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Our client's references

We are pleased and proud that in 10 years of our work, thanks to our principles, honest and professional conduct of the business, many of our customers became our friends. Their references and recommendations are our most valuable capital, which can be built up only by years of flawless work. Our clients list is much broader and richer, but in view of certain circumstances, here you can see the contacts of only those customers who gave their consent...

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Aleksandr Krotenko and Natalia Romanova, Moscow

    Tolerance - You are the best !!! My friends and I dreamed to buy property in Antalya. Ready for this very carefully: the whole year to choose the places studied law, repeatedly came to Antalya to view objects. Finally, some firms have chosen to Antalya, so as not to depend on anybody, we bought an inexpensive tour for 2 weeks. At the last moment, one of the Moscow companies offering their partners in Antalya "Tolerance". Next

    View property in a completely unplanned reason, we start with them. Immediately struck by one: "Tolerance" - a team !!! After 2 days of searching the guys found us exactly what we wanted! And so it began, in our opinion, the most responsible: the formulation. This moment we are accustomed to documents issues feared the most. But seeing as clearly and quickly solved all the issues we have calmed down. It is surprising that the team everyone is responsible for our plot, all in unison, clearly, quickly. Within a few days we have had a residence permit. The boys took over and improvement of our apartments: furniture, air conditioning, solar panels, water connection, electricity, etc. We have gone to Moscow, charging them with any concerns. And again it was a surprise: information and reports from Antalya everything happening there came regularly. And, the most incredible thing that we got Tapu 2.5 months !!! It is a fairy tale in reality, and it made us firm "Tolerance" !!! We are happy that realized their dream, but without the guys from this company is not possible to imagine the path to that dream!
    All of you guys: Sergey, Yildirim, Oksana, Taner thank you and sincerely wish you health and prosperity!
    And to all who wish to buy property in Turkey - do not tempt fate, Please save your time and money, go on already on knowing way- contact TOLERANCE! Minimize
    +7 915 053 82 65
  • Sergey and Zoya Shmatov's, Voronej

    For several years we have family come to Turkey to rest in different hotels. So this year we decided to buy his apartment in Antalya to come to rest when we want and how we want to time. In April 2010, determining your budget, we arrived in Antalya with the aim to buy an apartment. Our first encounter was with Oksana-employee firm tolerance. Next

    She led a tour of the district Konyaalti very thoroughly and objectively. Then we came to the office and met with Sergei. He slowly and without impositions explained all the circumstances of the purchase of real estate. It has been proposed several options for our money. After seeing all of the apartments, we remember only two. After that, we turned back in several real estate agencies, but have decided to deal with TOLERANCE, because in some companies going continuous imposition of no liquidity facilities, while others seemed to us not competent advice in matters of registration of real estate transactions, and some are crooks and scammers.
    We stopped at one object. TOLERANCE helped to properly prepare for a transaction to issue the necessary documents. Registration was very difficult, because one dealer was in Moscow and the other in Germany. But the firm was able to connect all the tolerance of buyers and sellers and has already 22.06.2010, we received the Title deed to the apartment.
    We were very pleased for literacy and efficiency of all employees of the firm tolerance. Minimize
  • Galina and Igor Naumov's, Moscow

    We have long been our dream to Turkey sought
    And walking in a circle many times ...
    Until suddenly met on luck -
    The team with the glorious name of the tolerance! Next

    There Sergei Volchenkov, a sense of honor
    And that it does not sound empty .......
    In Taner - Energy - two hundred!
    A Yildirim - quiet and easy ...
    Oksana day and night at the work,
    Solve the problem, equip life ...
    Here in tolerance you will find friends,
    What a lot of time will be pleasantly surprised!
    We have tolerance prosperity!
    You have helped many to make a choice ..
    Let your personal desires fulfilled,
    For work - bowing low to the ground ... Minimize
    +7 906 741 38 76
  • Konstantin and Nina Brejnev's, Moscow

    We would like to thank the staff of the agency Tolerance for their expert assistance by the purchase of real estate in Antalya as well as their invaluable assistance by helping us to settle in a new country. Next

    +7 495 684 73 83
  • Boris Dyakonov, Ekaterinburg

    In 2010 I was in a pile of firms providing services. But perhaps the most positive impression left the company "Tolerance". Punctuality, a thorough study and an individual approach made such an exciting event as the acquisition of real estate in the exclusive town of the Mediterranean coast manageable and joyful event. Next

    Since this is not my first transaction in Turkey, have something to compare: the impeccable service and a sincere concern for customers, good communication and understanding of the local conditions allow the client to fully trust the staff TOLERANCE and be sure that all the work will be done on time and with the highest quality. Minimize
  • Elena Lvutina, Moscow


    Responsible business acquisition of real estate through teamwork Tolerance passed accurately, quickly, without unnecessary disturbances.
    I sincerely wish all employees Tolerance prosperity. Minimize
    +7 916 396 97 72
  • Timofey Yugay, Moscow

    Many thanks to the staff and management of Tolerance for their highly professional, high-quality and efficient assistance in the selection of the property that meets customer requirements in almost all respects. Next

    I especially want to note the support of competent legal purity of the transaction, execution of mutually beneficial contract of sale and as a result getting Tapu in only 50 days, instead of the 3 to 6 months according to the rules of Cadastral Management. I wish you further successes in business development and strengthening cultural cooperation between Russia and Turkey. Minimize
    +7 498 520 51 06
  • Nadejda and Viktor Shukin's, Moscow

    Hooray! We bought a property in Antalya!
    Escaping from Moscow's smoke, we were on the coast of Turkey and just fell in love with Antalya!
    Returning to Moscow, immediately decided to buy "our corner" in this paradise!
    Friends who have already purchased property in Antalya, advised us to contact the company TOLERANCE, and we were not disappointed. Next

    We picked a wonderful apartment 3 + 1, with magnificent views and near the sea.
    Many thanks to all employees of the company for rapid clearance and assistance in all!
    Next our arrival we were again met all week and helped to equip the apartment. Grateful for this Olga Toptigina. Wonderful, kind, smart, beautiful girl. Professional in every way! Even hard to imagine what we would do without her!
    The apartment is ready to move in, thanks to the staff of the company did not throw us, and helped in everything!
    We did not stop there. Now decided to buy another apartment for his son! And our friends also want to buy an apartment and, of course, only in the company TOLERANCE.
    We thank our employees for their professionalism, honesty, decency, for conscientious work. Special thanks to Yildirim Ozden, Volchenkov Sergey and Olga Toptigina.
    Happy New Year 2011! We wish you all good health and great success in your work and the implementation of all our plans. Minimize
    +7 910 400 98 47
  • Inessa and Nikolay Erofeev's, Moscow

    Director agency "Tolerance"
    Sergei Volchenkov. We express our deep gratitude for your help in the preparation of documents, obtaining a residence permit, getting Tapu on our acquired apartment and assisting in the placement. Next

    We hope for further cooperation. Minimize
    +7 926 524 94 28
  • Irina Kozlova, Moscow

    I want to express my gratitude to all employees of the company Tolerance in Antalya when buying property. All the procedures for processing the transaction were conducted in a professional manner, which allowed us to save a lot of time and effort. Next

    Due to responsibility and kindness of staff and employees of the company purchase and repair turned pleasant troubles. I wish the company Tolerance further development and prosperity. Minimize
    +7 916 187 57 76

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