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Konyaalti is a district in the west of Antalya. It stretches along the 8-kilometer strip of beaches, many of which were granted the award "Blue Flag". City beaches are free and excellently-equipped. In the district there are many interesting places: water park, oceanarium, the beginning of the old Lycian road, a special area for picnics, a female beach, and the best fish restaurants in town. A funicular is also being built now. The infrastructure of the district is well developed. There are a variety of kindergartens and schools, including those with teaching in foreign languages. Real properties are diverse and attractive for investors. There are multiple properties with sea views or with direct access to the beach. The quality of real estate is unusually high.

Location. Konyaalti is one of the most developed districts of Antalya. It is located in the west of the city. Along this district, bounded by the ridge of the magnificent Taurus Mountains, stretches an 8-kilometer strip of beautiful beaches.

The sea and the beach. Konyaalti beaches are mostly pebble beaches, they are perfectly clean and have a gently-sloping entry into the water. They are all marked with the prize "Blue Flag". City beaches are free, they are well-equipped, available there are sun beds and umbrellas. Besides, on the beaches you can hire catamarans, go water-skiing, parasailing, as well as rent other equipment for other water sports. Currently, the city is reconstructing the coastal zone. It will be fully pedestrian, and there will be a network of cafes, restaurants and leisure areas stretching next to it.

Transport accessibility. The transport network of Konyaalti is well developed, it is all covered by bus routes. A special bus service delivers arriving passengers from Antalya airport to the eastern part of the district. Konyaalti has a big pier for private yachts and cruise ships.

Sights. Towering over Konyaalti is the magnificent ridge of Taurus Mountains, where begins the world-famous old Lycian road, the length of which is 500 km.

In the western part of Konyaalti, on a vast territory, there is a zone for swimming and picnics Sarisu with a unique female beach offering health-improvement services. Now, next to this recreation area, they are building a funicular, which will connect it with one of the highest mountain peaks. This summit offers a magnificent view over the entire city, of the forests around and the sea, so there is a restaurant that rotates on its axis, so that you can enjoy the beautiful panorama.

In the summer season water park Aqualand with a variety of attractions and a dolphinarium is open for you. Nearby is the city's largest park and an amusement park for children. Near the water park they built an ultra-modern giant aquarium showing more than 10,000 species of fish. The aquarium is open to visitors all year round.

In the nearest plans of the city authorities is a grand project of the improvement of the Boachay channel and the construction of a marina.

Special features. Many foreigners have purchased housing in Konyaalti, and because of this schools and kindergartens with training in foreign languages were opened here. Aboriginals are distinguished by goodwill and tolerance towards foreigners, many are learning foreign languages to work in the tourism sector.

Konyaalti is a well-groomed green area with many parks and playgrounds. The port part of Konyaalti has a fish market where many restaurants of Antalya acquire fish. Konyaalti has ones of the best fish restaurants in the city.

Real Estate. The reasons why thousands of foreigners, when buying property, made their choice in favor of Konyaalti:

- proximity to the sea, a large number of houses with direct access to the sea and with a sea view;

- in Konyaalti construction market the most professional developers of Antalya work;

- almost all the residential complexes have a pool, sauna, fitness, round the clock security and video

surveillance; it is a kind of a standard for the district;

- the best management companies of Antalya are engaged in residential complexes in Konyaalti;

- a wide choice of options – from small area apartments to luxury penthouses, interesting layouts;

- Konyaalti residential complexes are located on large plots of land, which allows to equip own   

gardens and gazebos for each complex;

- Konyaalti offers a rich selection of premium class residential complexes with infrastructure not

inferior to five-star hotels;

- real estate in this district can generate a stable annual income from rent;

- real estate in Konyaalti has a great investment potential.

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