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Our client's references

We are really proud and excited to announce that over 17 years of our work, most of our clients have become our friends and all thanks to our principals, honesty and professionalism in business. Our clients` grateful testimonials are our most valuable assets that can be built only by years of impeccable operations.
The full list of our customers is very long and profound, but obviously we will share the contact details and opinions on our agency`s services expressed only by those clients who have given us their consent.

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Our strong business relationship with Tolerance started with a casual call to their office. The deal was closed, but we wanted to keep our contacts open. In short, we contacted Tolerance on the advice of our friends, who had completed the buying procedures before. As a result, we bought an apartment in Turkey (Antalya) directly from the property developer. The transaction was risk-free and in full accord with our budget. Next

    In the course of consultations with the agency’s manager Sofia we realized that we were dealing with an experienced, competent and well educated professional.  She listened with serious attention and tact to all our wishes, and then followed them up.

    Sofia`s delicacy and care were limitless during the time we were selecting an apartment. Any shrink would admire her patience. She did not try to impose our choice of the property. We scheduled visiting several units and finally found a perfect apartment. Due to objective reasons, we had to put the transaction on hold for six months, and all this time Sofia stayed in close touch and continuously consulted us. 

    The property transaction started on the 4th of September, and the paperwork and registration were finished in only two days! We were enchanted by Sofia’s  ability to be flexible in unexpected situations, avoid possible conflicts and professionally solve all the problems, which, I must confess, the seller had brought into the transaction in numbers.

    Summary: this was a fast-track property transaction with high level of transparency and credibility.

    We wish Tolerance luck and prosperity. Our deep gratitude also goes to Sofia.


    Sergey and Marina. 

    +7 915 369-72-77
    [email protected]
  • When we decided to buy an apartment in Antalya, our friends recommended us Tolerance agency and insisted on our contacting sales manager Sofia. Next

    Sofia proved to be a real professional and a very decent and understanding person who responded to all our requests. She guided us through the entire process of selecting and buying an apartment. Due to its fine-tuned system of operations, Tolerance helped us find a suitable apartment very quickly, and they successfully completed the purchase transaction. We should say that high level of aftersales service was a nice surprise to us: the agency`s managers also arranged gas, electricity and water supply connections.

    We want to express our gratitude to Sofia once again for her help at every step in arranging all the necessary things to start our new life in Antalya: to open a bank account, to register a local mobile number and even to enrol our kid into school. We highly recommend Tolerance to those who plan to buy property in Turkey.

    Sincerely, Natalya and Dmitry.

    +7 927 753-86-38
    [email protected]
  • This testimonial was made by a Tolerance’s client after his getting TAPU (Title Deed) on the apartment bought in Antalya on the 26th of August, 2019. Next

    Initially, buying an apartment in Antalya seemed to me an unrealistic illusion. I surfed the Internet in search of the real estate agencies, and my professional insight kept telling me that Tolerance would be the right choice.

    My final selection of the agency was influenced by a number of consultations over the phone with a sales manager Rustam. At the very outset I felt confidence, and he turned out to be the right person for me (a foreigner) to start discussion. Rustam was a true professional, well informed, and comprehensive. He knew well and easily referred to local legislation related to real estate purchase. Finally, yet importantly, Rustam was credible and trustworthy. (You can believe my opinion as an experienced professor who wrote a thesis work “Trust as a psychological phenomenon”).

    I was not an easy going client in the long run: for a number of reasons it took me nearly a year to take final decision on buying the property. Nevertheless, my personal manager was always polite, patient and keen on working with such “choosy and picky” clients like me.

    When I arrived in Antalya with a firm intention to buy an apartment, l was convinced that Rustam was doing his job from his heart. For two days while we were visiting apartments, he was friendly, attentive and polite without any sign of being indifferent and tired. During inspection of the property units, he focused my attention on their cons and pros, including the specifics of their location. I had a feeling as if  Rustam were choosing the property for himself.

    I was more than glad that even Tolerance’s General Director Yildirim participated in the selection process. He invited me to his private office and showed his hospitality. Our conversation was businesslike, but I felt his total attention. He immediately captured all my wishes with respect to household and financial issues. The second time we met, Yildirim gave me several valuable pieces of advice which I agreed to follow when finalizing my property choice. Later on, I expressed my gratitude for his useful tips and complimented on his being not only a great psychologist, but also a brilliant businessperson who quickly made a tactical and strategical decision in the favor of the client.

    I want to thank General Director of Tolerance, my personal manager Rustam and all other specialists for their work and desire to stick to the principles of honesty, trust with a genuine sense of joy for their clients. Thank you for making us feel happy!

    Best regards and good wished to all of you.

    Very truly yours,

    Ilyas R. Ametov

    [email protected]
  • Why do people choose Turkey as their new place of residence? How competitively priced can be a 1+1 apartment?
    When buying real estate abroad, you need the help of professionals to avoid unpleasantness in an unfamiliar country.

    For over 17 years, Tolerance has been helping its clients select and buy real estate in Turkey. 

    Violetta from Siberia has relocated to Turkey, and now she is ready to share her unique experience in finding a real estate agent "with an open heart".

    I was born in Siberia, then moved to Moscow to study, and after living there for seven years, I realized that this city was not for me. I never felt there as comfortable as at home.

    One day, I decided to go to Antalya, and there I found myself as if I were at home. I do not understand why, but I felt peaceful and relaxed.

    When I invited my mother, she also liked Antalya with all her heart. She said that she would like to stay and enjoy her life in Turkey. It influenced my decision to buy real estate in Antalya and relocate here for permanent residence.

    It was lucky to find in one of the social media networks a lady who had bought an apartment with you. I sent her several emails asking for advice. She gave me the phone number of your salesperson Rustam, and I contacted him right away. The manager was patiently answering all my questions. Meanwhile, I found another agency on the Internet and sent them my requests and expectations as well.

    However, they started offering me properties in Alania instead of Antalya for the price, which exceeded my budget. They suggested I take credit or agree on a payment installment plan, but this did not suit me at all. Moreover, after I explained to them my requirements for the third or fourth time running, they just stopped answering my phone calls.

    That was when I realized how important it was to find the right agency, which would fully understand all your needs. I kept in touch with your specialists and soon arrived in Antalya for a free welcome tour. After looking at eight options, I finally found one to meet my requirements – a beautiful apartment in the city center close to Kaleici.

    A few days ago, I registered TAPU and had water and electricity connected to my apartment. I plan to move here little by little and start my new life.

    +7 999 837-89-28
    [email protected]
  • How to buy an inexpensive resale apartment in Antalya by the sea? People who are interested in real estate in Turkey ask this question quite often.
    In many cases, resale property purchase is an excellent option to acquire worthwhile real estate at an attractive price.

    However, when buying a resale apartment or villa, you certainly need professional help to avoid problems in an unfamiliar country. If the seller is a private person, the purchase transaction must be secured at the highest level.

    For over 17 years, Tolerance has been helping its clients select and buy real estate property in Turkey.  

    Recently, we have helped Railya (a resident of Stuttgart, Germany) to buy an outstanding resale apartment very close to the sea.

    "A good friend of one of my relatives has sold his villa and bought an apartment with your agency. He stayed satisfied with your service and advised me to contact Tolerance. I had planned to look at real estate in Spain, Italy, and Bulgaria, but after talking to my relative, I decided to visit Antalya.

    I spent hours at different forums, reading clients' opinions on many agencies, but the best reviews were about Tolerance.

     We wrote a request to your specialists, and they arrange a free welcome tour with a transfer from the airport and hotel accommodation. It was Sunday, but by my request, we immediately started to examine different options on-site. I had specific criteria for my choice, and after looking at all of the recommended properties, I found an apartment of my dream!

    I am also happy that I decided to contact Tolerance because other companies were offering me real estate at a much higher price.

    Before my arrival in Antalya, I did my homework: I compared prices, read testimonials, and only Tolerance answered all my questions accurately, briefly, and clearly.

    The company has helped me to buy an apartment I longed for”. 

    +49 178 6936910
    [email protected]
  • My story of settling down in Turkey started a year ago. I was weighing cons and pros, and the thought of relocation finally matured. However, I had never been to Turkey before: I visited several Asian countries and even lived in Thailand for some time. But it was so hot there that I did not feel comfortable and realized that the Turkish climate would suit me better. My many friends are still surprised by this decision. Nevertheless, I am confident this is much worse to live and stay on in the country where you cannot be in a state of ease. Next


    I started to look for a reliable real estate agency, and initially, there were five companies on my list. Only in Tolerance did I get complete and professional answers to all of my many (believe me!) questions. Tolerance’s salesperson Rustam assisted me with apartment selection and helped to solve many other issues. He even managed to get the price cut from the developer. 

    I had several specific requirements for the property, and my new home meets them in full.

    I wake up happy every morning! 

    Thank you, Tolerance!

    [email protected]
  • I always dreamed of living by the sea after retirement. I had several countries in mind but finally decided on Turkey: it is warm and bright here, and within my budget, I could afford to buy an apartment near the beach two times cheaper than elsewhere. I came across Tolerance on the Internet, read the testimonials, and decided to give them a call.

    [email protected]
  • I would like to thank Tolerance for helping us buy an apartment in Antalya! We chose this agency after having studied the local real estate market and never regretted it. Next

    A dedicated sales manager Yana showed genuine understanding for all our wishes and available budget. Yana explained to us the transaction terms and arranged an installment purchase with the property developer.

    It took us only one day to finish the paperwork, and we became happy owners of real estate in Turkey.

    Once more, we would like to thank Tolerance for the qualified and competent approach to each client!

    Best regards to Yana! We wish her luck and success.

    With our deepest respect,

    The Isaev family

    +7 917 343-50-12
    [email protected]
  • We wanted to change the climate and started to choose between Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Turkey. Of course, we voted for Turkey thanks to warm winters. Where else can you wear a T-shirt outside in late November?
    [email protected]
  • In November 2018, I bought an apartment with real estate agency Tolerance. I want to express my specials thanks to Rustam, a sales manager who was assigned to work with me. Next
    Rustam selected me an apartment that met my requirements in full and within my budget (though I feared it would be unreal). He easily found the answers to all my queries and addressed any arising issues.
    Thanks to Tolerance, I became an owner of a great apartment in Antalya at the earliest time possible and can recommend with conviction this agency to anyone who is planning to buy property in Antalya.
    With respect,

    [email protected]

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