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Turkey Apartments For Sale

If you're looking for a good real estate investment that will pay off huge dividends in the future, or simply want to live in the paradise that is one of Turkey's many idyllic towns or cities, it's time to start looking at apartments for sale in Turkey. There are plenty of flats for sale in Turkey that reflect every taste and style, and you can easily choose the place and atmosphere that you want to have.

Both foreign and local investors are realizing the benefit of buying Turkish real estate. Since the country is right on the cusp of an economic and tourism upswing, now is the ideal time to rent out Turkish apartments and villas. You can easily get a good return on your investment during high season. There are so many reasons to take the plunge and invest in Turkey. It could easily be one of the best decisions that you've ever made in your life.

Flats For Sale In Turkey

There is no shortage of apartments for sale in Turkey, and you can easily turn your investment into a rental property or a lovely holiday residence. Some people even prefer to spend their golden retirement years in the country, and when you buy a flat in Turkey you'll always have a slice of paradise to return home too.

Turkish hospitality is a well-accepted benefit of moving to the country. The Turkish people are warm, accommodating, and very kind to both locals and foreigners. 

Turkey is also exceptionally geographically diverse and boasts miles of lovely beaches and proud mountain ranges. You can easily choose the type of climate and style of city or town that you want to be in. 

There are also property options available for just about every price range, and instalment plans are generally available for those who qualify. There are plenty of options for funding your perfect property in Turkey: it's all about taking the plunge and deciding where you want to live. 

What Are The Best Turkish Cities And Towns To Live In?

The best city or town is really up to your personal taste. Turkey has it all, from mountains to beaches, modern culture to ancient wonders, and all manner of amazing food everywhere. Take your time and learn about each individual place before you decide on which city is good for you. Below are just a few different popular cities and towns. There are plenty smaller, hidden gems available for those who prefer something off the beaten path.


This resort city is a gorgeous gem of a town right on the Turkish Mediterranean. It's full of glittering resorts and incredible nightlife, as well as miles of pristine beaches. The reason that people flock to Antalya is to experience its true coastal charm and also to see some amazing relics from Roman times. If you love to experience history while getting a gorgeous view, Antalya is for you.


Istanbul is the most famous city in all of Turkey. It's the vantage point from which you can experience both Asia and Europe, and it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet. You can truly make your home in Istanbul and use it as a hub to get to just about everywhere else in the country. If you like food, culture, and excellent nightlife, Istanbul is your ideal destination.


Alanya is another one of Turkey's spectacular resort towns, and it's known for its very famous beaches. One of the best beaches is Cleopatra Beach. The famous Egyptian empress was said to have bathed right on this beach, so you can walk in the steps of royalty! There's plenty of amazing architecture in Alanya as well, and it's just as quaint as it is sophisticated.


Izmir is one of the Aegean coast's finest cities. It is also one of the oldest places in the entire country. As important now as it was in antiquity, Izmir was a great trading city in the olden times. It's an ancient Greek city that was once known as Smyrna and was an integral part of the Ottoman Empire in the later years. Today, Izmir is a wonder of historical relevance. Anyone who loves seeing ancient ruins and getting a true taste of Turkey will absolutely fall in love with Izmir.


Located right on the Black Sea, Trabzon is one of the best cities in the northeastern part of Turkey. It's absolutely gorgeous and full of some of the most amazing architecture that you'll find in the region. You'll find Trabzon breathtakingly beautiful, and anyone who wants to buy a property with a picturesque view of one of the prettiest areas of Turkey should truly consider Trabzon.


This resort town is located on the lovely Mediterranean. It is known as an integral part of the Turkish Riviera and is rapidly becoming more and more popular with holiday-makers and people who want to see both the sea and the forest. Olympos Beydaglari National Park is one of the most famous spots in the country, and you can do plenty of hiking there. Kemer also has one of the best marinas in all of Turkey, making it perfect for soaking in those sunset views over the water. 


When you think of Belek, you think of beaches. This town has miles of sandy wonderland and is one of the most ideal spots in the country to play a round of golf. Like many places in Turkey, it's also a great spot to check out archaeological sites and really get a feel for the impressive history of Turkey. There's an amazing waterfall nearby, so if you like trekking and exploring natural wonders, Belek is definitely right up your alley.


This amazing city is home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Bodrum's impressive theatre is a sight well worth visiting, especially if you like history and architecture. Epic events happened there. Bodrum also has stunning seaside views and a charming Old Town. It is a true depiction of the best of old Turkey with all of the modern amenities that you would come to expect from a world-class town. Like many of the other places in Turkey, Bodrum is rapidly becoming more and more popular with tourists from all over the world. You could easily rent out your house, apartment or villa during the high season.


Another resort town, Side is located right on the Mediterranean coast. It held a critical place in ancient history and was renowned for being an important port town during antiquity. Like many amazing towns, it's home to some impressive Greco-Roman structures. You can still see many remnants of the ancient world standing in Side, which is part of what makes it so alluring!


Kas is a great blend of old-style charm and modern convenience. There are plenty of ruins in this sophisticated town, but you can also experience high-quality dining and shopping options. It's a true paradise for anyone who loves the finer things but wants to be in close proximity to the old world. 


Fethiye is one of the most popular places in the country to invest in property. It's located right on what's known as the Turquoise Coast and has a spectacular harbour and plenty of ruins. Fethiye is a great place for taking boat trips around the lovely sea. You can find any number of hidden beaches in Fethiye, and sun lovers will never have a dull moment in this amazing port city. Right now, prices are lower in Fethiye, but that is expected to go up if real estate trends continue as they have been doing.


If you love the sea and the ruins, you need to consider buying a property in Kusadasi. This town is known for its opulent resorts, as well as beautiful ruins. You can easily get to the magical town of Ephesus from Kusadasi. The town itself boasts an impressive marina and promenade. The food in Kusadasi is absolutely out of this world.

Benefits Of Buying An Apartment In Turkey

There are so many amazing places to buy Turkish apartments and since we're in a buyer's market, it's much easier to find something that you will love for a very low price. You can find flats for sale in Turkey in just about every price range and in many different types of areas.

Foreigners who are looking to invest in property in Turkey also have a much easier time obtaining citizenship. You will show that you are invested in the country and your application will be taken far more seriously. Turkey is a lovely place to spend your retirement years and you will not regret your investment.

Found 436 offers
Best price guarantee
2+1 78 m2 80.000 €
  • Convenient layout
  • High quality building and interior decoration
  • Favorable location, just 250 m to TerraCity shopping center
Antalya, Lara
Distance to the sea
700.0 m
Remaining only 2 apartments!
ID: 23042
price: from 28.000 €
Best price guarantee
1+1 47 m2 28.000 €
2+1 68 m2 42.500 €
  • Near the city center
  • Closed area with garden
  • Developing area
Antalya, Muratpasha, Kizilarik
Distance to the sea
3.0 km
Remaining only 16 apartments!
Best price guarantee
4+1 100.000 €
  • Convenient layout - one-level four-bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen
  • Close to shops, bazaar, schools, public transport
  • Developing area
Antalya, Muratpasha, Kizilarik
Distance to the sea
3.2 km
ID: 23299
price: from 56.000 € 1 year installments
Best price guarantee
1+1 58 m2 56.000 €
Duplex 2+1 105 m2 100.500 €
  • Outdoor and indoor pool
  • Sauna, fitness center
  • Outdoor parking
Duplex 3+1 160 m2 145.000 €
Alanya, Kargicak
Distance to the sea
50.0 m
Open, Close
Remaining only 7 apartments!
Best price guarantee
2+1 80 m2 43.500 €
  • Gas heating
  • Only 800 meters to the Old Town historic district
  • Good quality construction and interior decoration
Antalya, Muratpasha
Distance to the sea
1.5 km
Best price guarantee
1+1 60 m2 47.500 €
2+1 100 m2 65.000 €
  • Open pool
  • Convenient location near shops, schools, public transport
  • Spacious layout
Duplex 3+1 175 m2 102.500 €
Antalya, Konyaalti, Hurma
Distance to the sea
1.9 km
Remaining only 8 apartments!
Guaranteed Rental
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+1 63 m2 259.500 €
2+1 106 m2 416.500 €
  • The contract for 20 years with a rental income of 10% per year during the first 2 years
  •  The hotel belongs to the international chain of luxury hotels
  •  The possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship
Istanbul, Bagcilar
Distance to the sea
13.0 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 5 apartments!
ID: 23303
price: from 98.000 € 1 year installments
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+1 98.000 €
1+1 110.000 €
  • Two separate pools for duplexes with a terrace
  • Two children's pools, an indoor pool with a children's pool and a Jacuzzi
  • Mini golf, american and russian billiards
  • Cinema, table tennis, music room
  • Private beach and cafe, easy access to the beach
2+1 165.000 €
Duplex 4+1 with garden 320.000 €
Alanya, Kargicak
Distance to the sea
200.0 m
Open, Close
Remaining only 29 apartments!
ID: 23048
price: from 85.500 € 3 years installments
Guaranteed Rental
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+0 31 m2 85.500 €
1+1 54 m2 142.500 €
  • Installment possibility up to 3 years
  • 15% discount for a cash payment
  • 3 years rental guarantee with an income of 6 % per year
  • Shops, restaurants, cinemas, sports and recreation center, kids club 
2+1 110 m2 248.000 €
3+1 151 m2 363.500 €
Istanbul, Kagithane
Distance to the sea
10.0 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 10 apartments!
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+1 93 m2 119.500 €
2+1 137 m2 169.500 €
  • 10% discount with cash payments
  • The area with developed transport infrastructure 
  • 21.000 m2 park zone
  • The most prestigious sports and recreation club in Istanbul Midclubs: indoor and outdoor pools, fitness, sauna, Turkish bath, vitamin bar, table tennis
3+1 Duplex 171 m2 214.000 €
4+1 184 m2 301.500 €
Istanbul, Kucukcekmece
Distance to the sea
3.0 km
Open, Close
Remaining only 13 apartments!
ID: 23041
price: 30.000 €
Best price guarantee
1+1 50 m2 30.000 €
  • Convenient layout
  • Close to the city center
  • Close to shops, schools, public transport
Antalya, Muratpasha, Kizilarik
Distance to the sea
3.0 km
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