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Weather in Antalya in December

What is the weather in Antalya in winter? Is it cold? Is it rainy? Does the snow ever fall? Can you swim in the sea in winter? We will talk about this in our article today.

Many of us are familiar with the hot and sunny climate of the Antalya region during the summer vacations. However, what is the weather in Antalya in winter? Our article is about the weather in Antalya in December.

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Antalya’s unique geographical location accounts for its mild climate. A strip of mountains separates Antalya from the main continent and protects it from cold blows from the North. The Mediterranean sea, heated during the summer, cools down very slowly and warms the city in winter, which creates a comfortable oasis around it.

If you go several dozens of kilometers further to the North, you will see the snow and temperatures below zero. Unlikewise, winters at Antalya’s seafront usually resemble autumn or spring: many bright sunny days and only some showers will remind you that this is a calendar winter.

The evergreen tropical plants still delight the eyes, and even Aloe blossoms, rejoicing in the winter sun. Bright oranges ripen over the trees, giving a charm to your eyes and your purse. In December, the oranges commonly cost not more than 1 or 2 Turkish Lira, and for one dollar, you can buy from 3 to 6 kilo of this fruit.

Over the years of observations, the meteorologists have brought out average temperatures for December. During the day, the temperature goes up to +15 degrees in the shade, while at night, it stays at around +10. The real feel in the sun is close to what you get in the summer – up to 19-20 degrees, and you can wear light clothes, sunbathe and even swim. The December the sea is warmer than the air:  +20 degrees and the “beach” season is still open for the locals, to say nothing of the guests from the northern countries, who get used to swimming at such temperatures.

Interesting facts. According to the statistics, the average sea temperature in December and in May is the same! It means that if you swim in the Antalya sea during the Labor Day in May, feel free to do the same in December!

The precipitation in December 120 mm and the total number of rainy days in the area is 6-10. The stats also show that December is one of the windiest months, which cannot beat February.

Usually, the worst weather in Antalya is at the end of the winter, in February: there can be hurricanes and such rare phenomena as tornadoes.

On average, there are eighteen sunny days, seven cloudy, and six gloomy days, in December. The sun comes low over the horizon as if it gets ready for the shortest day of the year. That is why the number of daytime hours is close to only seven, against fourteen hours in July.

It is nice to know the statistics on average temperatures and precipitation, but according to the local observations, every winter shows its face. Some winters are warm and sunny, some are rainy and gloomy, but fortunately, this is a rare case. The average winter in Antalya usually pleases you with warm weather and sunny days, with the opportunity to walk around, not dying from heat or cold. What a chance to explore numerous natural and historical sights of Antalya!

That is why not only tourists but also locals truly love winter in Antalya.

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