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What you need to check before buying any property. A suggestion from the professional

Buying your first apartment is probably one of the most important choices that you will face in your life. You will need to consider diverse aspect of the building, because you do not want to face huge problems already after few years after the purchase.

For this reason Tolerance Homes wants to advise you some of the best suggestions you can ever hear about house buying process.

·         The first thing you should consider when you are buying a property is the area in which the house is located. Understanding the location may involve spending a bit of time into the area you are supposed to live, or at least make a lot of research. Nowadays we have several tools at our disposal, just by using our phones we could understand even more information than a real experience.

·         Research the market, you must be pretty sure you are going to pay the proper value for the proper product. You would not like to invest more money than what it really deserve. Hence again that the data collection become one of the most essential activity you should consider into the buying procedure. A simple way to understand the real value of a property in to consult more than one real estate, in order to understand what is the general opinion around the experts.

·         Trust you real estate agent. You should find a person you can trust, an agency which you believe is capable and trustful. To understand it is quite simple, check what people are saying about them. If they had lot of costumers it means they also have lot of reviews.

A trustable agent will always suggest you the best, because is first duty is to ensure people a glorious future into the most important environment of our lives, our homes.

Now let’s suppose you have found an apartment, it really looks like the one you have always dreamed about and all of your beloved felt home when they got inside at first.

What you need to be sure of are few tiny aspect such as:

Facilities: be aware of being close to the facilities you must use such as transportation, schools, hospital, gym. Get some time and check around the area, you cannot move your house once you get it. And if it not close to some peculiar facilities could be just a big annoying for someone inside your family and moreover a useless expense.

Age of the building:  this simple data will give you plenty of information, try to imagine how much money you should spend to implement inside of the house or the flat modern security systems which are following the national and international construction rules. This means sometimes a reduced quality of the building material which in case of emergency could transform your house safety.

Position according to the sun: For instance, if the building is facing south than your flat, of that part of your house will get sun for almost all of the day long. While if it has a wrong position, than that means more expanses and probably less light inside of the flat which will be probably affect negatively on your psychology as well. 

A properties for sale it has to have to proper value but also the proper quality standards, that’s why you should get the most out of your first buying.

Your future flat of your future house is an investment on your life first, if you will decide to move in with your beloved you must chose the most beautiful environment for them. On the other hand if you will buy an high quality property you will always have a thick investment under your feet which will always be an insurances for your future.

We will be glad to help you anytime in order to find the best properties in Turkey.

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