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Articles of real estate in Turkey

  • According to Hürriyet newspaper, a stone with a lease agreement embossed on it was found in the ancient city of Teos, near Izmir. Scientists say that this agreement is about 2,200 years old. Thus, it can be considered one of the most ancient of leases found so far!
  • Antalya: the gateway of Turkish Riviera has been attracting touristic attention for years. Thanks to its crystal blue sea, clean beaches and breath-taking sunsets, visitors from countries like Russia, Germany, Great Britain and Norway have been choosing Antalya as their summer destination for years. Its all-year-long warm temperature offers to be a heaven on earth for people coming from the northern countries.
  • Have a clear idea on the use Well, it really makes the difference the reason why you are buying it, for instance, are you just buying the house in order to rent it again or to sell it someone else after the purchase. You should know that not all of the real-estate companies are allowing you to rent the house to someone else after you bought it.
  • Buying your first apartment is probably one of the most important choices that you will face in your life. You will need to consider diverse aspect of the building, because you do not want to face huge problems already after few years after the purchase.
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