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Antalya, Turkey

Advantages of living in, vacationing, and owning property in Antalya

Today you will learn all about Antalya and its advantages, from people who have lived here permanently for the last 18 years. 

We collected all the information about Antalya and its features to make not just a review, but a full movie. 

We are certain that this will be useful to all those who are wishing to purchase an apartment in Antalya and don’t want to pick the wrong district!

The topic of today’s video was suggested to us by our subscribers. When thinking of purchasing property in Turkey, many potential buyers wonder:

-Where is the best place to live?

-Which province and which city should they pick?

-Where would their family be most comfortable living, studying and working?

This is of course understandable because when moving to a foreign country, picking the right region and city is crucial!

Today we wanted to tell you about Antalya’s advantages and about whom this wonderful city would suit best. 

Turkey Antalya

Antalya is a large city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its warm climate, the holiday season here lasts from the middle of April until the middle of October.

Antalya has all the advantages and good characteristics of a big city (like low crime rate, accessibility by transport, many cultural leisure activities, education, shopping, and a large variety of real estate available for purchase) and with this, it is still a comfortable place to live in, all thanks to its cheaper cost of living, friendliness of the local population and its the fantastically equipped vacation zones.

Antalya is the fifth most populated province of Turkey. 

At present, the population of the whole Antalya province, including all cities and suburbs like Alanya and Kemer, stands at about 2.5 million, with the population of Antalya itself being around 1 million and 400,000 people. 

Of course, during the tourist season, Antalya's population spikes due to a large number of visitors, because every year it welcomes 15 million people on average. This is how popular it is among visitors and those wishing to purchase property!

Additionally, according to official statistics, Antalya is home to over 100,000 foreigners, some of whom are most likely your compatriots. This is to say that Antalya has been people's favorite international destination for quite a while now!

The most well-known and popular districts of this city are Konyaalti and Lara. Also, as of recently, the Kepez district has been rapidly developing and offering its residents a variety of real estate properties to suit their needs.

So, what is so special about this city and what advantages does it give its guests and permanent residents?

The main and possibly most important thing is its amazing subtropical climate, 300 sunny days a year, temperatures that never drop below zero, and the incredible Mediterranean Sea with its many beaches that were even granted the international Blue Flag award for their cleanliness.

There are practically no industrial enterprises in Antalya, therefore no environmental pollution.

The sea and the beaches

It doesn't matter if you are staying in a hotel or bought an apartment in Antalya, either way, you can enjoy the best beaches that come equipped with shower cabins, changing rooms, and cafes all by the cleanest Sea. 

Antalya is famous for its pebble beaches in the Konyaalti district as well as its sandy beaches located in the east part of the city in the Kundu region. 

Its popular “Beach Park” and the Konyaalti promenade, for example, can definitely compete with some of the European beaches, because it is not just an area by the sea, it is a beautiful part of the city that has large green spaces, with parking spots next to wonderful cafes, restaurants, jogging, and cycling lanes, basketball courts and children’s playgrounds. 

In Antalya, you can swim at the beach, sunbathe and have a leisurely walk by the sea all year round, while enjoying the view of the Taurus mountains and sipping on your seasonal vitamin cocktails.

The second very important thing that not everyone considers is just how friendly, open, and welcoming Turkish people are. 

People in Antalya always show utmost respect, kindness, and patience to people of foreign countries and different religious backgrounds. 

Many of Antalya’s visitors notice the friendliness of the local population, their interest in learning about different cultures and traditions, and their eagerness to help if a tourist is in trouble. 

A foreigner in Europe would just be a stranger, whereas a foreigner in Turkey, according to the Eastern traditions, is a guest that has to be taken care of and helped if they are in trouble. 

There have been many instances when tourists have lost their phones in the city or left their money in a taxi, and the locals always return these items without expecting a reward. 

Accessibility by transport

Antalya’s popularity among international tourists and people moving to Turkey on a permanent basis is not only attained by its good climate, comfortable hotels, and a friendly atmosphere, but also by how accessible it is by transport.

Antalya’s modern airport which accepts hundreds of flights and tens of thousands of tourists from around the world on a daily basis is also a very unique building in terms of architecture. Experts consider it one of the best international airports in Europe.

It operates all year round and is made up of 3 terminals: two international and one domestic.  

This airport is located only 10 km away from the city center and can be reached in minutes on various buses, high-speed trams, or taxis. 

30 minutes after landing and you’re already at home, isn’t it convenient?

Getting to Antalya from any part of the world is extremely easy and fast.

This way, when living in Antalya, you can still stay in touch with your friends and family living in other cities in Turkey or abroad. 

For those who are purchasing an apartment in Antalya to use for occasional vacations, Antalya can become an alternative to a summerhouse. In many cases, it takes people less time to reach Antalya than it would to travel to a vacation spot or a summerhouse in their own country. 

The city’s public transport system is also very convenient.

There are many modern and comfortable buses, and both high-speed trams that take you anywhere in the city, as well as old vintage trams that are located mostly in the historical parts of town. 

You can also use smaller minibusses to travel get to any city along the coast from Antalya. All of the journeys follow a strict schedule, and all fares operate using a unified payment system: either a bus pass called AntalyaKart or using your bank card. 

Antalya also has another so-called airport. That’s what people want to call the main bus station, that’s how beautiful this building is, littered with small cafes, shops, and leisure spots. 

The inter-city transport system in almost all of Turkey's regions has been perfected, and the friendly stewards and cheerful bus drivers can confidently compete with any flight crew.

Fresh and natural groceries all year and living costs

Living in Antalya is a privilege. The quality of groceries, their affordable prices, and fantastic Turkish cuisine with the tastiest dishes at really good prices attract more and more people every year, especially those who take care of their health and their future. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are available to purchase at local markets all year at low prices, and any utility bills like electricity and water are significantly lower than in Europe or North America for example. 

Home renovation, car rent, beauty salons, and any other services also cost less than they would in Europe.

You can watch our video about how much the living costs in Turkey would be for a family of 2 people by clicking this link!

Safety and security for you and your family

In Antalya, you can be confident that you are safe at any time of day! There is no crime or vandalism here because people are friendly and kind to each other. 

It has been officially confirmed that the crime rate in Antalya is lower than in many European cities. Antalya is one of the safest big cities in Turkey. Whether you decide to take a walk at night or leave your car parked on the street, you can rest assured that you will be safe. 

You can also stay confident about your family and children’s safety and security.

Children are a whole new topic in Turkey. Here they are always welcomed and taken care of to make sure they grow up happy and healthy. 

This is why Antalya is a perfect place for you if you want your children to have a really good future. Here they will get to grow up and thrive in a loving, comfortable and green environment, especially because the culture here does not permit alcohol abuse, or even worse, drug abuse and any other tendencies that might affect your child. Next up, we will speak about education, stay tuned. 


If your family has children, you can confidently move to Antalya because there are so many free state schools that accept both citizens of Turkey and foreigners, as well as many high-level private schools that can give your children the best quality of education.  

Antalya has an English school that educates children in English, and many other language schools to suit your needs. 

This means that Antalya can be a really good foundation for your child if you want your children to continue their education in Turkey, Europe, or the United States for example. 

Another really good thing about Antalya is that, besides many private universities, there is also a big state university available that can give your child a really good degree and higher education.

It has 24 faculties, and it educates over 72,000 students. Classes are taught both in English and Turkish languages. 

This university actually accepts people from all over the world, and foreigners can study practically free under a specific program, granted that they pass the YOS exam. This exam does not require extensive knowledge of the Turkish language, which is another big plus. 

This city also has many good nurseries and kindergartens of the highest level. There are many additional classes and activity groups available in English. 


Healthcare services in Turkey are really good. Antalya has many state and private hospitals, private clinics, and health centers.

You can get treated in these modern clinics and hospitals by highly professional personnel with the best education. These hospitals are very well known in the whole of Europe. Because of this, it's no wonder why so many European tourists come here to combine holidays with medical treatment and any cosmetic procedures. Here they are very high quality and significantly cheaper in comparison.

Moreover, the world’s first-ever face transplant was performed by a professor at one of Antalya’s university hospitals. 

If you have a residence permit for Turkey you will be eligible for health insurance called SGK that will let you get treated completely free at any state hospital or it can give you a large discount at Antalya’s best private clinics. 

Or you can of course get private healthcare insurance for both you and your family that will provide you full treatment in any private hospital completely free of charge!

There is also another new and modern state hospital under construction here in Antalya. It is called Şehir Hastanesi, and you should note that not every province in Turkey has these. When its construction is finished and it opens its doors, it will provide the best and newest treatment for its patients. 

If you choose to live in Turkey you can be sure that your health is taken care of!

Culture and leisure

Antalya is a big city where you will always find something to do. This is one of its advantages compared to smaller tourist towns, where life and any activities halt during wintertime.

But Antalya lives all year round!

There are aquaparks and amusement parks, the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world, a zoo, cable cars that take you all the way up the Tunektepe mountain, and of course the famous Düden and Kurşunlu waterfalls. 

Turkey’s biggest theme park called Land of Legends is located here, and it is an excellent place to spend time with your kids and family, and also do some good shopping.

Antalya also houses the State Opera and Ballet House with many classical performances, as well as two classical theatres. 

The large area that was built and dedicated to Expo-2016 now has many uses. In February and March of 2021, it was used to film a movie under the famous movie director Guy Ritchie, starring the actor Jason Statham. 

And many extras and background characters for this movie were residents of Antalya! So if you move to Antalya you just might have a chance of becoming a movie star.

Antalya’s history spans nearly nineteen centuries. 

People who lived in this wonderful area have left behind many unique cultural and historical monuments. Most museums and historical sights are open to visitors all year. 

Visiting and learning about these can teach you how people lived under the rule of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires, and understand the origins of Christian and Islam cultures.

These museums include the Museum of Antalya, the Museum of Archaeology, the Ataturk Museum, two toy museums, the Antalya center of Culture and Arts, and many more.

There are also many ancient cities and ruins near Antalya, these include Aspendos, Olimpos, Mira, Patara, Perge, Phaselis, and Side – each one of these is an important historical landmark.

As for Antalya’s city center – Kaleiçi where we are standing right now, is practically an ancient museum under the sky. 

Antalya is also named the center of annual international festivals.

Every autumn a film festival called “Golden Orange” takes place here, along with many international music festivals.

In Aspendos, there is an ancient theatre that still hosts the annual international festival of Opera and Ballet. It is also where my favorite jazz festival is held every year.

These many guided tours and fantastic spots to visit will give you lots of things to do, not only in summer but also during winter!

If you wish, you can spend a weekend in one of the villages in Kemer Çıralı or Olimpos, or ski at a resort in the mountains, or have a Turkish-style picnic in the mountains with pine trees and the freshest air – all of it in Antalya!

Antalya also has a very convenient docking station for yachts that opens up a lot of opportunities for those who like vacations at sea.

The comfort of life and the ease of settling in

Antalya is unique because it combines the advantages of both a large city and a resort. This is exactly why the quality of life here stays consistently good all year and not just during summer. 

Turkey has many reserves of natural gas and this is the main source of heating. This is important for those who want to be comfortable during winter, and not freeze in an unheated apartment. 

As mentioned before, Antalya has a large foreign population, and you are very likely to find people from your country. There are many communities and groups of English speakers, and therefore opportunities to interact with people. 

Antalya also has British and German consulates. 

All of this means that you will never feel lonely in this city and will always find support regarding any questions you might have about this foreign to you (for now) country


Now let us talk about shopping! Yes, yes, this is something we all love, especially women. Modern shopping centers with a big range of items and brands at the best prices are another one of this city's absolute best features!

In the last few years more and more new shopping centers have opened their doors to let people enjoy shopping, restaurants, the latest movies (shown both in English and Turkish), as well as their kids have fun on the indoor rides.


Antalya is the best place for those who love the sport. There are many state gyms and fitness centers in operation, along with sports clubs, many tennis courts, swimming pools, and basketball courts. Not to mention swimming at the beach you can do it all year. Almost every park in the city has some sort of exercise equipment installed.

International marathons like Runantolia and its runners are frequent guests of this wonderful city that offers many sporting opportunities for its residents. 

The promenade by the sea comes equipped with anything you might need for exercising, jogging, cycling, or just walking by the beach. 

Those who prefer to travel around on a bicycle can enjoy the very developed (by Turkish standards) cycling infrastructure: cycling pathways, parking spaces for bikes, and bikes for rent – all comparable to western standards. 

There is a fantastic cycling path by the Konyaaltı and Lara beaches. 

Aside from these, Antalya also gives you an opportunity to do some skiing.

A ski resort called Saklıkent is only an hour away or 55 km. Mount Davraz is 145 km from Antalya. Or, if you just miss the snow, you can try to ride a cable car all the way up the Tahtalı mountain, 2375 m elevation, where you can find snow until May.

About Antalya


If you move to Antalya you will be able to continue practising your own religion without breaking any of your traditions.

The city has both Catholic and Protestant churches open to all, where you will be able to worship and celebrate any important occasions such as Easter or Christmas.

Turkish people are very tolerant – they respect your religion and traditions if you respect their religion and their traditions. 

An interesting fact: in 2004 the Garden of Tolerance was opened in Belek, which houses a Jewish Synagogue, a Christian Church and a Muslim Mosque all together on one piece of land. 

This once again emphasizes how kind and tolerant Turkish people are towards other religions.

Restaurants and cafes

Once you visit Antalya you will be met with Turkish hospitality and food from all over the world. You will find restaurants and cafes to suit any craving and any budget. 

You will be surprised at how affordable and absolutely delicious Turkish cuisine is. Dining in Turkey is much, much cheaper than in Europe, not to mention the taste and freshness of the ingredients in comparison. 

Every person finds their own reason for loving Antalya.

It is impossible to list all pros and advantages of this city. Every person who comes here finds their own reasons for loving this place!

It means something different to everyone.

For me, it is breathtakingly gorgeous sunsets that I enjoy watching with a cup of delicious Turkish coffee!

Thank you Natalya for this wonderful tour of the city. Only a person who truly loves Antalya can make it sound so incredible!

Thank you Sergiy, I really do!

Owning property in Antalya

But what about real estate in Antalya?

For the last twenty years, real estate properties in Antalya have remained in high demand from foreign citizens. 

This created an impulse that stimulated construction businesses, which led to the realization of many construction projects, ranging from affordable public houses to luxury residential complexes with a hotel-like infrastructure.

You can easily purchase a property here in Antalya. These can be the cheapest and most affordable options starting from 30,000 Euros for example, or these can be elite building complexes right by the beach with a fantastic sea view, starting from 300,000 Euros. 

One of the best reasons to purchase property in Antalya is its liquidity on the market. Because this isn’t just some tourist zone, but a big city with infinite opportunities, it is highly sought after not only by foreigners but also by Turkish people. 

This means that if you ever need to do so, you can easily sell your property here, unlike in many small resort cities. 

Antalya is also a perfect city for investment – prices here remain high and there is barely any land to build on anymore. 

Renting out your property and making a profit is possible all year round. 

Our company Tolerance operates with an honest and transparent “no hidden commissions” policy which means we will be able to offer you a bigger range of properties with a guaranteed minimum price!

Our 18-year experience and thousands of customer reviews tell you that you can wholly trust us to help you pick and purchase your property in Turkey and that we will do our job diligently and securely!

You can view all of our offers on our website  or just by writing to us on WhatsApp at the following number. Our specialists will be able to match you with the best property in the shortest time!

We really enjoyed telling you all about Antalya, a city that we call home and love dearly. 

Subscribe to our channel to always stay up to date on any important information about living, moving, and real estate in Turkey!

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