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Kemer is a resort area not far from Antalya. The subtropical Mediterranean climate with warm summers without rain and frost free winters prevails there. Beaches in Kemer are mostly covered with pebble, the water is very clean. The region is rich in sights: amazing caves and grottoes, ancient cities of Olympos, Phaselis and Simena, Mount Tahtali, the famous Lycian road, and an amusement park – all this is easily accessible. During the season, the nightlife is in full swing, which, however, doesn't cause inconvenience for permanent residents. Kemer features low-rise real estate. Its high liquidity, high level of safety and the average for the region cost of life are very much to the liking of tourists.

Location and climate. Kemer is a resort area not far from Antalya, consisting of the city of Kemer and surrounding settlements located on the coastline with a length of 35 km. As in Antalya, the subtropical Mediterranean climate, with warm summers without rain and frost free winters, prevails in Kemer.

The sea and the beach. Most of the beaches in Kemer area are pebble beaches, with clean, clear water. The beaches are distinguished by cleanliness and excellent infrastructure. Some of them are neighbors with amazing caves, gorges and caves. Phaselis, Olympos, Chirali, Adrasan – these are some of the most beautiful bays and beaches in Kemer area.

Transport accessibility. Kemer is on federal highway D400, on which buses from Antalya bus station run regularly. The distance to Kemer is 35 km. During the navigation period you can use a sea boat (Deniz Otobüs), which goes from the quay of the Old Town of Antalya to Kemer quay (the trip time is 50 min.)

Sights. Not far from the quay of Kemer there is a unique park entertainment complex Moonlight with a vast area of 55 thousand sq. m., where you can go diving, water skiing, surfing, fishing from a yacht, as well as play tennis and mini-golf. The park has a dolphinarium, where they created a unique set of classes for children with autism and cerebral palsy. You can easily get from Kemer to the ancient cities of Olympos, Phaselis and Simena, Tahtali mountain and the mountain pass of the famous Lycian road, as well as to the magnificent canyon and many other attractions.

Safety. Kemer is one of the largest centers of tourism on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world come here every year. People residing in Kemer permanently and tourists feel safe at any time of the day or night.

Education. In Kemer and surrounding areas there are public and private Turkish schools. In recent years, in Antalya's district Konyaalti (Liman) – the district nearest to Kemer – kindergartens and schools with teaching in foreign languages were opened. These educational centers are quite affordable for Kemer residents as the road doesn't take a very long time.

Culture and traditions. Kemer is a region oriented primarily on tourists. Many of the locals learn foreign languages and work in the tourism sector. They are characterized by friendliness, tolerance and interest in other cultures and traditions. In Kemer they have built a modern quay that can accommodate more than 150 yachts at the same time. Here you can purchase yacht trips along the coast or rent a yacht for personal use.

Cost of living. In general, the level of prices for goods and services does not differ from the price level of Antalya. In the resort area, where the main customers are tourists, the price level may be slightly higher than the average.

Advantages of a small town. Kemer is a favorite vacation spot of young people. It has trendy clubs and discos, where many celebrities come to perform. At the same time the work of entertainment centers is organized in such a way that they do not create nuisance for residents. Kemer and suburbs live actively only 6 months a year – during the holiday season. The rest of the time the city enjoys a very calm and unhurried atmosphere, when not numerous tourists do not create fuss and sellers in shops beguile their time talking slowly with cups of Turkish tea.

Real estate. The unique natural landscape and remoteness from the big city are indisputable advantages of real estate in Kemer. Real estate here suits perfectly as a summer residence, where you can spend with your family and friends a few months a year. As in other resort areas of Turkey, in Kemer there is a shortage of land for construction, and there is also a ban on high-rise construction. All this maintains real estate prices. The ability to rent housing for the holiday season, as well as the liquidity of real estate in the region, explain the continued interest of buyers to Kemer.

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