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Belek Turkey | Belek — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate

Many people know the Turkish resort of Belek as a prestigious vacation spot for wealthy foreigners; famous golf courses are located here. But this town is also great for moving to permanent residence and investing in real estate, the value of which is constantly growing.

Belek is the name of the resort region, which geographically includes 2 towns - Belek itself and Kadrie, located next to each other.

Belek Turkey | Belek — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate

Belek is a small town, where in the winter the population does not exceed 20 thousand people, and in summer the peak season, up to 150 thousand people live here.

Belek has located 40 km from Antalya, on the way to Side, and only 30 km from the international airport. The developed infrastructure of the town, peace, and comfort make it an excellent choice for buying real estate. 

Even 40 years ago, Belek was a little-known town, where foreigners almost did not show up. Everything changed when the construction of the best 5-star hotels in Turkey, golf clubs, and courses for this expensive sport began here.

Having bet on golf, Belek won - Tiger Woods and Barack Obama played on its fields, and in 2016 the town was chosen to host the G20 summit.

It is hot and dry in Belek in the summer, but the mountain air saves the situation, so even the standard + 35 ° C for July can be tolerated quite easily. In the winter, the temperature rarely drops below +12°C, but it often rains. There are more than 300 sunny days a year, and since mid-April, the city has been gradually filled with tourists.

Belek Turkey | Belek — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate-1

Sea and Beaches in Belek

The coastline with beaches in Belek stretches for almost 20 km, on both sides, it is limited by rivers. The coast here is sandy, and pebbles are rare and not large, so safety shoes for swimming are not needed.

In Belek, in addition to hotel beaches, there are 2 free-equipped public beaches: Belek Halk Plajı beach in Belek itself and Kadriye Beach Picnic Area in Kadriye. 

These are not just beaches, but well-equipped recreation areas not only with umbrellas and sun beds but also restaurants, walking areas, playgrounds, pine forests, and picnic areas.

On the beaches there are showers, toilets, changing cabins, and children's playgrounds, you can ride a banana or catamaran, and rent diving equipment.

The sand is equally clean everywhere, at hotels, it is sifted every morning. 

Kadriye Beach, about 9 km long, is lined with wooden decking so that guests do not burn their feet with hot sand. The central part of the beach is open and free for everyone, but those who stay there all day pay for sun beds and umbrellas. 

Transport Infrastructure in Belek

Antalya International Airport has located just 30 km from Belek, you can get there simply by intercity buses plying between Antalya and Alanya, as well as by taxi or transfer service.

In the city itself, during daylight hours, you can travel by dolmush — shuttle buses or an auto-train for tourists. At night, the choice is small — a taxi or a rented car. You can rent a car directly 

 at the airport or on the website of the rental organization.



Education Establishments in Belek

Belek is a small city. Therefore, there is no huge range of kindergartens and schools, as, for example, in Antalya. Belek-Limak State School accepts overseas children, and the main condition for enrollment is the presence of a residence permit and medical insurance.

Education at school lasts for twelve years, according to the 4-4-4 system: 4 classes of elementary school, 4 for middle school, and 4 more for high school. Teaching is conducted in Turkish, an additional language is English. If you are not sure that children will be able to understand the program due to the fact that they do not know the language, you can start studying in a lower class, and for preschoolers, there are preparatory programs from the age of three.

In Belek, you can also get higher education. The University of Akev Üniversitesi is located here with five faculties and 23 departments. Among the popular faculties are engineering, the faculty of design and art, and the humanities.

If the specialty chosen by the graduate is not at the University of Belek, universities in Antalya can be considered for admission.

In Turkey, the system for assessing applicants is standardized, for foreigners one of the options is to pass an exam in the knowledge of geometry, algebra, and logic - YÖS.

Other options are admission through the grant system, the result of the Unified State Examination, ZNO, ORT, or the average score of a school certificate.

Medical Care in Belek

To receive medical care in Belek, you will need insurance, as elsewhere in Turkey. Prices for medical services, examinations, tests, and diagnostics are quite moderate.

The largest clinic in Belek is Anadolu Hastanesi Belek, in total there are 7 divisions of this medical center in Antalya.

Among the services are check-ups (full health checks), and emergency care, there are departments of adult and pediatric surgery, dentistry, cardiology, traumatology, and psychiatric care. The clinic performs plastic surgery and treats infectious diseases, oncology, and neurological diseases.

Turkish clinics are famous for their success in aesthetic and plastic surgery. People from all over Europe also come here for IVF procedures, dental implants, and orthodontic care. Both private and public clinics in the country are well equipped, unique operations are not uncommon here, and the profession of a doctor is considered incredibly prestigious and respected.

Medical Care in Belek

Tourist Attractions in Belek

One of the main attractions of Belek is the ancient theater of Aspendos. Built-in the second century, it is well preserved and serves as an example of ancient architecture. Nearby you can find the ruins of a basilica and grottoes, which are also of interest to archaeologists.

If you want to ride water slides and attend other attractions, head to The Land of Legends water park at the five-star hotel and amusement park of the same name.

An alternative is Troya Water Park, one of the largest in Antalya, at the Riox Hotel. The main decoration of the park is the figure of a Trojan horse from the movie Troy, as well as several slides 12 meters high.

For stunning views of nature, we recommend a trip to the Köprülü Canyon, a national reserve with an area of ​​about 500 hectares.

Here you can walk through the majestic cypress forest, and pistachio groves, and with proper luck, see dozens of species of rare birds and giant turtles. In the same place, in the reserve, there is the Oluk bridge, built by the Romans in the second century. Interestingly, it is still in operation - vehicles drive over the bridge, bringing tourists on excursions.

The Zeytin Tash cave with stalactites, equipped with footbridges for safe viewing is considered one of the most fascinating destinations in this reserve.

There is also a unique place in Belek - Garden of Tolerance: it is here that the functioning synagogue, mosque, and Christian church peacefully coexist in one place.

How much does Real Estate cost in Belek

Real estate in Belek cannot be regarded as cheap, just like the resort itself. Real estate here is bought not only for moving to permanent residence but also as an investment - the cost of property is constantly growing, which means that investments can bring good profits.

How much does Real Estate cost in Belek

Some of them even have night lighting, allowing players to play in a cool evening or night atmosphere.

It is not difficult to buy an apartment in Beleka team of Tolerance Homes professionals will help you do it quickly and reliably.

Villas in Belek and villas in Kadria are also in great demand among both leisure enthusiasts and buyers looking for a permanent life in quiet, peaceful coastal cities.

Belek is a town where mostly rich Europeans come. They also buy residential and commercial real estate here. If we consider Belek as a place to move for permanent residence, then it can be called a good option, especially if you work remotely.

The proximity of Antalya makes Belek suitable for families with children as you can choose a private school, college, or a good university nearby.

Well, if you want to move to Turkey for permanent residence, you can see our real estate offers or just contact us by WhatsApp at +905321584244.

Our team of experts will find the best deals for you in the shortest time!

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