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New Building Apartments in Fethiye

Elevate your lifestyle with our exquisite new building apartments in the heart of Fethiye. Explore the charm of Fethiye and enjoy contemporary comforts by choosing one of these new building apartments today.

Best price guaranteed
Ready to Move in
Near the sea
From the developer
2+1 74 m2 253.000 €
Duplex 4+1 145 m2 336.000 €
  • Outdoor pool, tennis court
  • 400 m to the beach
  • Parking
Distance to the sea
400.0 m
Remaining only 2 apartments!
Best price guaranteed
Near the sea
With pool
1+1 55 m2
2+1 72 m2
  • Outdoor and children's pools
  • High quality construction and interior decoration
  • Located close to shops, cafes, restaurants and public transport
Duplex 4+1 175 m2
Distance to the sea
400.0 m
Remaining only 5 apartments!

Fethiye, the idyllic coastal haven on the southwestern coast of Turkey, is currently witnessing a flourishing real estate market, with a pronounced focus on new building apartments in this serene region.

In Fethiye, new building apartments redefine modern coastal living. Fethiye's real estate market is brimming with contemporary properties designed to cater to the preferences of both investors and individuals seeking their dream home in this tranquil paradise.

These new building apartments in Fethiye are reshaping the landscape, highlighting the region's commitment to modernity and luxury living. These new building properties range from chic apartments with stunning sea views to luxurious penthouses overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Fethiye's new building apartments are celebrated for their state-of-the-art amenities, innovative architectural designs, and impeccable construction quality. In Fethiye, these new building apartments provide not only comfortable living spaces but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking natural beauty, lush landscapes, and serene ambiance that Fethiye is renowned for.

For investors, Fethiye's real estate market presents a unique opportunity. In Fethiye, new building apartments in this region offer substantial potential for investment returns, driven by Fethiye's reputation as a luxurious coastal retreat and a destination that seamlessly blends modernity with nature.

Many of these new building apartments in Fethiye are strategically positioned, offering residents easy access to stunning beaches, marinas, and a harmonious Mediterranean lifestyle. In Fethiye, this prime location enhances the overall allure of these contemporary properties.

In conclusion, Fethiye is not just a destination; it's a destination where new building apartments redefine modern coastal living. In Fethiye, with its natural beauty and a real estate market that embraces contemporary luxury, you'll find an exceptional opportunity to own or invest in these new building properties that capture the essence of Mediterranean paradise. Don't miss the chance to explore Fethiye, a coastal gem, and discover the abundance of new building real estate options it has to offer.

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Managing Director
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