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Belek is a big resort region located 45 kilometers east of Antalya. It features mild climate, clean air and well-equipped sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance into the water. Many coastline properties are noted with international award "Blue Flag" - a sign of quality for resorts. In Belek everyone will find entertainment they like: a water park, dolphinarium, nature park, ancient cities, restaurants, bars and cafes, golf courses - all this is available year round for vacationers. At the same time, Belek is a fairly quiet and peaceful town. The selection of apartments there is not as big as in Antalya, but there are plenty of villas, ranging from small to very large ones.

Location and climate. The resort area of Belek is located 45 km to the east from Antalya. The most comfortable time to rest in Belek is from May to September, when the air temperature reaches +30 ... +35° C, and the water temperature – +25 ... +27° C. In winter daytime temperatures do not fall below +15° C. Belek is an absolutely pure, in the environmental sense, area, owing to pine and eucalyptus groves the air there is clean. In this region there are more than a hundred species of birds, and sea turtles swim there during the breeding season.

The sea and the beach. The sandy beaches of Belek feature gentle entry into the water, which is very convenient for holidaymakers with children. Moreover, Belek is a high-level resort: five-star hotels pay special attention to the cleanliness of the sea and the coastline, furnishing it in accordance with the highest standards. Due to this reason, many of the beaches in Belek were awarded international award "Blue Flag" - a sign of quality for resorts.

Transport accessibility. The trip from Antalya Airport to Belek takes 30 minutes. You can take a taxi or use a bus. Belek is located near federal highway D400, on which buses run regularly to Antalya, Side and Alanya.

Sights. Belek has a unique in its kind Tolerance Garden, where the religious buildings of three religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism – are located near each other to confirm that in Anatolia followers of different faiths have coexisted for centuries. Also in progress in Belek is the construction of the region's largest water theme park "Disneyland" with a vast territory and their own hotels. In close proximity to the city there are a water park, dolphinarium, and well-equipped golf courses. A little further on there are ancient cities Perge, Aspendos and Side, and National Park "Canyon Kepryulyu", where you can go mountain-climbing, horse riding and rafting.

Safety. Law and order protection is paid special attention in this elite resort area. It allows all – both tourists and locals – to feel safe both in the daytime and at night.

Education. The nearest schools providing education in a foreign language are in Kundu and Ornekkoy — districts of Antalya, located 45 km from Belek.

Culture and traditions. Belek draws golf enthusiasts from around the world. Every year it hosts championships Turkish Airlines World Golf Final and Turkish Airlines Open. The high class of hotels in Belek, and the appropriate level of security have attracted many politicians and businessmen to conduct conferences and world-level meetings here, such as the meeting of world leaders from the twenty largest countries in the world - G20.

Cost of living. The presence of luxury hotels and wealthy tourists impact the prices of goods and services in the resort: they are generally higher than in Antalya.

Advantages of a small town. In the area itself there are 10 -15 thousand permanent residents, the majority of whom are employed in the tourism sector. Although there are many hotels, Belek is a place for a quiet and measured rest. Most discos, clubs and bars are located at hotels and do not bother the town's residents in any way. Some hotels provide for booking and visiting restaurants and bars "outside", that is for those who are not hotel guests. Of course, the city itself has cafes and restaurants allowing all who wish to enjoy Turkish and European cuisine.

Real estate. Belek does not offer such great selection of apartments in complexes with rich infrastructure as Antalya. On the other hand, there is a large selection of villas: from small houses in complexes to luxury detached big villas with plots of land and swimming pools.

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