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Our client's references

We are pleased and proud that in 10 years of our work, thanks to our principles, honest and professional conduct of the business, many of our customers became our friends. Their references and recommendations are our most valuable capital, which can be built up only by years of flawless work. Our clients list is much broader and richer, but in view of certain circumstances, here you can see the contacts of only those customers who gave their consent...

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Irina, Vladivostok

    My story of moving to Turkey began about one year ago. I had a thought and, having thought well, I decided to move. But before that, I had never been to Turkey, but had been to Asian countries and even lived in Thailand for some time. But because of the hot climate, I was uncomfortable there, and therefore I realized that Turkey suits me better. Many of my friends are surprised at my bold decision, but I think that it’s much worse to live and stay in a country where a person feels uncomfortable. Next

        I decided to start looking for a real estate agency. There were five companies that I turned to. The only specialist who perfectly answered all my questions (there were a lot of them) was Rustam from Tolerance Homes, he was a professional, he helped not only with choosing an apartment and many other issues, but also helped to bargain with the developer and reduce the cost apartments.
        I had certain criteria under which my apartment was supposed to fall. As a result, the apartment I purchased fully complies with my requirements and requests. Now every morning I wake up a happy woman! Thank you Tolerance Homes!
  • Irına, Krasnodar

    The idea of buying an apartment in Turkey came to me for a long time, I really wanted to retire to live by the sea. Considered other countries, but with my budget it would be possible to buy an apartment in 2 times less, so I stopped in Turkey, because here it is warm, light and the sea is near. I found the company “Tolerance Homes” in the Internet, read reviews and decided to talk.


  • Isaev family, Ufa

    I want to say thank you to the agency "Tolerance" for help buying an apartment in the city of Antalya! Next

    We made a decision to buy an apartment in Antalya, and monitoring by real estate agencies made a choice in favor of the Tolerance company and did not regret it at all.

    Real estate manager - Yana, professionally reacted to finding an apartment under our budget. Yana explained the conditions of purchase in detail and agreed with the developer on installments.

    Paperwork took one day and we became happy owners of real estate in Turkey.
    Once again we want to thank the company "Tolerance" for your qualified, competent approach to each client!

    Special thanks to Yana! We wish you Yana success in your work!

    With thanks and respect for your work, the Isaev family. Minimize
    +7 917 343-50-12
  • Viktor, St. Petersburg

    Initially, I chose between countries. We considered between Bulgaria, Montenegro or Turkey. Of course, Turkey won. It is not cold here even in winter. In Bulgaria, I would not be standing in a T-shirt at the end of November. We also wanted to change the climate.

  • Oleg and his family, Bashkortostan

    Before our visit, indeed, we considered a lot of options and agencies that represent these services. We most liked "Tolerance", everything became to our liking. We are unfamiliar absolutely and for the first time here.


  • Anna, Magnitogorsk

    In November 2018, I bought an apartment through Tolerance agency. The realtor Rustam worked with me, to whom I want to express a special thanks. Next

    He found an apartment for me, which maximally met my requirements and corresponded to my budget, although this was not very realistic. He quickly found answers to all the questions I was interested in, solved all organizational and any problems that appeared.

    Thanks to ''Tolerance'' agency, I became the owner of a good apartment in Antalya as soon as possible, so I can safely recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for housing in Antalya.

    Regards, Anna. Minimize
  • Lubov, Moscow

    Reference on the work of the agency "Tolerance".
    Over the past few years, I constantly come to Antalya. Back in June 2018, thinking about buying an apartment. About 4 months I was looking for suitable options for 1 + 1 apartment in Antalya. Next

    Friends advised to contact the agency "Tolerance"

    Back in Moscow, in September, with sales manager Rustam, approximate apartment options were selected. For 1.5 months, Rustam advised on the purchase of real estate in Turkey, explained the country's legislation and features of life in the region.

    Upon arrival, at the end of October, at the airport of Antalya, Rustam met me and took me to the Golden Orange hotel, where they stayed free for 3 days. This level of meeting potential clients is very good.

    Then we arrived at the Tolerance office.

    The director of the company, Yildrim Bay, met us, showed the current options for apartments. We went with Rustam to watch selected objects.

    When the apartment was chosen, we went to the office to make a deposit.

    The sales manager Yana worked with me here, the most pleasant impressions were left of communication with her. She advised me on all issues.

    The executive director, Sergey Volchenkov, also gave advice on all the legal issues of the forthcoming transaction. After completing the transaction on the purchase of an apartment, I maintain contact with Rustam and Yana. I would like to note their high professionalism, sensitivity and tact. These people listened to all my wishes, easily and unobtrusively gave practical advice that helps prepare for life in another country.

    Grateful to the agency "Tolerance" for the help in the fulfillment of my dreams.

    01.11.2018. Minimize
  • Oksana, Hamburg

    My name is Oksana, Ukrainian by nationality. When I decided to buy property on the sunny coast of Turkey, I began to search intensively on the Internet for an agency that would help me find it or provide it, because I live in another country. Next

    Tolerance was not the first agency I contacted. But! My attention stopped on him, because their attention, tact and professionalism bribed me.
    I arrived, I was warmly greeted, and immediately drove and showed various options. I am very grateful to "Tolerance" for the sincerity and speed of response to my requests.
    I made friends here!
    +49 15774034297
  • Tatyana and Eduard, Siberia

    We often visit Turkey, love it. We decided to buy an apartment in connection with the living conditions in Siberia and the health of our daughter. The climate of Antalya is very suitable for our family. In the winter in Siberia reaches -50 degrees Celsius. We love a healthy lifestyle, fresh fruits and vegetables are simply necessary for this. We always went on vacation to get healthier. Next

    +7 904 46 999 87
  • Nadzhiya. Tatarstan, Kazan

    I was born & grew up in the Southern Country under the hot sun, on the coast surrounded by mountains.

    By coincidence, my entire adult life I had to live a place, not where I would like. A man born by the sea always seeks of it.


    "Tolerance Homes Real Estate company" helped me my dreams come to reality. These are not just by words, it is as real.

    Arriving in Antalya, I wanted to buy for my small savings, a small corner near the sea and always under the sun. But having travelled not with those "people", I realized that nothing will turn out, neither morally nor materially.

    My daughter wrote to the company "Tolerance", we knew about this company and we got a call from Rustem - a representative of this company. So without thinking, without guessing from us everything became possible. He immediately understood what we needed, felt our mood and very quickly we found an apartment that suited us in all respects. We bought a nice apartment, near the sea in Konyaalti in the "Liman" area. This area is near the sea.
    "Tolerance Homes" is a large real estate company. This large collective, leading and headed by Mr Yildrim and Mr Sergey Volchenkov.

    We immediately felt calm when we saw that the company was solid and strong. They helped us for all procedures, the entire transaction was accompanied competently, officially, legally. Hereby, I want to thank again to Rustam, he is fluent in English, Turkish, Russian and we did not need an interpreter.

    Everything was quick and in short time we collected the main document "Title deed (TAPU)", too. By transportation we were provided by the company, this issue was clearly resolved. At the right time, we were provided with apartments that cost us nothing, it was done by our realtor so that it would be convenient for us. After buying an apartment helped us with the arrangement - the selection of household appliances, control of the installation. We are very grateful to Rustam for his conscientiousness and competence in everything. Trust on his part was so needed at this time.

    We are very grateful to Tolerance and its management for the prompt and accurate work, for decency and honesty. They do not exaggerate and touch to the prices, work directly with the developer, honest prices from the builder, not as others create artificial prices. Thank them for everything!!!


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