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Property For Sale in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the prettiest towns in all of Turkey. Situated right on the Bodrum Peninsula, this gorgeous city has it all; sophisticated shopping and dining, beautiful beach access, and remnants of the ancient world.

Anyone who lives in glorious Bodrum has the privilege of exquisite views of the sea and surrounding landscape, access to lovely beaches, and real estate that will just keep going up in value. Bodrum is a classy city with an old-world feeling. It's a great place to retire or spend a few cherished months. It's also a wonderful place to be able to make some good money by renting out your property. Renting is a lucrative activity, especially during the busy season. 

The Fascinating History Of Bodrum

Bodrum was one of the most important places in Turkey during ancient times. Relics and reminders of its celebrated history can be found all over Bodrum.

Bodrum used to be known as Halicarnassus. This old city was built by the Greeks and acted as an important port city for the region. After Halicarnassus fell, Bodrum was created by the Hospitallers. These crusaders put a Christian stamp on Bodrum that exists to this day. The city also has influences from the Persian and Ottoman empires. Everyone loved Bodrum because it was strategically located with easy access to the sea.

Why Is Bodrum So Special?

In addition to its colorful history, Bodrum has a shining present. This beautiful town on Turkey's western coast has miles of incredible beaches, nearby islands, and plenty of amazing attractions and things to do. Bodrum is quickly making its mark on the tourist map and is projected to increase in popularity over the course of the next few years. 

As locals and foreigners flock to Bodrum, property and rental prices will go up. Now is the best time to invest in beautiful Bodrum. Your return on investment will be tremendous, and you'll be able to rent out your properties for plenty of money. 

Best Things To Do In Bodrum

There are plenty of incredible things to do in Bodrum. No matter what your taste or style is, you'll be sure to find something that will suit your personality and taste perfectly. This is just a small sample of what you can find in dazzling Bodrum.

See The Incredible Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle is one of Bodrum's best attractions. Although the castle is in ruins, it's been well-preserved over the years and well worth a visit. You can learn all about Bodrum's past and get a spectacular view of the sea and surrounding area. Sunsets are especially phenomenal from Bodrum Castle.

Immerse Yourself In The Bodrum Maritime Museum

Bodrum Maritime Museum is one of the quaintest museums in Bodrum. Since this Turkish city is situated right on the cusp of the sea, Bodrum has a fantastic maritime past. This museum gives a comprehensive overview of what makes Bodrum so unique.

Discover The Joys Of A Turkish Bath

When in Turkey, do as the Turks do! That means luxuriating in a steaming Turkish bath. Turkish baths are the last word in sophistication and pampering. Bodrum is full of places where you can enjoy a Turkish bath like no other. It's just one of the many reasons why people are seriously warming up to Bodrum.

Stroll Along The Palmarina

The Palmarina is Bodum's best promenade and a perfect place to indulge in a stroll at any time of the day or evening. It's chock-full of streets, shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. You can easily spend several hours soaking in all that the Palmarina has to offer. It's also an amazing place to watch the ships sail lazily down the coastline. The Palmarina is a chic and stylish piece of Bodrum that is very much not to be missed. 

Take A Boat Trip Out On the Beautiful Sea

When you're near the water, one of the best ways that you can pass the time is to venture out into the deep blue sea. Bodrum is the perfect spot to grab a boat and explore the small local islands nearby. Tourists love to take half or full-day boat trips around Bodrum.

Go Under The Waves

You don't have to stay above the surface to have fun in Bodrum! This seaside city is known for its watersports, snorkeling, and diving. The crystal-clear waters of the sea near Bodrum make it the ideal spot to see undersea life and explore coral formations. Anyone with a love for the sea will find paradise in Bodrum. 

See The Mausoleum

Bodum is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum. This ancient relic is one of the key sights in Bodrum. Those who are lucky enough to live in this Turkish town stay in close proximity to it.

Discover Turkey's Incredible Cuisine

Turkey is known for its incredible food, and there is really no better place to try it than Bodrum. From street food to fine dining, Bodrum has a plethora of options for every connoisseur and food lover. 

Check Out The Ancient Theater

Just like the famous Mausoleum, Bodrum's Ancient Theater is one of the highlights of the city. This massive structure is a living reminder of Bodrum's incredible past. Anyone who loves history should visit Bodrum's Ancient Theater to appreciate the wonders of this Turkish city fully.

Catch Some Rays At Yahsi Beach

There is truly no shortage of beaches in Bodrum, but Yahsi Beach might just be the finest out of all of them. Known for its sprawling powdery sand beaches and warm waters, Yahsi Beach has it all. Residents and visitors love to luxuriate all day at Yahsi Beach. It's the last word in relaxation.

Visit The Farmer's Market

Bodrum is famous for its incredible Farmer's Markets. Even if you're not planning on buying anything, it's still well worth wandering through the stalls just to get a glimpse of Turkish culture. Bodrum's Farmer's Market is not just a great place to get food, but you can also pick up clothing and unique souvenirs. 

The Amazing Cuisine Of Bodrum

Turkey is known worldwide for its exemplary cuisine, and those who visit and live in Bodrum get to eat it all of the time. There are certain things that you absolutely must try while in Bodrum.


Kumpir is Turkey's answer to the jacket potato, and you can get them customized any way that you'd like. Try your Kumpir with olives, yogurt, or corn. They make a great snack or quick dinner. Try Kumpir once, and you will totally be hooked.


Turkey's favorite dessert can be found all over Bodrum. Lokmasi are small balls of dough that have been deep-fried to perfection and covered in addictive syrup. They are light enough to make the perfect snack, but also totally satisfying. 

Savory Pastry

This delicious Turkish treat can be full of just about any different combination of tasty ingredients. Whether your Savory Pastry is full of spinach, cheese, minced meat, or diced vegetables, Savory Pastry is a dish for the record books.


Turkey's best import can be found all over the streets of Bodrum. Kebabs are fantastic creations; perfectly cooked meat mixed with vegetables and served in a hearty tortilla. They are the perfect street food and make an ideal lunch or dinner.


Although Kofte might not be as popular as Kebabs, these tasty treats are famous all over Turkey. Bodrum is a good place to pick up some up. Kofte are patties of ground lamb and can be served with a number of different side dishes. Eat them alone or as part of a sandwich. Everyone makes Kofte differently, so residents of Bodrum can get a different type whenever they choose.


Baklava is Turkey's most famous dessert. Dense, sweet, and full of plenty of honey, Baklava is a unique dessert that never fails to impress. In Bodrum, it is usually covered in pistachios and served in small squares.

Buying Real Estate In Bodrum Gives You Great Return On Your Investment

Turkey's economy is growing by leaps and bounds, which means that right now is the best time to purchase real estate! If you decide to buy a house in Bodrum, you're making a decision that will have positive ramifications on your life for years to come. Right now, both local and foreign investors are eyeing Bodrum as a great place to scoop up some prime real estate. Not only will you be able to have a great place to visit or retire, but you can also rent out your apartment, villa, or home during the busy tourist season.

Bodrum properties have incredible views of the nearby sea, and Bodrum Milas Airport is only half an hour away. Bodrum's charms and prime location mean that plenty of people will be starting to see the city as a viable investment. Getting in at the ground level will give you plenty of returns on your investment in the years to come.

Additionally, buying property in Turkey increases your chances of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who want to retire in paradise couldn't do much better than Bodrum.

Bodrum Real Estate

Bodrum is full of real estate options for every taste and budget. If you're in the market for Bodrum property for sale, payment plans are available. No matter what style you like, Tolerance Homes has the perfect villa, apartment, or house for you.

Best Neighborhoods In Bodrum

Each neighborhood in Bodrum is unique and comes with its own personality and flair. Tolerance Homes has options in every neighborhood, so you can select the one that most appeals to you.


Gumusluk is one of the most popular places to buy property in all of Bodrum. This sleepy district retains some of its old-world charms and is less expensive than some of the other areas in Bodrum.

Bodrum Town

If you love to be part of the action, you need to be in the middle of Bodrum Town. This place is full of the best restaurants, bars, cafes, and sightseeing attractions in all of Bodrum. It's a hip and safe place to buy property, and if you are looking to rent out your home, villa, or apartment, you can't find a better location than Bodrum Town. Even though you're right in the middle of Bodrum, the prices are still relatively affordable, and there's a good selection to choose from.


Gundogan is a gorgeous little village right outside of Bodrum. It's a popular place for people who love peace and quiet but still want access to the heart of the town. It's also one of the prettiest places in all of Bodrum, and you'll find plenty of larger properties in Gundogan.


Turkbuku is a great place to rub elbows with the rich and famous. This lovely little area of Bodrum is a fantastic place to pick up properties for renting out. Guests will marvel at the view and access to the beach. Residents will spend every single day in paradise. If you love style, class, and crave a beautiful home, Turkbuku is for you. 


Yalikavak is the absolute ideal place to purchase property in Bodrum if you want to see a big return on your investment. It is the real estate hot spot of the city, and prime properties there are going fast. Yalikavak is so sought after because of its incredible location and beautiful views. Anyone who loves boating or watersports should consider buying a home, villa, or apartment in Yalikavak.

Bodrum Houses For Sale

If you want to sit in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life, buy a home in Bodrum. Some of Tolerance Homes' gorgeous houses have their own private beaches and the best views in all of Bodrum. Enjoy a luxury infinity pool and all of the modern amenities that you associate with sophistication and class. If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, buying a property in Bodrum is one of the quickest and most effective ways to do it. You will prove that you're serious about moving to Turkey.

Bodrum Apartments For Sale

You can get a phenomenal apartment in Bodrum for under 100,000 euros. Considering that Bodrum is one of the hottest places in all of Turkey, this is a steal! Bodrum apartments have some incredible perks and amenities, like private swimming pools, fitness areas, and saunas. All of these properties are close to the best that Bodrum has to offer in terms of restaurants and attractions.

Many of Tolerance Homes' apartments have phenomenal views of the sea. If you purchase an apartment in any of Bodrum's great districts, you'll also be more likely to be able to become a Turkish citizen. Even if you want to retain your own citizenship, foreigners who own property in Bodrum have a wonderful place to visit whenever they want. 

Bodrum Villas For Sale

Villas in Bodrum are a hot commodity, and many come with the same amenities that apartments have. All of Tolerance Homes' properties are state-of-the-art places that cater to the whims of their guests. 

Many villas have huge terraces where you can look out over the beautiful sea as you relax with your morning coffee. They also have swimming pools, gardens, and areas for picnics and barbeques. Many villas are communal places where you can find fun and fellowship with other residents. Since many investors are foreigners, there's a good shot that you will be able to make connections with people from your home country. This actually puts you in a very comfortable position, as you'll be able to fully explore the joys of Bodrum but still have the familiarity of home.

As with apartments and houses, foreigners who purchase villas are much more likely to be able to obtain a Turkish citizenship. Buying property shows that you are serious about staying in the country and willing to participate in the economy.

Bodrum is one of the greatest cities in Turkey. It is growing by leaps and bounds and is poised to become one of the greatest new tourist destinations within the next few years. As such, any property that you purchase in Bodrum will yield you tremendous returns on your investment. Within the next five years, tourists will be clamoring to luxuriate on the gorgeous beaches of Bodrum, and see all of the incredible tourist sites of historically relevant city. 

Bodrum combines modernity with the ancient world and sets it all against a beautiful blue backdrop. Now is the time to make an investment that you'll cherish forever. Purchase a villa, home, or apartment from Tolerance Homes and secure your financial future now.

ID: 9483
price: 230.000 € 4 years installments
2+1 230.000 €
  • Sea View
  • Private sandy beach
  • Aqua park, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness, hammam, sauna, spa and beauty salon, restaurant, bar and cafe, jacuzzi, playground, yoga, music room
Bodrum, Adabuku
Distance to the sea
50.0 m
Open, Close
ID: 9489
price: from 179.000 € 2 years installments
Best price guarantee
1+1 179.000 €
2+1 188.500 €
  • Sea View
  • Private sandy beach
  • Aquapark, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness, hammam, sauna, spa and beauty salon, restaurant, bar and cafe, jacuzzi, playground, yoga, music room, the technical staff.
3+1 289.000 €
4+1 475.000 €
Bodrum, Adabuku
Distance to the sea
50.0 m
Open, Close
Remaining only 5 villas!
Best price guarantee
- 550 m2 86.000 €
  • Construction is possible from 1st to 4 floors
  • Plot with beautiful panoramic views
  • Close to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, shopping center
  • On the seashore there are several Beach Parks that organize free round-trip transport service for residents of this area
Distance to the sea
150.0 m
ID: 14112
price: 3.735.000 €
Best price guarantee
  • 3 big terraces
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • With garden 
Bodrum, Gundogan
Distance to the sea
250.0 m
Best price guarantee
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship
  • Five-star hotel services
  • Stunning sea views
  • Resting place of Turkish and international celebrities
  • Private beach
Bodrum, Turkbuku
Distance to the sea
10.0 m
Open, Close
Best price guarantee
  • Located on a hillside with a panoramic view of the sea 180 degrees
  • There is permission to build a separate two and three-story villa
  • The region has the largest professional golf club in the region.
  • The plot has a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and uninhabited islands
  • Close to shops, restaurants, cafes, fitness and spa
Distance to the sea
10.0 m
Best price guarantee
1+1 75 m2 205.000 €
2+1 118 m2 328.000 €
  • Pool, SPA center
  • Restaurant a'la carte, bar
  • Children's playground and club
  • High-quality interior decoration, air conditioning, home appliances
3+1 150 m2 473.000 €
4+1 222 m2 714.000 €
Bodrum, Turgutreis
Distance to the sea
10.0 m
Open, Close
Remaining only 21 apartment!
Best price guarantee
6+1 226 m2 822.000 €
  • Garden, BBQ
  • Swimming pool
  • Nice location

Bodrum, Yalikavak
Distance to the sea
70.0 m
Best price guarantee
5+1 454 m2 3.735.000 €
  • Private pool
  • Land area of 4500 m2
  • High quality construction and materials
  • Landscape design
Bodrum, Yalikavak
Distance to the sea
450.0 m
ID: 22844
price: 185.000 €
Best price guarantee
2+1 125 m2 185.000 €
  • First coastline
  • 3 pools
  • Restaurant, bar

Bodrum, Gumbet
Distance to the sea
10.0 m
Best price guarantee
  • The Aegean Sea View
  • Large plot 5000 m2 with fruit trees.
  • Large private pool.
  • Separate guest house.
Bodrum, Yalikavak
Distance to the sea
2.0 km
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