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Antalya City Centre

Any visitor to the Antalya Province, whether they are staying in Belek, Kemer, or Side, ought to visit Antalya, the fifth-largest city in Turkey. In fact, the city center of Antalya is a picturesque location that welcomes 15 million foreign visitors each year and offers fantastic activities for both young and old. When you visit this quaint and rather romantic town, you'll see how simple it is to get around, view many significant landmarks, go shopping, and eat delicious local cuisine. This article includes a list of the top activities to do in Antalya city centre as well as the greatest places to see, such as historical sites, museums, tourist attractions, and much more.

The Most Interactive Places You Should See in Antalya City Centre

Imagine a location where various landscapes blend together to create an endless landscape. That image depicts Antalya, a city in Turkey's southwest, taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. Whereas nature produces marvels, various civilizations produce a rich history. Antalya originates from ancient, unidentified times. It was well-known for its beauty and strategic benefits and played a significant role in ancient times.

Its status as a sought-after parcel of land in the past hasn't significantly changed over time. One million people call Antalya home, and many more would like to do so. Millions of tourists fall in love with nature's tiny gems every year. beautiful beaches, clouds-reaching mountains, and a bright sky reflected in the waters.

Antalya Hadrian’s Gate

It is an undeniable fact that the first Antalya city centre is Hadrian’s Gate. The distinctive Hadrian's Gate is the major entry into Kaleiçi, Antalya's gorgeous Old Town, and is undoubtedly one of the most famous locations in the entire city. This ancient site, which provides the ideal Instagram photo opportunity, was created in AD 130 to honor the Emperor Hadrian's visit to the city. The gate has three marble arches and three massive towers, and it is a portion of the world's best-preserved Hellenistic and Roman town fortifications. The doorway has some stunning sculptures with fine details, but the roof above the passageway has some of the most impressive carvings.

Antalya Lara Beach

Just 12 kilometers from the vibrant city of Antalya, Turkey's south coast is home to the gorgeous Antalya Lara Beach. It's a fantastic starting point for a beach vacation that puts the thrilling natural and entertaining attractions of the well-liked Antalya region within easy reach. Lara Beach stands distinctive due to the fact that the long stretch of sand is bordered by theme hotels, giving it the appearance of both Disneyland and a Hollywood film set. No icebergs in sight, so staying on the Titanic cruise ship is no problem. Or how about settling up at the Kremlin Palace resort, which has a Russian theme? The atmosphere at Lara Beach is the most enjoyable in Antalya city centre, bold, and spectacular no matter which hotel you choose!

The central district is the residential and business center of Antalya, where life is in full swing all year round. On the main streets of the city there are residential apartment buildings and office buildings. Access to the sea in the center is difficult, but it is easy to get from there to the beaches of the Old Town, Lara and Konyaalti. Sights worth mentioning are Kaleici historical district, two large parks and the archaeological museum, as well as the Charshi shopping area. Real Estate is represented mainly by old properties, there are few new buildings, and there are almost no residential complexes. Because of this, real property prices are low, the exception is the properties located on the first line, which offer sea views.

Antalya Museum

Antalya museum is a meeting point for all of us and seem as Antalya city centre. The Antalya Museum, which has extensive collections, is one of the locations you should visit if you want to trace Antalya's historical development. Works from significant civilizations including Lycia, Pamphylia, and Psida can be shown in the museum. Perge Hercules, also known as Yorgun Hercules, is a belly dancer whose body is made of many colors as a consequence of his 31-year fight. A sizable sarcophagus hall is also present, and people are always in awe of its craftsmanship.

Antalya Kaleiçi ( Old Town)

Although Antalya means the trio of sea, sun, and sand, Kaleiçi takes you away from the world of the turquoise sea and takes you to a completely different place when you are bored with this trio or when you want to see a different place in the evening. For people seeking to have good night choose Kaleiçi as Antalya city centre.

Kaleiçi, where Greek, Seljuk, and Ottoman architecture is blended with pleasant places on the coast, takes you on a journey through time. When you enter the castle from the marina, the Yivli Minaret will greet you. This is actually a complex with many historical monuments, such as the mosque, madrasah, and Mevlevi hane. The name of the structure, which is thought to have been built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad, comes from the use of eight semicircular forms. Although traces of tiles are found in places, there are no tiles at the moment.

Antalya City Centre Shopping

Antalya is a terrific location for shopping, whether you're seeking for new clothing or fantastic gifts to take home. You may be sure to find what you're searching for thanks to all the malls, shopping areas, and bazaars the city has to offer. Here is a list of all the best retail areas in Antalya.

Most of the stores have been found in Antalya city centre in the aforementioned malls, which provide duty-free shopping. Before paying the salesperson, ask a question. You will receive a specific invoice that you must present at an airport counter. You can convert your invoice into cash once you've obtained the necessary stamps for it. Typically, you have the option of using dollars or Turkish liras. There are so many things to do in Antalya, Turkey, such as visiting a shopping mall.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center

Millions of domestic and foreign tourists visit Antalya city centre each year, and on June 6th, 2001, a new shopping center, the Antalya Migros Shopping Center, opened. The city's popularity and sales have soared thanks to the presence of this new, enormous retail center, which has also given it an advantage in the global tourism industry.

Both locals and visitors to Antalya city centre benefit from the Antalya Migros Shopping Center, which has 130 stores with both national and international names, including the most preferred labels and a variety of restaurants and fast food joints. Numerous social and cultural events take place in the air-conditioned Migros Shopping Center. The benefits that the Antalya Migros Shopping Center offers are enjoyed by those who live in adjacent places like Isparta, Burdur, and Konya in addition to tourists and Antalya residents. In the summer, Antalya Migros Shopping Center's closing hour is extended to 23:00. The center is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

Mark Antalya Shopping Mall

The Mark Antalya, one of the best malls in Antalya, is renowned for having the largest parking area. More than 3000 automobiles can park in the mall at once. The mall has all the amenities you'll need for a pleasant day out with the family, but its infrastructure and services go beyond that. The mall has a leaseable area of 51.000 square meters.

Mark Antalya is easily accessible from practically every part of the Antalya city centre thanks to its central location. The best brand names are represented in this collection, including the most preferred labels. For the best shopping in Turkey, visit the mall's assortment of more than 155 national and international brands. The mall features a sizable dining area with the top fast-food establishments and restaurants for your family dinner. You can also eat outside while gazing up at the stars. If you don’t decide what to do in Antalya Turkey for once, you can visit the Mark Antalya shopping mall. If you want to learn more about Antalya, please contact Tolerance Homes.

Location. The city center borders on the Old Town (the historical part of Antalya), Konyaaltı, Lara, and Kepez districts, as well as on  the airport areas.

The sea and the beach. The central district is located on a cliff, so access to the sea and to the beach in this part of town is difficult. However, on foot or using automotive transport you can reach the beaches of the Old City, Konyaalti and Lara.

Transport accessibility From the city center by bus, by metro or by car you can get to any place in Antalya in a few minutes. 

Sights. In addition to the historic Kaleiçi district, in the center of Antalya there are two large parks - Ataturk and Karaolan, they offer beautiful views of the sea and the city, it's a pleasure to spend time there with the family at any time of the year. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum, which shows exhibits found in Antalya region, the cultural heritage of which was influenced by the Scythians, Greeks, Byzantines and Ottomans. And if you go shopping, you should go to Mark Antalya mall or the district that is informally called Charshi. In the shops located there you can find anything.

Special features. In the center of Antalya, as in other major cities, because of the dense construction, the issue of parking is quite pressing.

Real Estate. Real estate in this area is represented mainly by properties that were built in the 70-80s. New houses are very few, and there are almost no residential complexes here. Therefore, prices for apartments here are much lower than in Lara or Konyaalti, the exceptions are only properties on the first line, overlooking the sea.

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