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Alanya is a small resort town, the warmest in continental Turkey. This environmentally clean area has a wonderful access to the sea, sand and pebble beaches there are well-equipped. This is a perfect place for vacations: the city is distinguished by a rich cultural program, multiple historical monuments and museums available year-round, and a low crime rate. Another important factor is that property prices in Alanya are 10-15% lower than in Antalya, and the quality of real estate is no lower.

Location and climate. Alanya is the warmest city in mainland Turkey. The climate in this region is great, its distinguishing feature is long warm summers without rain.

The sea and the beach. The excellent access to the sea made Alanya a popular international resort. A line of modern hotels and fine sandy beaches begins dozens of kilometers before the city limits and extends through the entire city.

Transport accessibility. Alanya is located 120 km from Antalya International Airport. Well-working bus system allows you to easily get from Antalya to Alanya. And Gazipasha - Alanya Airport, which was opened in 2010, located 15 km from Alanya, receives domestic Turkish flights.

Sights. Owing to the historical places in the suburbs of Alanya and the city itself, you can get acquainted with the history of the region, starting from the II century BC. Caves, castles, monuments of Christian and Islamic culture, museums – all this is available all year round.

Safety. As in many other cities in Turkey, Alanya features a low crime rate. You need not worry about your safety both in the daytime and at night.

Education. Alanya has an excellent educational system. It has one teacher per every twenty-four schoolchildren, and recently they even opened a school where they teach in Russian. Also in Alanya, some universities opened branches where you can be trained in specialties related to tourism.

Entertainment. Alanya is a perfect place for vacations. During the daytime well-equipped beaches with golden sand or pebbles await you. In the evening, for those who like nightlife, dozens of bars, clubs, and discos open their doors. Many cafes and restaurants, from simple to the most sophisticated, will meet the tastes of fans of both Turkish and traditional European cuisine.

Cultural life. Every year Alanya cordially hosts many cultural and music festivals. Jazz Festival, days of documentary films, exhibition of stone sculptures, art and tourism festival, days of international culture, and the exhibition of Turkish traditions are just a small list of what takes place every year in this city.

Advantages of a small town. Alanya has about 150 thousand permanent residents. Alanya is primarily a tourist resort, so all the enterprises connected with manufacturing, processing, or construction were moved out of the city limits. It makes Alanya a unique environmentally clean paradise. Quiet streets, unhurried conversations in cafes, calm motor vehicle traffic - all this has been appreciated by thousands of foreigners who became owners of apartments in Alanya.

Real estate in Alanya. As statistics show, about 20 thousand foreign nationals own property in Alanya, and half of them are Europeans. Demanding European buyers established a high level of the quality of exterior and interior finishing for the construction of apartments and villas. Another feature of residential complexes in Alanya is a rich infrastructure and well-maintained surrounding area. At the same time, land prices in Alanya are lower than in Antalya. Therefore, compared to Antalya, prices for apartments in luxury residential complexes in Alanya are lower by 10-15%.

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