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New Building Apartments in Bodrum

Bodrum, a stunning coastal destination on the southwestern shores of Turkey, is a hotbed for new building developments. When it comes to Bodrum, think of "new building" apartments in every corner of this vibrant region.

Best price guaranteed
Ready to Move in
With sea view
Near the sea
2+1 93 m2 225.000 €
  • The complex is located in the nature reserve of the Bodrum Peninsula
  • Semi-Olympic pool 300m2
  • Private beach with pier, sun loungers and umbrellas, beach service
  • View of the sea, pine forests and the Bosphorus lake
  • The total area of the complex is 39.000 m2
Distance to the sea
600.0 m
Best price guaranteed
Ready to Move in
With sea view
From the developer
3+1 130 m2 715.000 €
  • Panoramic sea view
  • Complex with swimming pool and security
  • Favorable location by the sea
  • Private pier
Bodrum, Gündoğan
Best price guaranteed
With Installment
With sea view
Near the sea
1+1 75 m2
2+1 118 m2
  • Pool, SPA center
  • Restaurant a'la carte, bar
  • Children's playground and club
  • High-quality interior decoration, air conditioning, home appliances
3+1 150 m2
4+1 222 m2
Bodrum, Turgutreis
Distance to the sea
10.0 m
Open, Close
Remaining only 21 apartment!

In Bodrum, you'll find an impressive array of newly built apartments that showcase modern design, cutting-edge amenities, and a fresh approach to Mediterranean living. These new building apartments are a testament to Bodrum's commitment to offering residents and investors the latest in real estate development.

Whether you're in the market for a contemporary seaside apartment or a sleek family unit with all the latest conveniences, Bodrum's real estate market has a diverse range of options to cater to various budgets and preferences. These new building Bodrum apartments are characterized by their ability to provide an upgraded level of comfort, efficiency, and state-of-the-art design.

Bodrum's real estate sector has experienced significant growth, making it a hub for new building developments that uphold the highest standards of quality and style. The city's new building apartments allow you to invest in a lifestyle that combines modernity with the allure of Bodrum's Mediterranean ambiance.

Investing in new building apartments in Bodrum is a wise choice for those who desire property in this idyllic coastal haven while experiencing the latest in contemporary living. Imagine residing in a modern apartment equipped with the most up-to-date features, all within proximity to Bodrum's scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and historic charm.

Bodrum's real estate market offers a dynamic range of new building apartments across different neighborhoods. Whether you prefer the charm of Bodrum's Old Town, the vibrant atmosphere of Gündoğan, or the relaxed vibes of Turgutreis, Bodrum provides new building options that align with your unique preferences.

In conclusion, Bodrum's real estate market is thriving with new building apartments in a coastal paradise celebrated for its beauty, history, and lifestyle. The focus on "new building" apartments assures you access to modern living, comfort, and convenience, making Bodrum an appealing destination for savvy homebuyers and investors in search of the latest in real estate development in this captivating region.

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