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Belek Apartments for Sale

Belek, Turkey is one of the hottest places in the country to buy real estate. This formerly sleepy town has truly come into its own as one of Turkey's iconic destinations for locals and foreigners alike. It truly has it all: a sparkling expanse of the azure Mediterranean Sea, plenty of high-end golf courses, and a rich historical past that sets it apart.

Belek still hasn't hit the radar yet, but savvy investors are realizing that they need to start investing in this Turkish gem. Buying property in Belek is an excellent way to ensure financial stability in the future, and make sure that you're getting serious a serious return on your investment.

Belek Is The Jewel Of The Mediterranean

Belek was southern Turkey's most underappreciated town until recently when it began to rival places like Portugal and Scotland for golf aficionados. Belek's courses soon became the stuff of legends, and droves of locals and foreigners flocked to the city with the hopes of scooping up a home, villa, or apartment.

In addition to the fabulous golfing, Belek is also known for its luxurious thermal spas and ancient architecture. The Roman and Greek relics of Belek are wonderfully preserved and provide an unparalleled look into what life was like in ancient times.

Belek is only half an hour from the airport and is surrounded by incredible natural beauty. In addition to the Mediterranean Sea, there are also waterfalls and forests. Belek is a great place to go hiking and really connect back to the earth.

There are fourteen incredible golf courses that serve just about every aptitude and level and plenty of resorts and spas where you can decompress.

Things To Do In Belek Turkey

You will have hardly a dull moment in Belek, Turkey. Whether it's enjoying several rounds of golf or enjoying a day at the beach, there is plenty to see and do in this Turkish town.

Enjoy The Mediterranean

Belek is famous for its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and those who are lucky enough to live there get their fill of the azure waters and long sandy beaches. There is something very restorative about the sea, and Belek residents and visitors take full advantage of the balmy waters.

The beaches are also home to plenty of marine life, including turtles. Loggerhead turtles take refuge in the sands of Belek, often laying their eggs there. During the summer you might even catch a glimpse of these creatures making their way to the sea.

Hit The Greens

Belek is famous for its golf courses, so you'd be missing out if you didn't take advantage. Even novice golfers are welcome, and most people who are fortunate enough to call Belek home make time to go out and hit the greens from time to time.

Tolerance Homes has many apartments available right near the golf courses, so you'll never have an excuse to not go out and practice your swing.

Immerse Yourself In The Ancient World

Visit the Temple of Apollo and Side Town Ruins near Belek. They are just two spots where you can fully appreciate the importance of Greek and Roman culture near Belek. This town is the perfect fusion of old and new, so the ruins co-exist right next to some of Belek's more modern amenities.

History aficionados will be impressed by how lovingly preserved these ruins are. You will really get an excellent feel for how important Belek was to the ancient world. It's a truly unique experience and one that both residents and visitors of Belek will want to have at least once in their lives.

Apartments In Belek

Tolerance Homes'Belek apartments are the last word in luxury and come with all of the amenities that you would come to expect from sophisticated living.

They start right around 40,000 euros. It's a highly reasonable price for the area, especially when you consider the fact that most apartments have a swimming pool right on-site. They are also can be totally furnished with all of the modern appliances that you need to settle right into your life in Belek. Many apartments have a fitness room and sauna as well. Residents enjoy access to the beach and Belek's many golf courses.

Beautiful Belek is growing in popularity, and it is easy to understand why. This formerly sleepy fishing village is now a world-class destination for avid golfers. Get your foot in the door now.

Best Price Guaranteed
Price Reduced
Near The Sea
Duplex, A block 170 m2 125.000 €
Duplex, A block 238 m2 145.000 €
  • Rental guarantee
  • Service to the beach
  • Turkish Bath, steam bath, sauna
  • Basketball court, restaurant, bar
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool

Belek, Kadriye
Distance to the sea
1.5 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 16 apartments!
Best Price Guaranteed
Near The Sea
From the Developer
2+1 80 m2 112.500 €
Duplex 3+1 189.000 €
  • Near the sea
  • With furniture
  • Outdoor, indoor pools, sauna, fitness, hammam in a complex
4+1 306.500 €
Belek, center
Distance to the sea
1.2 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 3 apartments!
Best Price Guaranteed
Hot Offer
2+1 80 m2 87.000 €
  • Convenient layout
  • Open pool
  • Children's pool and playground
  • Near Golf Courses
Belek, center
Distance to the sea
2.2 km
Remaining only 2 apartments!
Best Price Guaranteed
Hot Offer
3+1 140 m2
  • The complex is located 500 meters from the world famous theme park "The Land of Legends"
  • Cozy area with garden, gazebos and barbecue area
  • Open swimming pool
Belek, Kadriye
Distance to the sea
2.5 km

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