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Our client's references

We are really proud and excited to announce that over 17 years of our work, most of our clients have become our friends and all thanks to our principals, honesty and professionalism in business. Our clients` grateful testimonials are our most valuable assets that can be built only by years of impeccable operations.
The full list of our customers is very long and profound, but obviously we will share the contact details and opinions on our agency`s services expressed only by those clients who have given us their consent.

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Hello, I would like to write a review about Tolerance company. In the summer of 2015 we were selling real estate through this company. Next
    Since it was not possible for us to be present in case of a coming deal, we made a full power of attorney to the executive director, Sergey Volchenkov. The real estate was sold very fast, the agreed amount was transferred in full to the foreign currency account at Sberbank. I am very happy with Tolerance company Minimize
    [email protected]
  • I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Tolerance, for their professionalism and human-like attitude. We were selecting a complex remotely from the Moscow office, the trust was inspired by everything on the whole: thoroughgoing staff, pleasant office, and, of course, the recommendations.
    After six months we came to the place in Antalya, Iyldyrym himself came to meet us, he brought us to the construction site, showed everything, explained stuff, delivered us to the office, treated us to coffee; in general, at the first stage of the acquaintance we were pleased. Next
    Then, due to the crisis, the construction company delayed the commissioning of the property, so we were compensated all under the contract! So, honesty and integrity are the synonyms of Tolerance. And when we came to prepare the Tapu, we were met like relatives at the airport, fed at the office with lovely home-made food, given a charming driver, and the company undertook all the kerfuffle with documents. Respect and honor to Sergei, Vladimir, Mariya and all the wonderful employees! Development and prosperity to you! Minimize
    +7 926 580 75 31
    [email protected]
  • I want to express my gratitude to Tolerance agency! For the great help in the implementation of my dream – an apartment in Turkey, in Antalya. In this paradise corner of the planet!!! Thanks to each and every one of you: Yilydyrym – the boss, Sergei Volchenkov – competence, neatness and understandability; Mariya, Bashar, Batu, and Yasmin for the help, kind-heartedness, caring, and good attitude! Next
    The acquaintance with this agency started from the selection of an apartment – and to the receipt of the Tapu, and I hope it will continue in the future. I and my family feel a lot of respect to everyone who works here. And we all say – thank you very much! Let me enumerate all the advantages that will be understandable to the Russians. Knowing that many would like to buy or rent an apartment in Turkey, but 80% are stopped by the questions: "how to do it?", “I do not speak Turkish,” “I do not know the laws, and customs, where to go and so on." Sometimes it is an obstacle in the foreground, further on it is the matter of money! So, this "problem" is solved by Tolerance staff no sweat. This is very important, I would say that this agency can be trusted!!! Everything is transparent – clear. They will help you to choose, they will show you, explain to you, advise you, and prepare all the documents for you. On the whole, they solve all the matters that would be difficult for foreigners. For Russian citizens – I can explain once again – you will not be deceived!!! Additional advantages: they will help you to settle down, buy all that is necessary, both household equipment and furniture, they will transport you, translate for you, and help you in everything. I hope that this list will only expand. I say this from my experience. And, of course, the attitude – which is inherent in the name of Tolerance itself! The interest to you will not expire after the payment... In short, for those who love Turkey and want to stay here longer – contact Tolerance, and after meeting them you'll understand everything. You will be pleasantly surprised – you will smile! P.S. The whole company works very smoothly, professionalism, competence, trust, care, attention, attitude, personalized approach, outlook... I wish prosperity to Turkey, Tolerance and each and every one individually... Let there be friendship with Russia! Minimize
    +7 908 911 45 13
    [email protected]
  • I want to express my deep appreciation of the real estate agency Tolerance for professionalism, competence, punctuality, honesty, and a warm welcome. I will recommend your company Tolerance everyone who thinks to acquire apartments in Antalya. Next
    My experience turned out to be very pleasant in the process of buying the apartment; a knowing team; paying the tax, the notary, the translator, the visit to the apartment and many other things were completed in two days, in a very friendly atmosphere. Special thanks to Mr. Yildyrym for his achieving excellent results and for his efforts. And a huge thanks to all the staff of Tolerance, who helped throughout the entire process of buying the apartment. You can be confident in dealing with Tolerance. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • We thank Tolerance company for the help with the purchase of an apartment and its renting, as well as in obtaining Tapu. All the staff are very responsive and accommodating. Special thanks to Bashar and Ismina, who always assist with matters of interest for us. We are very happy with our apartment and the Moonlight complex, there is everything you need for a perfect holiday. We wish Tolerance every success in the further work. Next
    +7 916 595 31 15
    [email protected]
  • From 4 to 18 August 2015 we had a rest in Antalya in the residence Moonlight - block b Number 7 (2 + 1). Since our apartment was not prepared to stay company Tolerance courtesy settled us in furnished apartment. Very carefully and responsibly office manager Maria Lvova organized our transfer and settlement, for which we are very grateful to her. All of our questions on our apartment Maria keeps under control. , welcoming and friendly met us and settled in apartments 2+1 own to Tolerance. The apartment is very spacious, bright, cozy, with all the amenities, furniture stylish, modern equipment and high-end equipment, wi-fi works reliably. We were pleased with the residence - an interesting landscape design, large well-kept outdoor swimming pool, preparing to open a spa, gym, sauna, steam bath, indoor swimming pool. Next
    I would also like to have a billiards table and table tennis (if it possible). Shuttle to the beach works well, smoothly, on schedule, which is very convenient for tourists. Ismina kindly solved all our questions and requests on time and responsibly. On one day of our stay there was a meeting with the heads of Tolerance: Yildirim and Sergey Volchenkov. It's decent, competent, responsible people are treated with respect to each client, we have an individual approach. Thanks to them, and we have acquired in the Moonlight apartments, which we and our children are very pleased and grateful. We wish you prosperity, success and health of all employees of the company Tolerance. We, in turn, will contribute to advertise your vacation apartments of tourists from Russia. We are pleased to spend a relaxing holiday, planning to soon come again. Now we hope that settled in his apartment. Thanks for all. The request to the leaders of Tolerance - note the work of the staff and Maria Lvova, Isminy for their diligence and responsibility. Minimize
    +7 987 989 73 65
    [email protected]
  • We have known Tolerance company since 2011, when we were buying our first apartment. There was no doubt about who to contact when we were deciding on the second transaction. On the advice from Sergei Volchenkov, director of the company, we had decided to buy an apartment in a complex under construction, and in time designated at the beginning of the transaction the complex was commissioned, and soon we got the Tapu. The whole process from selecting an apartment and signing the agreement to the obtaining of the Tapu was going on remotely, based on a power of attorney from us. During this entire period we never doubted the integrity of our trustees, as throughout the whole time of our acquaintance with this company, we were convinced not once of their high competence and impeccable reputation. And, of course, everything was done promptly. Next
    On arrival to Antalya, we were happy with our new apartment, not at all disappointed in it, because everything was exactly as negotiated at the beginning of the transaction. The apartment was ready to move in and we had a wonderful vacation. We would like to express our gratitude to Tolerance and personally to Sergey Volchenkov for high professionalism, integrity, and reliability. Minimize
    +7 929 029 11 60
    [email protected]
  • Greetings to all the staff of Tolerance in Antalya and the Turkish friends who helped me. Thanks to Mrs. Saba and Mr. Arash Bahri for the provision of assistance to me as a translator and consultant at all the steps of purchasing real property. I thank him for all his efforts. Good luck! Bijan Next
  • I express my sincere gratitude to the staff of Tolerance for the evinced attention, punctuality and neatness in the organization of the stay and the purchase of an apartment in Moonlight Residence complex. Next
    Personal thanks to two Russian female employees Masha and Mariya, Asym – the rental director, and Yildyrym Bey – the owner of the company. I hope for further fruitful cooperation. Minimize
    +7 911 2192554
    [email protected]
  • We would like to thank you and your company for the care, warm reception, Turkish hospitality and high level of professionalism, but personally you, Maria, for the human involvement and empathy in our matters. Next
    Thank you and see you again! If you need anything from Russia – feel free to contact me. Minimize

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Managing Director
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