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Kemer Turkey | Kemer — pros for living, moving and buying real estate

Kemer — one of the most popular areas where foreign people often buy real estate to move for permanent residence and make investments. 

Kemer attracts foreign people with its convenient location, mild Mediterranean climate, an abundance of attractions and, of course, the opportunity to profitably invest in buying real estate.

Before making such a responsible decision, as well as before moving to Kemer for permanent residence, it is worth learning more about life in the city and its areas. 

Kemer is a city that is 42 km southwest of Antalya and the active development of which began in the 60s of the last century.

It was then that a highway was laid here connecting the center of the province and a small town, which could previously only be reached by mountain paths or by sea. After it, the influx of tourists began.

They appreciated the purest pebble beaches, where the seabed is visible even at a depth of about 8 meters. As a result, these natural beauties led to the rapid construction of hotels, and residential complexes and the development of infrastructure in Kemer.

In the summer, the city’s main source of revenue is tourism, it is literally flooded with crowds of foreign visitors from all over the world and English is widely used everywhere. In the winter, residents of the Scandinavian countries come to Kemer to spend several months in a warm climate, away from snow and frost.

Sea and Beaches in Kemer

Most of the beaches in Kemer are pebbly. There is only one sandy beach here, it is called "Moonlight" and is located south of the port of Turkiz Marina.

To the north of the port, the coastline is occupied by the Central Public Beach, where both citizens and tourists come. If you want more privacy, just drive a few kilometers from Kemer, for example, to the resort village of Kirish or the ancient city of Phaselis.

Almost all the beaches of Kemer are marked with the “blue flag” sign, which stands for cleanliness, environmental friendliness, and well-groomed territory.

The swimming season starts here in May, and the water warms up to a maximum of +29°C in August.

Transport Infrastructure of Kemer

If you are planning a route from Antalya Airport, then the shuttle transfer is the cheapest, but it also takes the longest, as a rule, it can take about an hour and 15 minutes. Other options are a rental car or a taxi, in this case, the trip will take approximately 1 hour.

You can get to Kemer by minibus from Konyaaltı (any bus stop on Ataturk Boulevard will do) and from the Antalya bus station.

Buses arrive in Kemer at a stop near the main square. This route schedule is used for short-distance intercity buses, but you can go on a long trip by taking a bus at the bus station (Otogar). It is located not far from the city, and dolmus goes there.

You can also move around the city on foot, it is small, but in the summer, in the heat, it is more pleasant to get to your destinations by dolmus or taxi.

How Much Food Costs in Kemer

On Mondays, a farmers market is open on the central square of Kemer - the townspeople prefer to buy vegetables, fruit, sweets, and other products here. 

On other days, groceries, household chemicals, and other everyday goods are bought in supermarket chains, such as Carrefour, ŞOK, BIM, or A-101. They can be found throughout the city.

BIM supermarkets are considered the most budgetary chain. But you will not find them on the first line by the sea, since the range of goods is designed for local residents, so the stores are scattered in residential areas away from tourist routes.

Prices in these stores are on average 20-30% lower than in other supermarkets.

In general, the cost of food in Kemer is about the same as in Antalya. The weekly food budget for a family of 3 comes to $ 100 and a lot depends on the diet and lifestyle: if you are used to eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, you can get by with a smaller amount, especially if you choose seasonal fruits.

Education Establishments in Kemer

The Turkish school system is designed for education from the age of five.

If you have children of school age, after moving you will have to decide whether to continue your education remotely or send your child to a public Turkish school.

The third option is a private school. In Kemer it is Ozel Kemer Koleji. What to choose? Do you want your children to assimilate and fit into a foreign language environment faster?

Then choose the state Turkish school closest to your place of residence. You can enroll a child thereby collecting a package of documents (including a residence permit) and contacting the management directly.

It usually makes no sense to sign up online, it is much easier to resolve the issue with a personal appeal. As the experience of those who moved to Turkey for a long time shows, children quickly adapt and begin to understand the Turkish language.

Pre-school education in Kemer is represented by public and private kindergartens, state - Ahu Aysal Anaokulu and Kemer Anaokulu. Going to such a kindergarten costs about 45 dollars a month, and the bulk of the money goes to the child's food.

One of the features of public kindergartens is the opening hours until lunch. If you want your child to stay in the daycare after lunch, you need to pay extra.

School leavers from Kemer usually go to Antalya to get higher education. One of the best universities in Turkey, Akdeniz University, is located there.

There, you can get the most popular courses in dozens of faculties, including medical, legal, engineering, faculties of natural sciences, agriculture, and so on.

Medical Care in Kemer

You can get qualified medical care in Kemer in public and private clinics, and with urgent problems, you can contact any emergency department.

Private clinics in Kemer are as follows: Kemer Yaşam Hastanesi and Kemer Anadolu Hastanesi, Derman polikliniği, Marina polikliniği, Sahil polikliniği. All of them are well equipped, however, the same thing can be said about public hospitals.

There is also dentistry in Kemer, for example, Kemer Estetik Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı, where, in addition to treating teeth and canals, you can get other services: install an implant, cure gum disease, and do a professional cleaning.

As elsewhere in Turkey, there are no free dental services in Kemer, and prices in private and public clinics do not differ too much for foreigners and are pretty affordable.

Tourist Attractions in Kemer

There are many attractions in Kemer, and you don’t even have to travel outside the city to see them.

Perhaps you should start your walk from the central square, where the symbol of Kemer is located - a white stone clock tower.

Near the tower there is a monument to Atatürk, dancing fountains, and along the perimeter of the square, there are lots of gift shops and shops. Climbing the stairs inside the tower, you will find yourself in a cozy restaurant where you can have dinner.

You should not count on low prices - the place is purely tourist, and even standard items on the menu are significantly more expensive than in other restaurants.

After exploring Atatürk Square, go to Liman Street, which is nearby. This is a real paradise for devoted shoppers.

The street is a pedestrian area, and wandering along it is a pleasure. Whether you're looking for inexpensive trinkets or luxurious jewelry, you're sure to find them along the way. Going down the street to the very end, you will come out to the city port.

During the tourist season in Kemer, guests are greeted night after night by Aura, İnferno, and Kristall clubs - the best discos in the entire Mediterranean, where famous artists often perform and foam parties are held. If you like loud music and fun, be sure to visit any of the clubs at least once.

With children, it is worth going to Moonlight Park near the beach of the same name. A small water park, a dolphinarium, playgrounds, cafes, and restaurants - there is something to see and where to spend time with the whole family.

After that, you can go to the theme park nearby, Folkloric Yörük Parkı, where the expositions show the life of the ancient peoples who lived in this region thousands of years ago.

After leaving the city, go along the Lycian Way - the routes are designed to be even for unprepared tourists and pass through the most beautiful mountainous terrain. Not far from Kemer is the well-preserved ruins of the ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympos, as well as Mount Chimera.

How Much Real Estate Costs in Kemer

Properties in Kemer are quite expensive. The fact is that according to the rules of development in the city, it is forbidden to build high-rise buildings, so residential complexes here are no higher than three floors.

There are a lot of properties for sale here, there are apartments in Kemer, villas in Kemer, and hotels in Kemer.

For those who want to invest in buying a villa or apartment, we advise you to take a closer look at the outskirts of the city - the resort villages around Kemer.

Beldibi is a village which is located 17 km from Kemer. Even in the summer, there are not too many tourists here, as there is no entertainment in the village, and beaches with large pebbles interfere with beach holidays with children. Because of this, Beldibi was chosen by European pensioners. Given the specifics of Beldibi, there is almost no real estate for sale to foreigners in this village.

Göynük is a resort village that is 7 km from Kemer. People come here for fresh and clean mountain air and active entertainment: hiking in the canyon, rafting, and zip-lining. Real estate in this suburb of Kemer is composed of apartments and villas. 

Çamyuva is a village that is 10 km from Kemer and separated from the city by a river. Life here flows quietly and calmly, a farmer's market comes on Wednesdays, and there is a supermarket, a cafe, and a park with children's playgrounds.

Kiriş is a resort village 5 km from the center of Kemer. There is a convenient gentle entrance to the water, a clean sea, and well-equipped beaches with small pebbles. Some of them have platforms with bulk sand. The area is famous for its unique natural landscape: evergreen pine forests descend from the mountains directly to the beaches. All entertainment venues in the area are located on the territory of hotels. Real estate is mainly represented by villas.

Tekirova is a village where people come for an elite vacation. The coastline is occupied by five-star hotels, so you won’t be able to find real estate right by the sea. The properties for sale are mainly villas and expensive ones. Some of them cost up to 2 million euros.

Çirali is the most remote village from Kemer, 41 km from the city. Real estate here is bought mainly for a permanent residence away from the hustle and bustle of the large city. The beach here is very clean, Caretta turtles have chosen it, so in the evenings, you can not only swim but also turn on flashlights - everything is for the comfort of rare marine animals. As for real estate, villas are mostly for sale, the price starts from 170 thousand euros and reaches a million.

Kemer Center is a great place for permanent residents and moving to permanent residents. Like Turkey itself, it is very different, but always sunny and comfortable. Due to the large number of tourists in the summer, many people buy apartments here for subsequent rental in order to receive passive income.

Well, if you want to move to Turkey for permanent residence, you can see our real estate offers or just contact us by WhatsApp at +905321584244.

Our team of experts will find the best deals for you in the shortest time!

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