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Goynuk is a resort settlement, a district of Antalya that is the closest to Kemer. There is a clean sea, which is very well heated in the summer. The seabed is pebbly, there are also beaches with sand piled in bulk. The area features beautiful landscape and excellent environment. In the settlement itself, and not far from it there are many attractions: "Dinopark", Goynuk canyon, Phaselis city, Paradise Bay, Mount Tahtali and other interesting places. Real Estate is represented mainly by villas, there are not many apartments. All properties are of excellent quality, the area around them is improved. Real property prices are average for the region, despite the fact that there are almost no properties with sea views.

Location. Goynuk resort settlement is located 7 km east from Kemer and 45 km from Antalya Airport. This is a district of Kemer that is the closest to Antalya.

The sea and the beach. In this district the entrance in the sea and the seabed are pebbly, some beaches have sand piled in bulk, which makes it comfortable to relax with children. The sea is clean, with translucent water, by the end of summer it warms up to +27° C.

Transport accessibility. Goynuk is conveniently located near federal highway D400, on which buses run from Antalya and Kemer.

Sights. Dinopark, whose area is 30 hectares, is a unique paleontological park with numerous figures of animals that inhabited our earth for millions of years. Adults and children can spend a whole day here, because there are lots of entertainment: three swimming pools, cafes, animation for children, trampoline, bungee jumping, a planetarium, 7D-cinema, evening shows and discos for adults.

The unique natural landscape is one of the attractions of Goynuk. The beautiful Taurus Mountains are immediately adjacent to the sea and form cliffs and gorges. A popular destination is the famous Goynuk canyon. Those who wish to dive into a mountain river can rent wetsuits and masks here.

Also not far from Goynuk there are the ancient city of Phaselis, Paradise Bay, Mount Tahtali and other unique places.

Special features. The coastline is occupied by hotels, boarding houses and shops. Residential apartments and villas are located farther from the sea, nearer to the mountains. The resort life is going on on the hotels area, and does not cause inconvenience to the permanent residents. The village lives actively six months a year, during the tourist season.

Goynuk is a perfect place in terms of environment: pine forests, orange and pomegranate gardens fill the air with a wonderful aroma.

Real Estate. Buyers appreciate, first of all, the silence, the unique natural environment and the ecology of the area. Real estate is represented mainly by villas and not numerous apartments with a well-kept garden, swimming pool and good design. Real estate has an average price in the region, despite the fact that there are virtually no properties with sea views.

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