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Kepez is a district in the north and north-east of Antalya. The district doesn't have its own beaches, but it has a well-developed infrastructure and many attractions. Amusement and recreation parks, shopping centers, stadiums, Duden waterfalls, a zoo, a racetrack – all this attracts tourists and locals alike. Kepez is actively growing and developing. Due to the relatively low cost of land, real property prices there are more attractive than in other districts of Antalya. At the same time the properties are distinguished by good quality of interior and exterior trimming, as well as interesting layouts.

Location. Kepez district is one of the three municipalities; it is located in the north and north-east of Antalya. It is a modern, rapidly developing district, which is popular mainly among the local people.

The sea and the beach. The nearest beaches are in the Old Town, 10 km from Kepez; to the beaches of Konyaaltı – 16 km.

Transport accessibility. The main bus terminal of Antalya – the largest transport hub, receiving city and inter-city buses – is in Kepez. Kepez is located near federal highway D400, on which buses run to the east (towards Belek, Side, Alanya), as well as to the west (in the direction of Kemer, Kaş and Kalkan).

Sights. Duden waterfalls is a unique natural phenomenon with a cascade of stages and caves. Nearby they equipped places for picnics and organized entertainment for children. Not far from here there are a farm, where they raise trout, and seafood restaurants. Antalya zoo is a great place for a family holiday where you can not only watch animals, but also spend time in cafes and small shops. For children there is a special ground where you can feed animals from hands.

Special features. The area is rapidly developing and growing. There is everything for leisure time: large shopping centers, amusement and recreation parks, stadiums, a large swimming center and even a racetrack.

Real Estate. Kepez is a developing district of Antalya, at the moment real property prices there are the most attractive in the city. The low cost is due to the relatively low price of land. At the same time real properties are distinguished by the good quality of interior and exterior trimming, as well as interesting layouts. Real estate in Kepez is of interest for investors. Some developers offer maximum possible installments for the purchase of housing – up to 5 years.

Kepez - description of areas
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