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Lara is a large district to the east from Antalya city center. It is on a cliff, so the access to the sea is more difficult. However, there still are several slopes to the water, they are equipped with special flooring. The district has well-developed infrastructure: good transport accessibility, hospitals, educational institutions, shops, offices of various companies – all this makes it very comfortable to live in. There are not many new buildings in the district, prices for housing with sea views are higher than in other districts of the city.

Location. Lara is one of the largest districts of Antalya, it stretches eastward from the city center. This is a district with good infrastructure, high level of business activity and mixed development. It is considered one of the elite districts of Antalya, on a par with Konyaaltı.

The sea and the beach. The distinguishing feature of the district is its location on a cliff, 30-40 meters above the sea level. Because of this, access to water here is more difficult, but the sea views are just great. The district has several slopes to the water, and there are platforms for bathing. The sea in this place is crystal clear and very beautiful. The strip of sandy beaches 20-30 meters wide begins at the very end of Lara district, at the junction with Kundu district, and stretches several kilometers to the east.

Transport accessibility. The transport infrastructure of the district is very well developed, there are a large number of city transport routes, using which you can get to Lara from other districts of Antalya. Distance to the airport – 10 km.

Sights. Duden waterfalls, an exhibition of sand sculptures, water park, "Lara Kent" park with special lanes for bicyclists and joggers, restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea.

Special features. It is an active district as regards both business and entertainment. There are plenty of various offices, representative offices of travel companies, stores and shopping centers. The district is fairly well equipped and has excellent infrastructure: hospitals, kindergartens, a Russian school, tourism college, numerous green parks and fountains. The life in the coastal line bustles both in daytime and at night. There are many expensive restaurants, nightclubs and bars here.

Real Estate. They started to develop Lara district about 40 years ago and by the number of new buildings it is behind Konyaalti, which has been rapidly growing in recent years. There are not as many complexes with hotel infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the sea. Prices for real estate with sea views are generally higher than in other districts of the city.

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