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Our client's references

We are really proud and excited to announce that over 17 years of our work, most of our clients have become our friends and all thanks to our principals, honesty and professionalism in business. Our clients` grateful testimonials are our most valuable assets that can be built only by years of impeccable operations.
The full list of our customers is very long and profound, but obviously we will share the contact details and opinions on our agency`s services expressed only by those clients who have given us their consent.

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Gulmira Abaydildinova, Almati
    From the very first day of acquaintance, and to obtain a certificate of ownership of the company's employees have demonstrated not only high professional level, but also attentive. I am grateful to the team Tolerance for the work done. I would particularly like to thank the office in Antalya in the face of Sergey and Asim. Next
    +7 727 239 77 28
    [email protected]
  • Galina Hadzko, Minsk
    Grateful to the company "Tolerance" for a relaxing holiday, as all the problems of acquisition and organizational issues are decided by the firm.
    For me, a citizen of Belarus had problems with registration of property, but due to employees "Tolerance" was to find an option.
    I wish success to the company. Next
    +37 529 653 13 54
    [email protected]
  • Olga and Sergey, Belorussia
    We express our gratitude to the staff of the Alanya branch of "Tolerance" for the professional attention to customers. Next
    We wish you continued success and prosperity. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Lena, Kiev
    The housing market in Turkey fabulously rich, the prices are reasonable, the variety of choices is simply amazing. The number of agencies and agents simply offering all sorts of real estate - a huge. How to choose an agency in order to avoid losing money and do not get a lot of problems?
    I feel very lucky Tolerance. From the first day Internet -perepiski we had a full understanding on all issues. Next
    Employees of the agency took into account all of our requests and wishes. I came to buy an apartment in February, the selection of all key documents were made in three days, and I happily flew home to Kiev. And in April, it was prepared to Tapu. The agency has helped me to buy things for the apartment, cleaning, transfer.
    Not knowing Turkish, without the help of the agency, we would not have been able to do.
    It should be noted also that the agency staff showed genuine Turkish hospitality along the way (with the paperwork and shopping) showing and telling a lot of interesting things about Turkey.
    All summer we spent in Alanya, everyone is happy, or rather, even ecstatic. What Tolerance continues to help us in everything gives us a sense of confidence and serenity. And it is so important to the town.
    So if buying property in Alanya you want to avoid the stress, problems and frustrations just I think Tolerance is just what you need. Minimize
  • Svetlana and Igor, Kiev
    This year, our family decided to purchase real estate in Antalya. To do this, we needed to find a reliable real estate agency in the region. That turned out to be a realtor and construction company TOLERANCE. Next
    All questions about how to find real estate, how does it work with the registration of documents, and all further arrangement for our home were resolved promptly and professionally. Many thanks to Sergey Volchenkov, Oksana Unver, Asim, Sofia and other employees of TOLERANCE for their help and support in all matters. Sincerely, Igor and Svetlana. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Igor and Svetlana Terpugovi, Kiev
    How nice it is, when buying a real property, you get not only what you had dreamed about, but also pleasant sensations from a transaction completed. The principle of Tolerance is "Treat the buyer (client) as you would like to be treated yourself." We would like to thank each and every employee of Tolerance for their professionalism, integrity, responsiveness, promptness and friendliness. Next
    We did not even expect that all our problems and anxieties with the purchase of real estate in Antalya can be solved so quickly. Tolerance is a close-knit team of professionals. The cooperation with Tolerance brought us great pleasure. This, of course, is the merit of Directors, Yildirim Ozden and Sergey Volchenkov. Minimize
    +38 050-331-14-86
    [email protected]
  • Nadejda Filimonenko, Dnepropetrovsk
    I express my deep respect to Tolerance. Especially to Lenochka and Ali Bey, the owner of the agency in Alanya for the preparation and registration of all the documents. I am very, very happy. And from my heart I wish the agency a lot of transactions. Next
    Nadejda Filimonenko Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Oleynik Galina, Harkov
    Before you buy a real property in Alanya, you must come and see with your own eyes this cozy town with a beautiful landscaped promenade. I was lucky – I contacted Tolerance agency and I have never regretted it. I want to thank all the staff of Tolerance: Ali Bey, Elena and Haji. Next
    These are very professional, responsible and kind people. And, most importantly, they do their job perfectly 100%. Special thanks for the help in the purchase of furniture, household appliances, and everything else you need for a comfortable life in a new apartment, which I bought from Tolerance agency Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Svetlana and Sergey Suharev's, Riga
    We thank the staff Tolerance - Homes for the work done.
    All employees of the company have expressed to us their professional interest and adequate participation. Good luck in your work. Thanks for the help. Next
    We hope our cooperation with you will be long and fruitful. We wish prosperity and growth. Good luck to all those who want to buy property in Turkey. Minimize
    +371 744-33-66
    [email protected]
  • Datskiv Oleg, Moscow
    It is very difficult in another country to find partners who can be trusted to address important issues. Especially, if they are associated with serious enough investment. Each of us took at least one day the long path of purchasing real estate - the choice of partner agencies, selection and viewing of the various options and the painful process of registration. Next
    We are lucky. In Turkey, we have found partners with which the whole process was really enjoyable and quickly. The high professional level of all employees of the agency "tolerance", responsibility and integrity, excellent knowledge of law and procedure design, excellent language skills, clearly accurate assessment of the attractiveness of a real estate - all this makes the team "tolerance" no alternative partner in the organization of leisure and shopping Property in Turkey. Seldom has such a customer focus can be found in the most service-oriented world. In Turkey, only I recommend "tolerance" Great site, best deals, participation in international exhibitions - save your time and money. As well as familiarity with Sergei Volchenkov definitely grow into a friendship, as was the case with us. Thank tolerance, thanks to Sergey! Minimize
    +7 962 997 86 94
    [email protected]

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