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Legal services in Turkey from Tolerance

In serious life issues, to avoid big mistakes that entail financial and moral losses, it is necessary to have accurate and complete information from competent experts in respective area.

Here are some situations in which you may need the services of a lawyer or a professional auditor:

● You want to buy a house, but the transaction is not a simple one or involves a very large amount of money; 
● You want to become a partner in a functioning Turkish company and you want to fix the obligations with other business stakeholders; 
● You want to start your own enterprise in Turkey, but do not know where to start; 
● You intend to buy a running business and want to do auditing and reduce transaction risks; 
● You intend to register the inheritance of your property for the benefit of other persons.

Not always a lawyer is required only in business matters. Preparing a marriage contract, divorce and the division of property may pass with minimum emotional and financial cost if you pre-consult a lawyer with extensive experience in these matters.

There are many professional attorneys, lawyers and auditors working in the consulting sphere. How to choose a specialist suiting you best? Tolerance will be happy to help you with advice related to the selection of a lawyer or a professional accountant-auditor.

Please visit our Consulting website to get more information to get assistance and advice. 

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