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Gazipaşa is a small town 40 km east of Alanya. It has both sandy and pebble beaches. Not far from the town there are lots of attractions: Kizilin cave, the ruins of several ancient cities (Antiochia-ad-Kragum, Nefelis, Selinus, Lamus). Gazipaşa is an excellent place environmentally. As a tourist destination, it is only gaining popularity, so it is excellent for lovers of quiet life surrounded by nature. After the commissioning of Gazipaşa airport, they began active construction in the town. Multiple real properties offer sea views.

Location. Gazipaşa is a small town in the east of Alanya region. The distance to Alanya is 40 km, to Antalya – 180 km. The population is 60 thousand people.

The sea and the beach. The coastline of Gazipaşa and nearby villages stretches for about 50 km. Hiding among the rocky slopes are wonderful bays, sandy and pebble beaches.

Transport accessibility. In Gazipaşa there is the eponymous airport, which receives both domestic and international flights. From Alanya to Gazipaşa you can get by public transportation, including a special bus which runs to the airport.

Sights. One of the most beautiful places in Gazipaşa district is Selinus beach 2.5 km long. The clean sea, small pebble and magnificent views of the mountains attract many holidaymakers in this place. On the beach there is a place where rare species of turtles lay their eggs. The stony part of the beach is popular with fans of underwater fishing. Also of interest is Kizilin cave, the so-called natural air conditioner, a unique natural phenomenon: the cave keeps coolness during the heat of the day, and "sucks" the warm air in the evening. Not far from Gazipaşa, extant are the remains of ancient cities (Antiochia-ad-Kragum, Nefelis, Selinus, Lamus).

Special features. Many call Gazipaşa a quiet paradise. The district is only gaining popularity as a tourist place, because there are few hotels and the infrastructure is still developing. The population of the town and surrounding villages are employed mainly in agriculture. Gazipaşa is a perfect place environmentally, with lots of orchards and forests, it is quiet and picturesque, and it is perfect for those who appreciate relaxed lifestyle surrounded by magnificent nature.

Real Estate. The commissioning of Gazipaşa airport gave an impetus to the construction in the town. The proximity to the airport, the development of the urban infrastructure, the construction of new hotels and the increase of the flow of tourists, the availability of properties with sea views – all these are the main attractive features of the region.

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