives a master document, recording the title to the property (TAPU), confirming that the transfer of title from the seller to the new owner has been performed. TAPU, the title, means the establishment of a timeless and absolute right of ownership, which, after the conclusion of the purchase and sale contract, may not be challenged by anyone at court. One or more individuals or legal entities may be real estate owners.

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