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Schools and Education in Turkey | What is the difference between Turkish and others system?

How children can be educated in Turkey? 

Many of you who are considering moving to Turkey wanted to know how your children will be educated here because thinking of your children's schooling and future in Turkey is very important. 

Turkish schools, teaching at schools in Turkey and education in Turkey these are the topics over today's article. This information will be useful to all of you who have children and are thinking of moving to Turkey on a permanent basis. 

Today we would like to introduce you Ali Niass who moved to Antalya three years ago. We hope that his experience in a new country with a foreign language will be interesting to especially for young children and teenagers who will be living here, socializing and going to school in Turkey as well as their parents who are thinking of moving here.
Ali moved to Turkey from Russia around three years ago and went to a livestream school here. He told us how the education system works in Turkey, how it differs from others, how to get good grades and of course how to avoid being held back a year.

The Turkish education system

It follows a four plus four plus four system meaning that you spent four years in elementary school, followed by four years in middle school. After that at the end of the eighth grade you undertake an important exam called LGS ''Liseye Geçiş Sistemi'' or a lyceum admission exam in English.

The results you achieve are exactly what determines what level of a lysine school you can go to and continue your education for free.

Ali picked the school for a reason firstly tour specials in Antalya are in high demand and getting a diploma from this school will let him to get a job easily. Secondly the foreign language they teach at his school is Russian which is why his grade is obviously really good which positively affects his overall grade and GPA in Turkish schools.

Semesters and breaks 

The year is split into two semesters that are separated by a 15 day long break in the middle and the end of January. I should also note that the actual holidays are longer than 15 days because those are only business days whereas it's longer if you count the weekend in addition there's another break roughly in the middle of each semester with 5 business days or 9 days with the weekends in November and April.

Every semester students take two important tests in every subject that are graded out of a hundred. We should also let you know that every teacher at the end of the semester can give up to three grades if they wish to it's up to them. What to grade you're for a good essay immaculate behavior or something else.

The difference that Ali noted with the Russian education system and perhaps like others like american bridges is that they don't get grades here every day like for homework or classwork.

Every day they have eight lessons. Actually in 10th grade they've had nine lessons three times a week because the school had the word technical in its name the bright side they don't give out tons of homework which is nice.

But at the beginning of the school year you have to choose a subject and then complete a project for it over.

At the end of the year you have to pass last year's exam and people say it isn't that hard at all, but in the case that you do fail you have to repeat the year. This is a very serious consequence which is why people tend to choose for a project and boost their score.

The school report

The school report is given at the end of the year and it has your average score for every subject for each of the semesters which includes those two exams plus the three teachers grades that we was talking about.

Also it has the year's final grade for each subject which is an average of the two semesters and then one final grade that is an average of all the subjects in both semesters. Moreover it includes the number of recorded absences and all of this determines whether your advantage in the next year.


By the way attendance is very important here. You're only allowed to miss 10 days without a valid excuse and the number of missed days including for a valid reason should not be more than 13.

Each year meaning that if you miss eight days without a reason you are only allowed to miss 22 days with a valid excuse like illness for example. So every student's goal should be to score over 50 on average in every subject.

Moreover they should absolutely score over 50 in the main subject which is literature and if you do that you get to skip writing the exam next year.

The ninth grade is the most dangerous for that because that is the year when students get held back the most.
After that it's much less frequent they must be getting used to the workload.

You should also know that you could discuss getting the right number of points with the teacher. There are also a couple of other unique things about schools in Turkey or more specifically Ali's school because Ali's school is focused on tourism.

They have two main groups working with people and working in the kitchen. The lecture group tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen having practical lessons. They have specialized classes with kitchen equipment.

His group on the other hand also has some interesting subjects where they learn about how hotels work, how tourist minds, work the psychology behind them and many more we must be able to hold down conversation and speak well. This of course is useful for any job.

Summer placement

One of the things unique to the Turkish school is summer placement that takes place after 10th and 11th grade.

Students undertake them in a hotel and there's a lot of them in entirely. They say that how well you do during these placements affects your ability to find a job later.

Hotels can easily invite a graduate to work for them if they were pleased with them during placement. To work this summer seems really interesting and the earning money is always good.

Social activities or social interactions during this lesson

Students usually clean the classroom, do homework, chat to each other or just go for a walk. Students from different countries might be similar to what you're used to warm up, run a couple laps and play sports for better or worse.

Ali's school doesn't have an indoor gym so if it rains they usually stay in the classroom and read books.

Uniform for PE is mandatory which might be similar to how it is in the USA or any european school. 

We hope this information was useful for you since it had many important details about studying at Turkish schools. 

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