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Residence Permit in Turkey without Restrictions

How to acquire Turkish residency by purchasing property regardless of its cost in 2024?

All immigrants in Turkey are already aware of the new residency acquisition rule through property ownership.

Recall, authorities stated that they now grant residency only if the property is worth more than$200,000

Tolerance Homes successfully challenges residency denials for property purchases in Turkey and guarantees that they can help bypass this restriction, completely legally.

If you are a current or potential property owner in Turkey regardless of the purchase price. 

You can get residency through property ownership, even if you have inexpensive housing. Tolerance Homes achieves this with the help of its legal experts.

Until 2022, residency was granted to all buyers of Turkish properties, regardless of the cost. It sounds logical: a person has invested money into a property in Turkey, and they should have more than just standard tourist access.

But in May 2022, the Turkish Immigration Authority declared that the right to residency based on property will be given only to those who spend at least 75,000 dollars on housing in popular areas.

And as of October 2023, they raised this limit for new buyers to $200,000.

Now many buyers wish to purchase an apartment in Turkey but do not understand why if they will not have any residency.

However, there is a legitimate way!

Let's understand the Turkish law: the new $200,000 limit was set up not by law but by an order of the Turkish immigration service, just as the earlier $75,000 limit.

As these amounts are not specified in any law, when residency is denied to a buyer due to the lesser cost of real estate, there is a legal option to challenge the denial.

This is not an easy process, not everyone knows about it, and not everyone decides to go this unfamiliar and slow path. But those buyers who turn to us, with the help of our lawyers always achieve the desired result.

Tolerance Homes guarantees any property buyer residency, regardless of its price

We assure, if all other conditions unrelated to the purchase price are fulfilled.

Because we clearly understand laws and have competent and experienced lawyers.

How long does the lawsuit last? What should the buyer do? When can they expect the result – receiving a residency card?

All documents must be in order. Our lawyers assist you in doing this correctly and are always by your side.

Upon purchasing your Tapu (property title deed in Turkey), and all the documents are prepared, our solicitors assist you in applying for your Turkish residency permit.

If the application is denied by the Turkish immigration bureau, our solicitor takes the case to court. If you still have a visa-free month left in Turkey, we can seek a court ruling to grant you and your family a temporary residence permit in Turkey until the court makes its final decision. 

If you've exhausted this time, you'll need to leave Turkey and wait for the court's verdict abroad.

Case hearings last approximately 3-4 months. After winning the case in court, the court's decision is attached to your documents, and you receive a Turkish residency permit.

This is entirely legal and trustworthy!

For Tolerance clients who purchase properties in Antalya with us, this support is completely free as we always stand alongside our clients and friends.

Customers of Tolerance always know they can receive the most professional advice, help and support on any query related to buying property in Turkey.

That's why our company has been chosen by clients from all over the world for buying, selling, or renting properties in Turkey for 20 years.

The Tolerance company has all the necessary documents and authorisation to carry out real estate activities in Turkey, and can efficiently assist you, both with purchasing and selling your property in Turkey.

Consult with professionals and remember - the best is possible with Tolerance, welcome home!

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