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Our client's references

We are really proud and excited to announce that over 17 years of our work, most of our clients have become our friends and all thanks to our principals, honesty and professionalism in business. Our clients` grateful testimonials are our most valuable assets that can be built only by years of impeccable operations.
The full list of our customers is very long and profound, but obviously we will share the contact details and opinions on our agency`s services expressed only by those clients who have given us their consent.

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Хочу поделиться добрыми чувствами которые возникли у меня в процессе длительной работы с компанией Толеранс и с Кристиной в частности. Начиная с февраля я активно изучал варианты получения Турецкого гражданства. Изучал в интернете, общался с друзьями, у которых был некий опыт. Изначально точкой «притяжения» для меня был Стамбул. Один из моих друзей в этот момент общался с Толеранс, и на мои расспросы он ответил, что компания Стамбулом не занимается, но наверное контакты дружественной компании дать сможет. Next

        Я написал в Толеранс и вуаля, через несколько дней начал общаться со Стамбульскими риелторами. Прошло несколько недель, я подобрал объект для инвестиций и в это время пришли новости о возможном увеличении инвестиционного порога до 400 тыс. К этому времени, я и мои два товарища, организовали «штаб». Мы обсуждали возможности и риски, совместно вели переговоры с юристами и т.д. Всем стало ясно что надо сильно ускоряться и на очередном совещании я решил выбрать компанию с которой работал мой приятель по Анталии, это был Толеранс. 

    Почему я решил резко переориентироваться со Стамбула на Анталию, главная причина это школа для дочери и экология, были и ещё причины. Короче я говорю приятелю, давай мне своего менеджера, я пойду в твоём «фарватере». Так я познакомился с Кристиной. Созвонился и говорю «мне, пожалуйста, как моему другу и побыстрее». За день подписал контракт и перевёл деньги. 

    Выглядит несколько безрассудно, отправить деньги, не познакомившись с Толерансом, но я давно знаком с моим другом и знаю, что он все что можно проверил. Дальше у меня начались проблемы с переводом средств, но это были внутрибанковские разборки. Кристина мне сильно помогала с информацией и я почувствовал, что Толеранс действительно компания с опытом. 

    Через несколько дней после отправки денег я приехал в Анталию и был приятно удивлён гостеприимством и дружеским отношением ко мне. Дальше я открыл счета в банках, подписал все необходимые доверенности и прочие документы.За сутки сделал все, на что я отрядил три дня. Я был очень приятно удивлён скоростью. 

    Сегодня я с семьей живу в Анталии и с Толерансом у меня сложились деловые и дружеские отношения. Купить, снять, сдать в аренду, про хождение по учреждениям (это отдельная песня) я и не говорю, во всем я получил помощь от Толеранс.

    Спасибо за все специалистам Толеранс и в первую очередь Кристине.

    Очень рекомендую.

    +90 507 850 ** **
  • Buying an apartment in a new country I spent just a few days seemed terrifying at first. But after reading countless positive reviews and consulting with a team made me feel that I am in great hands. I wasn’t wrong! It was impeccable work on every level.
    It took me just a few days to proceed with purchasing an apartment. That’s how simple it was. Tolerance real estate agency handled everything from A to Z (legal work, water, and electricity installation, and even furnishing) May thanks to Natalia and Asim in particular! Their expertise, genuine concern, and positive attitude greatly impressed me! Highly recommend! Next
    [email protected]
  • In October 2021, my sister and I met with a couple of real estate agencies because we wanted to buy an apartment in Antalya.

    Why did we decide to go with the Tolerance Agency? Their agents were the kindest and showed us most apartments. The whole staff together with Mr. Yildirim and Mr. Sergey is not only highly professional but also so friendly. Next

    Even though our budget was not very high, we were still treated as the most valued customers.When it looked like it would be impossible for us to buy the apartment we wanted, Mr. Yildirim stepped in and made the impossible possible.

    However, there is one special person among them that we have to mention and the special person is Naris Ayoub. It is hard to express the gratitude we feel for the person who went to so many apartments, made videos, had so many video conferences with us, was always available - even on the weekends – supported us in every way. Was happy for us when we got the apartment we wanted so badly, gave us courage when we thought things were not going to work out because of all the problems we had with the documents and money transfer. Her friendship is for us of more value than the apartment we bought. In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend the Tolerance agency.

    You can`t say that other agencies are bad or not professional, or have less offers for that matter. It`s just that Tolerance is so much more than a real estate agency.

  • I met Rustam at Tolerance online last September. From our first conversation until now buying my first home in Turkey, it has been an amazing experience. He and all the staff have been extremely professional, friendly and helped me with all of my needs. I appreciate everything Rustam has done for me to make this transaction smooth and easy.
    Orang Kamkar Next
    [email protected]
  • It was an absolute pleasure working with the TOLERANCE HOMES team. I felt listened to and cared for at every step along the way. This was my first adventure through the whole apartment purchase process in Turkey(Antalya) and I could not have imagined it to be so simple, efficient and positive. I bought it without even visiting Turkey. It was like an online purchase with an instalments. Next

     Mr.Rami was able to make all that happen with his high level of expertise, responsiveness and tailored approach to what I was looking for when purchasing a property. Mr.Rami was constantly available for questions, comments and honest opinions on the process and market as a whole. For someone who had not been through this process before, Mr.Rami made what seems like a complicated undertaking much more simple and efficient than what I could have imagined. He extended every resource he  had to me to help with my decision making process and added his tailored advice and opinions which made my decision much easier in what was a difficult COVID environment. I could not have asked for a better person and professional for my first apartment purchase and truly appreciate the work and insight he provided.

    [email protected]
  • To be honest I discovered “Tolerance Homes” through the internet. And I have to say it has been a wonderful positive experience. Their service was top notch and they had the best competitive price in the market! The agent who helped me and my relatives make this great apartment purchase was Mr. Rami, and he was a great help. Next

    Rami was very professional, honest, dedicated, and efficient. He walked us through the procedure step by step and we are very happy with the deal we made and our home purchase. Rami and Tolerance Homes made it all very simple and straightforward. 

    I would recommend Rami and Tolerance Homes company for anyone abroad looking to buy property in Antalya. They are very professional, with fast and effective service. I give them a big thumbs-up

    [email protected]
  • Would like to say, very professional team! Every word from Tolerance is true word, honest and responsive company. Prices on properties are the best among other agencies! Very kind and friendly staffs! We are friends now! Thank you very much Sergey Volchenkov and Sofia! We are really glad to have deal with you!
    Sincerely yours,
    Bek and Nazym from Kazakhstan Next
    +7 777 626 1199
    [email protected]
  • I want to express my genuine gratitude and expose tremendous human thankfulness to the Tolerance team for their responsible, dedicated, and honest work in providing me with practical assistance in guidance and paperwork related to property purchase deal. Next

    Buying property is a significant, responsible, and somewhat risky step. So choosing a real estate company is vital, and I am delighted that I have engaged Tolerance.

    True commitment, expertise, efficiency, punctuality, the warmth of mind, and attention to people, proves that Tolerance has real experts working in the company.

    I would especially like to mention the Tolerance director who found time for a personal meeting, as well as the company's experts Ekaterina Zenteren, Mahmut Kefeli and Emel Uslu. Their practical support, effective, and timely solution of organizational, legal, technical, and financial issues testify high professionalism, responsiveness, attention to people, and upright attitude to their duties.

    I understand that one of the principal missions in the work of your agency is to bring people joy! Property deal implemented with success is causing a good deal of positive emotions!

    I wish Tolerance further accomplishments and success in the real estate market and hope for more fruitful cooperation!

    Truly yours,

    Galina Shevchenko

  • I recently bought my dream apartment in Antalya through property agent “Tolerance-homes”, the staff were very helpful and friendly, they receive me from the airport and already prepared apartment for me and family to stay and next day took me around in Antalya showing me the projects they have, during this tour I have chosen this apartment and closed the deal with the owner. The process was very simple with the help of Tolerance.
    Thank you, Tolerance-homes.
    [email protected]
  • I came for holidays from Australia in 2018 and fell in love with Turkish city Antalya.
    After a while, I decided to relocate and purchase a property here, which will allow me to obtain turkish permanent residency and reside lawfully in Turkey.
    As my turkish was very limited, I took a decision to get it done through a real estate agency. Next

    Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. The Tolerance Team stood out, their social media presence was strong, and I could tell they put a lot of work into their listings.

    Within 2 weeks with the help of the Tolerance Team, I’ve selected a property in Konyaaltı area which I personally liked, surprisingly there was no pressure from the agency.

    They have team members that can speak fluently English/Russian/Turkish and other languages and it makes a huge difference.

    This company provides top quality real estate services. All documentation side was professionally conducted by the company. I received all the paperwork that was thoroughly verified by the professionals, for this reason I have not had any problems with connecting internet/gas/electricity.

    Before moving to Antalya I had many questions that I did not know who I can clarify with, and again in this situation Tolerance team was very helpful. I would like to express gratitude to all Tolerance team for support and guidance.

    Especially Sergey Volçenkov, Hamdi Mahmut Kefeli, Yulia Haner and Yildirim Ozden they’ve been great.

    I could say now that I am a happy and satisfied client, and would definitely recommend Tolerance company if you're planning to move to Antalya.


    [email protected]

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