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Didim is a small town in south-western Turkey. The population is 65 thousand people (during the tourist season – 80 thousand). The climate is Mediterranean. The beaches are sandy and pebbly. The main attractions are the Temple of Apollo, Lake Bafa and the ruins of an ancient stadium. For lovers of entertainment there are restaurants, bars and discos. The safety in the town is at the highest level. The cost of living is acceptable. Real Estate is represented by apartments and villas. Property prices are rising, because the region is actively developing.

Location and climate. Didim is located on the Aegean coast. The climate here is Mediterranean, as early as in May the temperature can reach up to the level of 35° C, and in summer – even up to + 38° C. In July-August the air is dry and a sea breeze blows pleasantly.

The sea and the beach. Beaches in Didim are covered with sand and pebble, they stretch for 65 kilometers along the Aegean Sea. Most tourists are attracted by Altinkum ( "Golden Sands") beach. Small pebble beaches of Didim resort town are awarded the "Blue Flag", a European mark of distinction.

Transport accessibility. Didim has no airport. The nearest air harbors are in Bodrum (95 kilometers), Izmir (150 km) and Dalaman (120 kilometers). Also, Didim can be reached by ferry, which departs daily from Bodrum.

Sights. According to the legend, the city of Didim is the birthplace of god Apollo, so, the main attraction there is the Temple of Apollo. Preserved in the temple is a marble bas-relief with the head of Medusa slain by Perseus. Besides, in the town there are the ruins of an old stadium, where in ancient times competitions, games and rituals were held. Not far from the town is Lake Bafa, one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. More than 250 species of birds live there. For lovers of entertainment there are entertainment centers, discos, and cozy restaurants.

Safety. Safety in Didim is at the highest level. This peaceful town is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday.

Culture and traditions. Ceramic art, folk music, the art of fishing – all of this can be found today in Didim, because the city and its surroundings are one of the cultural and religious centers of antiquity.

Cost of living. In order to make purchases and have fun, you can go to Didyma Shopping Center (this shopping center is the largest in the town) or to the Altinkum district. You can also go to the market, where they sell vegetables and fruits. Prices are affordable everywhere. Electricity and water bills are lower than in Europe and in Russia.

Real Estate in Didim. Real Estate in Didim is represented by apartments and villas. Until recently, the prices of these properties were among the lowest in Turkey, but today they are growing rapidly, because the region is improving and the infrastructure is growing.
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