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Trabzon is an important historical and cultural center of Turkey with a population of over 800,000 people. It is located in the Black Sea region, between the Caucasus and Iran. The climate is mild and there are only stony beaches here. Within the city limits and in the vicinity of the city there are many attractions. These are the Hagia Sophia cathedral-museum, the city fort, Ortahisar Castle in the Old Town and the Upper Citadel, as well as mountain lake Uzunkёl, Sumela Monastery carved in the mountains, and Gunes Sanat Art Gallery. The level of safety in the city is very high. For the convenience of tourists there is a special information center. The city has a great Karadeniz Technical University, which trains engineers. Prices in Trabzon is quite low. Real estate is cheaper than in Istanbul.

Location and climate. Trabzon is located in the Black Sea region, between the Caucasus and Iran. Trabzon is a neighbor of Gumushane city and Bayburt city in the south, Giresun in the west, and Rize in the east; Trabzon is on the Black Sea coast. The city is located at an altitude of 39 meters above the sea level, the terrain gradually rises to the south: there are mountains, hills and plateaus, attractive for hiking. The climate in the region is subtropical oceanic, it is mild owing to the Pontic mountains.

The sea and the beach. Trabzon beaches are located not far from the central highway. There are no sandy beaches; the beaches are predominantly stony, with huge boulders at the water. Despite this, beach vacationing there is very popular.

Transport accessibility. Planes from Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir arrive in Trabzon every day. Besides, there are regular flights from Adana, Bursa and some European cities. The airport is located 6 kilometers from the city. Also, Trabzon can be reached by bus from any major Turkish city.

Sights. Trabzon city is one of the major historical and cultural centers of Turkey. It has cathedral-museum Hagia Sophia - a Christian church, transformed first into a mosque, and then into a museum with amazing frescoes.The city fort, Ortahisar Castle in the Old Town, and the Upper Citadel also deserve attention. In addition to that, you should visit mountain lake Uzunkёl located to the east of Trabzon, Sumela Monastery hewn in the mountains in the 4th century to the south of the city, and Gunes Sanat art gallery, built by a 73-year-old artist Azmi Aytekin.

Safety. Trabzon residents are welcoming and helpful. You can safely walk both through the town center, and in its side streets. In the main square there is a tourist information center, where you can take a map of Trabzon and get advice in excellent English.

Education. Trabzon Karadeniz Technical University is one of the oldest universities in Turkey and the first of those that were opened outside of Istanbul and Ankara. It is a workplace of 1,700 highly qualified teachers, 600 of them have a scientific degree. University produces excellent engineers.

Culture and traditions. Trabzon is a traditional eastern city, an important trading center with developed infrastructure and economy. Muslim traditions are more pronounced than in the south of the country. Trabzon architecture was influenced by the Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

Cost of living. The cost of living is at Eastern European countries level. Prices in Trabzon are quite low, especially for seafood. In the markets you can always bargain advantageously.

Real Estate in Trabzon. In Trabzon foreigners can buy secondary residential and commercial properties, participate in joint construction, and purchase new housing. Real estate prices are lower than in Istanbul.

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