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Assistance in Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey

A residence permit allows you to stay in the country for six months, a year, and longer — depending on the term for which the ikamet (as a residence permit in Turkey is called in Turkish) is issued.

This document is obtained at the immigration service, and to register it, you need to submit a package of documents and most importantly — have a reason to stay in Turkey.

This could involve renting or buying property, studying at a university, treatment in a local clinic.

In just 2022, more than 150 thousand Russians, as well as thousands of citizens of other countries, obtained a Turkish residence permit.

Most choose seaside cities for relocation (Antalya, Alanya, Mersin) or Istanbul — a vibrant metropolis convenient for conducting business and obtaining education.

Advantages of a Turkish Residence Permit

We have discussed in detail the benefits offered by the Turkish ikamet in a separate article.

So here, we'll briefly list these benefits:

  • The possibility of opening an account in almost any bank without a large deposit, setting up debit and credit cards.
  • Bringing a car into Turkey and driving it for up to two years without changing the number, as well as replacing your driver's license with a local one.
  • Using the services of clinics and family medicine doctors on insurance, that is, at very moderate prices.
  • Leaving and entering Turkey as many times as you want, regardless of the visa-free stay period for citizens of your country.
  • The ability to visit museums for free after buying a card for 2.5 dollars that lasts an entire year.
  • The ability to send a child to a municipal kindergarten, school, or private educational institution.

Please note: A residence permit does not give the right to work in Turkey, so foreigners are required to verify income that will allow them to live in the country.

On average per person in the family, this is $500, but the limits may increase, so plan for a larger amount.

Cost of Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey

The expenses for obtaining a residence permit consist of several items:

  • Private medical insurance. Its cost depends on the age of the insured person, with the policy being cheapest for young people aged between 16 and 35. If a residence permit is required for several family members, everyone should have insurance.

  • A fee for the residence card. This is minor, about 10-15 dollars, paid for the making of the document and its delivery to the recipient.

  • A fee for reviewing documents. Here, the sum depends on the foreigner's citizenship, with the total cost together with the card issuance specified on the first page of the application form. Citizens of some countries, like the Czech Republic, Turkmenistan, and Syria, are exempt from this fee, with the rates varying for others. 

  • Notary and sworn translator services. These will be needed to certify the authenticity of the documents and their copies, as well as to translate them into Turkish. Translating one document with a notarial certificate will cost between 30-70 dollars.  

The cost of applying for a residence permit in Turkey

You will also need to get a Turkish TIN — Taxpayer Identity Number, which can be obtained for free either online on the tax service website or at a tax service office. 

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

The set of documents you will need to gather to get a residence permit will depend on the type of permit.

If you are getting a tourist permit, you will need a rental agreement.

Recently, the rules have tightened, and foreigners who wish to stay in Turkey for tourism are also asked for a tourism plan with confirmed hotel reservations.

The documents that will be included in the package are the following:

  • The original and a copy of the foreign passport valid for the entire duration of the residence permit plus 60 days.
  • A receipt of payment of the state fee (you can pay directly at the migration service, in cash, in Turkish lira).
  • A printed application form from the migration service website, filled out in electronic format and signed by you personally.
  • Original of the medical insurance policy (the first page).
  • A bank account statement of balance and cash flow.
  • A copy of TAPU or the rental agreement (hotel reservations), numeratage — verification from the municipality that you actually live at the address indicated in the application form. 

For getting a residence permit for children, you will need copies of birth certificates, a marriage certificate, and all documents must be translated into Turkish and apostilled.

If the application for a child's residence permit is submitted by one of the parents, a notarial permission from the other parent for such action is required, which is usually obtained together with a permit to leave the country, if the plan is to stay in Turkey long-term.

This permission is also apostilled, translated, and certified by a Turkish notary. 

In some cases, a foreigner applying for a residence permit may be asked to provide a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the absence of a criminal record and a medical health certificate. 

How do we help obtain a residence permit in Turkey?

Clients of Tolerance real estate agency know they can count on full support in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship for buying a flat, villa or commercial property.

The partnership is established on comfortable and transparent terms:

  • You choose a property on our website or personally during an inspection tour while visiting Turkey.
  • We evaluate it from the perspective of criteria for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship (a certain cadastral value, legal purity of documents and their complete package for the transaction are essential).
  • After that, we carry out the transaction and help you apply for a residence permit — for both the buyer and their family members (spouse, minor children).

What exactly does our assistance entail and why is it unique?

Tolerance Company is the only company in the market, whose lawyers assist clients for free not only in correctly preparing the entire list of necessary documents, but also guide them through the Immigration Office and are constantly by their side until the conclusion of all processes and obtaining of residence permit or citizenship.

We simplify interactions with government bodies — the local municipality and immigration service.

No need to hire a translator, we will help fill out the application form, advise on which documents need notarising and where to do it, tell you what to bring to the appointment. 

In other words, we are always there when needed, providing swift assistance. 

Buying a flat in Turkey is an investment in a safe, happy future.

We will help make it profitable by selecting objects that fit your preferences and requirements, verify they meet the criteria for a residence permit (only professionals can do this), free you from bureaucracy, and make the purchase process simple and pleasant. 

Happy to answer all your questions, reach out on Whatsapp +90 (532) 158 42 44

If you desire to relocate permanently and enjoy life by the sea in Turkey, contact our experts, who will suggest the most suitable options for your budget.

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