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Property for Sale in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most exciting and famous countries in the world. This sprawling nation is prosperous with coastline, full of historical relevance, and is rapidly becoming one of the best places in the world to buy a property. 

Fortunately, there's plenty of Turkey real estate for sale all over the country. Local and international investors are realizing that they can get a serious return on their investment simply by intelligently buying Turkish real estate.

Not only are Turkish properties wonderful places to live, but there are also compelling reasons to buy a home in Turkey that are related to the giant tourism industry that the country has to offer. As more people are seeing Turkey as a viable vacation destination, more homeowners are realizing that they can rent out their properties to travellers. 

This can yield massive returns, especially during the high season. With so many houses in turkey to buy, there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of the wonderful real estate market!

Best Areas To Buy Real Estate In Turkey

There is property for sale in Turkey in plenty of different cities and towns, but if you really want to see your investment swell, you should look at the areas that are attracting the most tourists. Fortunately, Tolerance Homes has plenty of attractive Turkish homes for sale in several key investment areas.


Beautiful Belek is one of the best places to invest in Turkey. Located right on the picturesque southern Mediterranean coast, Belek is rich in local history and close to many natural wonders. It's also surrounded by some of the loveliest landscapes that you'll find in Turkey. If you want to buy a house in Turkey, Belek is a very good choice. You'll certainly make your investment back if you buy property there.


Kalkan has some of the best views in the country, and all of the homes here are stunning and close to the sea. Kalkan is rapidly becoming one of Turkey's most sought-after hot spots for beach-loving tourists, so if you want to get the most out of your real estate for sale in Turkey, Kalkan is a solid bet. The homes in Kalkan are affluent, lovely, well-appointed, and safe. You can easily make your investment back by renting out your property.


This beautiful Aegean gem has some of the most beautiful houses in Turkey and is a wonderful place to invest in the country. The Bodrum Marina is especially beautiful and attracts the jet-set crowd from all across the world. If you want to rub elbows with the rich and famous, Bodrum is certainly the place. It goes without saying that your investment will provide you with significant returns.


Side is full of properties to buy in Turkey, and the fact that it hasn't quite hit the tourist radar yet makes it one of the best places to invest in the country. Side is a popular local resort town that is just now catching on with foreigners in the know. Your investment will definitely grant you substantial returns on your real estate investment. If you consider buying property in just one area of Turkey, Side is a great choice.


For years, smart investors have been eyeing properties for sale in Turkey, specifically in Kas. This seaside town combines elements of old and new worlds into a beautiful tapestry that attracts tourists from all over the world. It's close to the ancient hub of Antiphellos and was once a powerful player in the old world. Even so, modern-day Kas is full of every amenity that you could ever want. 


Fethiye is situated on Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast and has plenty of real estate in Turkey for sale. Investors are scooping up property in Fethiye because it is poised on the cusp of international popularity. The international community is beginning to realize what the locals have long known; that Fethiye is the perfect combination of old and new worlds.


If you're interested in buying a property in Turkey that is close to the beach and surrounded by ancient beauty, Kusadasi is the ideal place. This resort town is located right on the lovely Aegean coastline and is full of fine dining options, beautiful scenery, natural beauty, and perfectly preserved relics from the ancient world. 


If you have not heard of Didim, it's only a matter of time before you do. This town is very popular with Turkish locals but has not hit the international stage yet. Given what Didim has to offer, it's only a matter of time. Didim is home to some of the most popular ruins in all of Turkey, including the phenomenal Temple of Apollo. Fortunately for investors, there are plenty of Turkey properties for sale in Didim.


Antalya is one of the prime places to get unique and select property in Turkey. It is the perfect balance of sophisticated living at a comfortable price. Antalya is becoming a Turkish hot spot, so the properties that you purchase there will yield tremendous returns on your investment in terms of rentals. You will have no problem making your money back during the high season. Get in ahead of the curve and purchase property in Antalya. You will be happy that you did.


Alanya has some of the finest homes in Turkey for sale, and all of them boast incredible views of the Turkish Riviera. Alanya is a resort town on the beautiful blue Mediterranean coast and has miles of sandy beaches, beautiful relics, and plenty of cosmopolitan nightlife and dining options. It is truly the best of all possible worlds. Foreign investors should contemplate property in Alanya, as it is poised to become the next big thing.


The country's lovely capital is one of the best places to buy a property in Turkey. Istanbul has it all, combining old and new worlds into a fascinating city that is sure to impress and amaze anyone who visits it. There are plenty of different types of property to buy in Istanbul, and you can certainly find one that fits your budget and lifestyle. With plenty of different neighborhoods to choose from, Istanbul offers something for everyone. Don't miss out on buying property in this globally-recognized city.


If you're looking for property in Turkey for sale in a place where not too many others are buying homes, check out Trabzon. This pearl of the Black Sea is absolutely bursting with charm and artistic expression. It's not as popular as towns on the Aegean coast yet, but it's only a matter of time before Trabzon breaks onto the international stage as a must-see destination for local and foreign tourists alike.


Izmir is full of great houses to buy in Turkey and is one of the most popular places to invest on the Aegean coast. Izmir has ancient roots are was once known as Smyrna. It held an important role in antiquity and is a cherished Turkish city today. Visitors go to see the spectacular coastline and visit some of Izmir's incredible ruins. You will certainly get your investment back in rental income. 


This seaside town is full of property in Turkey to buy. It's situated right on the Turkish Riviera and is famous for its lovely beaches and gorgeous marina. Not only does Kemer have the benefit of being near the sea, but it's also close to Turkey's lush forests. Nature-lovers will find Kemer to be a therapeutic and ideal place.

Houses for Sale in Turkey 

No matter what area you fancy, there are plenty of houses for sale in Turkey. Turkeys houses come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, so you should not have any trouble finding the right one for you and your family.

Right now is the best time to consider investing. You can live in your lovely Turkish home, or you can rent it out and get a return on your investment immediately. The choice is completely yours, and many people find the flexibility and exciting range of investment options to be one of the best reasons to start looking at property in Turkey.

Turkey Real Estate

In addition to the number of incredible homes available all over Turkey, there are also villas and apartments for sale and rent. If you don't want to invest in a home, consider getting a villa. You will undoubtedly fall in love with Turkish hospitality and the beautiful countryside.

All Tolerance Homes' villas and apartments come with all of the modern amenities that you would expect from luxury living. Many of them have their own pools, fitness centres, saunas, and ample parking. You can also recoup your investment by renting out your villa or apartment during high season.

How to Buy Property in Turkey 

Foreign investors are eyeing Turkey as an ideal place to spend their money. If a foreigner invests in Turkey, they are more likely to get Turkish citizenship if they wish. They can also rent out the property to other tourists.

Buying a property is easy. Simply contact Tolerance Homes to discuss your options. There are financing plans available for those who qualify, and the process is quite straightforward. Now is the time to take the first step to change your life by making the smart decision to invest in Turkish property.

Found 676 offers
ID: 23391
price: from 35.500 € 20 mon installments
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+1 60 m2 35.500 €
2+1 101 m2 61.500 €
  • Outdoor pool, fitness
  • Children's outdoor pool, playground
  • Down payment 60%, individual terms of installments
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship
3+1 125 m2 78.500 €
Antalya, Kepez, Gunes
Distance to the sea
5.9 km
Remaining only 55 apartments!
ID: 12725
price: from 46.000 € 2 years installments
Best price guarantee
1+1 63 m2 46.000 €
2+1 86 m2 62.500 €
  • The project is a residential neighborhood with an extensive infrastructure: schools, hospitals, shops, underground parking lots, parks and sports grounds
  • The Antalya Metro line will run through the micro district  
  • Down payment 50%
3+1 133 m2 97.000 €
4+1 201 m2 145.500 €
Antalya, Kepez
Distance to the sea
6.0 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 8 apartments!
Best price guarantee
2+1 85 m2 29.000 €
  • Closed area, playground
  • Close to shops and bus stops
  • Panoramic windows, water heater
  • Video surveillance, arbor
Antalya, Kepez
Distance to the sea
7.0 km
ID: 23512
price: from 34.000 € 18 months installments
Best price guarantee
1+1 60 m2 34.000 €
2+1 83 m2 46.000 €
  • Swimming pool, waterslide, playground, fitness
  • Down payment 40%
  • Gas heating radiators installed
  • Just 450 meters from the sea
Mersin, Tece
Distance to the sea
450.0 m
Remaining only 4 apartments!
Best price guarantee
2+1 120 m2 43.500 €
  • Outdoor pool, playground
  • Convenient layout
  • Located next to sandy beach, shops, public transport
Mersin, Kizkalesi
Distance to the sea
400.0 m
Remaining only 4 apartments!
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
2+1 129-140 m2 67.500 €
  • Possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship
  • Installments up to 1 year, down payment - 50%
  • Close to Metrobus, metro, Highway E-5, schools, universities, shopping malls
Istanbul, Esenyurt
Distance to the sea
6.0 km
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+0 41 m2 49.000 €
1+1 66-79 m2 78.000 €
  • From 12 to 18 months installments with a different down payment
  • Installments for ready blocks and blocks under construction
  • Outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, fitness
  • 1000 square meter children's playground
  • Favorable location
2+1 100-132 m2 117.500 €
3.5+1 175-248 m2 205.500 €
Istanbul, Esenyurt
Distance to the sea
7.7 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 14 apartments!
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+1 73 m2 65.500 €
2+1 139 m2 116.500 €
  • Convenient layout
  • Indoor pool, sauna, fitness
  • Favorable location near the city center
  • Down payment 40%
3+1 169 m2 156.000 €
Istanbul, Bagcilar
Distance to the sea
5.5 km
Remaining only 6 apartments!
Best price guarantee
1+1 55 m2 66.000 €
Duplex 2+1 115 m2 99.000 €
  • Down payment 40%
  • Investment project
  • Near the sea, school, shops, public transport
  • Fitness, sauna, outdoor pool , outdoor parking
Duplex 3+1 115 m2 110.000 €
Alanya, Mahmutlar
Distance to the sea
700.0 m
Remaining only 5 apartments!
ID: 22996
price: from 42.000 € 6 months installments
Best price guarantee
1+1 42 m2 42.000 €
  • Outdoor pool, indoor pool, sauna
  • Fitness, Turkish bath, steam room
  • Volleyball and basketball courts
  • 20 minutes walk to the sea
Alanya, Avsallar
Distance to the sea
1.4 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 2 apartments!
ID: 23411
price: 58.500 €
Best price guarantee
2+1 75 m2 58.500 €
  • Smart Home System
  • High quality construction and interior decoration
  • Favorable location close to the city
Antalya, Muratpaşa
Distance to the sea
900.0 m

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