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The neighbourhood of Muratpaşa is also often called Lara, after the famous beaches of Lara Beach, although this is not entirely accurate, as the neighbourhood itself is much larger. Muratpaşa consists of 56 micro-districts, with an official population of around 500,000 people. This number significantly increases during the tourism season. The area's transportation infrastructure is well-developed, allowing for quick travel to any part of the city.

Let's take a closer look at the attractions in this part of town, why the locals love it so much, and why so many foreigners vacation or buy property here?


The beaches in the Muratpaşa district are incredibly diverse! In the Lara area, the beaches are rocky and scenic, but access can be difficult. It's often possible to reach the main platform via a staircase carved into the cliff, and access the sea via iron stairs attached to small piers. The waters here are remarkably clear and magical. There are also a few private beaches on the rock, equipped with sun loungers, parasols and small bars where refreshing drinks can be ordered. These beaches belong to hotels or pensions and can be enjoyed for an additional fee.

In the eastern part of the district, some of the best sandy beaches on the coast - Lara Beach - are located. They're recognised for their cleanliness by the Blue Flag award. A promenade stretches the length of the beach, lined with restaurants, cafes, walking paths and relaxation zones. 


Some of the most renowned parks are Karaalioglu Park and Falez Park. Karaalioglu Park is adjacent to the Old Town and is also home to the Russian Embassy in Antalya. Situated on a cliff, it offers a wonderful sea view. It's designated for strolls with children, with numerous playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment, and nearby cafes and restaurants. Two pathways – one for bicycles and one for pedestrians – lead all the way to the Düden Waterfall.

Relatively recently, the city authorities landscaped another park called Düden Park. Apart from a fantastic area for skateboarding and parkour, Düden Park also features numerous new playgrounds, restaurants, cafes, pavilions, and benches - all the amenities needed for children and parents to enjoy a pleasant outdoor experience.


Quality shopping enthusiasts have undoubtedly heard about the enormous shopping centre Terra City! Terra City presents virtually every popular clothing and footwear brand, many of which are absent from other Antalya's shopping centres. Another significant shopping centre, situated in the Muratpaşa district, is the Mark Antalya. It was built right at the city centre, within walking distance of Kaleiçi. This district is one of the business centres of the city, housing various offices, language schools, law offices, dental clinics, notary offices, translation centres, driving schools, and more.
Muratpaşa also houses the Antalya city airport. On the edge of the district, towards the airport, some of the largest shopping centres have been erected, such as "Mall of Antalya", "Agora", "Deepo Outlet" and the furniture giant "İKEA".
On the eve of New Year, in the Muratpaşa municipality, performances in Russian are usually held, featuring actors from the Private Moscow International School (a branch of it is located in the Güzeloba neighbourhood). The talented students prepare concerts and performances for various occasions and then perform on city stages. In the Moscow International School, Russian-speaking children from 1st to 11th grade study all subjects in their native language, and later many of them proceed to Turkish or Russian universities.

Real Estate

Lara is one of the most prestigious and expensive districts where the first row of houses often offers good views of the sea and mountains.
Real estate in the very centre of Antalya is not as prestigious and popular as real estate in the coastal regions of Konyaaltı and Lara. This has to do with the fact that the centre is occupied by older houses, which are often squeezed close together. They lack free space for a pool, parking or common use areas, particularly necessary for families with children. On the other hand, property in these regions is cheaper and more affordable.

AKDENIZ UNIVERSITES Hospital, ANTALYA'S ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM, STADIUM AND SPORTS COMPLEX with free sporting clubs and sections, ANTALYA DEVLET ARASTIRMMA HASTANESI STATE HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE, numerous top-notch STATE AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS, RUSSIAN SCHOOL, nurseries, music schools and art schools – all these also make this district convenient and prestigious for living.

That's why many of our compatriots live in this region, supporting and helping each other. Their children grow up alongside Turkish children, once again validating the famous Turkish people's tolerance.
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