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Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

With a growth rate near 6%, Turkey is an emerging market of enormous importance. The nation straddles the East and West, quite literally the bridge between Asia and Europe.

The free market economy and stable government mean doing business in Turkey is lucrative. Commercial real estate in Turkey is a very different proposition than buying a home.

Why Invest In Commercial Real Estate Turkey?

Big returns

Investment in commercial real estate offers you significant gains. It is one of the fastest-growing major economies of Europe. Turkish economy is very closely linked to that of Germany, France, and Italy. 

Commercial property for sale in Turkey provides an annualized return of 5-7% when we observe the last decade. That is just enough growth to indicate there is no bubble but attractive enough returns.

Favourable demographics

More than half of Turkey’s population is less than 32 and a young and vibrant workforce that is the youngest in all of Europe. This is a demographic advantage when considering the fact that in a decade, most of Europe’s population will be over 50. 

Turkey is set to become an economic powerhouse due to its youth, and that makes investment here the right thing to do.

Business-centric policies 

The government of Turkey has always announced policies that are favourable to business. 

Investors from abroad believe that Turkey will remain a high growth area due to its trade partnership with both the EU and Russia. Investment policies are relaxed, and it is quite easy to buy a property and do business in Turkey. The country offers a business visa on easy terms making travel quite easy.

Why Is Tolerance The Best Real Estate Agency?

It is necessary to have the right partner if you are looking for commercial property for sale in Turkey. Tolerance has provided impeccable service for the past 15 years to thousands of foreign businessmen. 

The company will be able to provide end-to-end services making it effortless to locate the right kind of property and buy it on easy terms. 

With expertise in real estate, the client would ever have to face any obstacles. Cooperation with Tolerance, means access to real estate projects all over the country without resorting to intermediaries and sub-brokers. 

With a fair and transparent brokerage rate, Tolerance always offers its clients the best value proposition.  


If you are looking to buy commercial real estate in Turkey, it is the best time. With its importance on the global stage at an all-time high due to its strategic location, the Turkish economy is set to take off. 

Partner with Tolerance, and you would be able to inspect a plethora of properties before zeroing in on the perfect one.

Best price guarantee
- 398 m2 158.500 €
  • Entrance floor 218 m², basement 180 m²
  • Tenant with a contract for 8 years
  • Favorable location
Antalya, Muratpasha
Guaranteed Rental
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
1+1 63 m2 256.000 €
2+1 106 m2 386.000 €
  • The contract for 20 years with a rental income of 8% per year during the first 2 years
  •  The hotel belongs to the international chain of luxury hotels
  •  The possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship
Istanbul, Bagcilar
Open, Close
Best price guarantee
- 370 m2 200.000 €
  • Three-storey area
  • Basement 40 m², entrance floor 280 m², upper floor 50 m²
  • 5 year rental guarantee
Antalya, Kepez
Guaranteed Rental
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
Type 1 73 m2 250.000 €
Type 2 92 m2 307.000 €
  • A rental guarantee for 3 years with an income of 8% per year
  • Located in the center of the business district
  • 5 electric car charging stations
  • Parking for cars and bicycles
Type 3 193 m2 591.000 €
Fool floor 900 m2 3.655.000 €
Istanbul, Sisli
Best price guarantee
  • A variety of layouts: 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1
  • Just 100 metres from the beaches of Antalya
  • Swimming pool, security,  garden
  • Stove, oven, extractor fan, air conditioning

Antalya, Konyaalti, Gursu
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
- 806 m2 323.500 €
  • Three-storey premises
  • Advantageous location on the main road
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship
Antalya, Centre
ID: 23349
price: 374.000 €
Best price guarantee
- 900 m2 374.000 €
  • Three-storey premises
  • Favorable location next to a large residential complex
  • Reliable ready tenant - one of the largest retail chains in Turkey
Antalya, Konyaalti, Liman
ID: 23350
price: 409.500 €
Best price guarantee
For Citizenship
- 740 m2 409.500 €
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship
  • 4 three-storey premises
  • Advantageous location close to the city center
Antalya, Muratpasha, Kizilarik
Guaranteed Rental
Best price guarantee
1+1 50 m2 68.500 €
  • With furniture and appliances
  • Outdoor pool, sauna, fitness, Turkish bath, playground
  • Near the sea
  • Favorable location
Antalya, Konyaalti, Liman
Best price guarantee
Shops 43 m2 57.500 €
  • Shops in a residential complex
  • Near the hospitals and universities
Izmir, Karsiyaka
ID: 23045
price: 29.000 € 8 months installments
Best price guarantee
1+1 65 m2 29.000 €
  • Basement 35 m², entrance floor 30 m²
  • Just 800 meters from the Old Town historic district
Antalya, Muratpasha, Chalayan
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