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Kusadasi is a resort town on the Aegean coast with a population of 120,000 people. The climate is Mediterranean, it is comfortable to vacate all year round. The municipal beaches are well equipped, the clean sea attracts snorkellers. The town is a real open-air museum. Of places of interest the Byzantine style tower, Kaleici Camii mosque, peninsula Dilek National Park, as well as a water park "Adalend" should be marked out. Kusadasi is one of the safest resort areas in Turkey. The cost of living in the town is average. All properties will be a safe and profitable investment.

Location and climate. The town is situated on the Aegean coast. The climate is Mediterranean, there is never sweltering heat here, summers are warm and sunny, winters are mild, so, in Kusadasi it is comfortable to live in relaxation throughout the year.

The sea and the beach. On the outer side of the peninsula, where Kusadasi has access to the open sea, there are town beaches and a beautiful promenade, as well as places specially equipped for picnics. The sea in the resort area is clean, which attracts snorkellers.

Transport accessibility. Kusadasi has no metro or trams, the main form of public transportation is small dolmush buses. The nearest airports are located in Izmir and Bodrum. From the airports, Kusadasi can be reached by public transport.

Sights. Kusadasi is a real open-air museum. One of the symbols of the town is Pigeon Island, which was called the Bird Island in the Ottoman Empire and gave the name Kusadasi to the town ("Kusadasi" means a "bird island"). Preserved on the island is a fortress built in the Byzantine style. Among other attractions of the city, Mosque Kaleici Camii, built in 1618, should be noted. 30 km south of Kusadasi there is Dilek Peninsula National Park. Also worth visiting is one of the world's top 10 water parks "Adalend". It is located 5 km north of Kusadasi. There are also a dolphinarium and a unique marine park.

Safety. Kusadasi is one of the safest large resort towns in Turkey. Be it a late night walk through the town or a car left in the street – no need to worry. That is why in the city there are always so many tourists from Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Sweden.

Culture and traditions. Kusadasi is the second Turkish city, after Istanbul, where cruise ships come. You feel a special Mediterranean flavor here. This area is a bit like the Italian or the Spanish coast, without, at the same time, losing the eastern exoticism.

Cost of living. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought all year round at the city markets at low prices. Brand stores (Jappa, Benetton, Naf-Naf, and others) here offer their products at prices that are much lower than in Europe. As for monthly utility bills, they are the same as all over Turkey.

Real estate in Kusadasi. Today, Kusadasi real estate market can, without exaggeration, be called international, because the proportion of foreigners among buyers here is more than 50%. The reason for this unprecedented popularity of the resort is that any property here is a reliable and profitable investment.

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