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Resale Property in Kaş

Embark on a journey to explore the timeless charm of Kaş through its resale properties, where the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean meet the rugged beauty of the Lycian coast. Owning a resale property in Kaş is an invitation to indulge in the allure of this coastal town, where history, natural splendor, and modern comfort seamlessly intertwine.

Best price guaranteed
Citizenship approved
Ready to Move in
- 600 m2 506.000 €
  • 16 rooms, 40 beds
  • Open pool
  • Opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship
  • professional management
  • Financial analysis and tax audit
  • Calculation of profitability and future income
  • International accounting reporting
Kaş, Kaş Center
Distance to the sea
2.4 km
Best price guaranteed
Ready to Move in
With pool
3+1 250 m2 744.000 €
  • Private pool, parking
  • Land area 2000 m2
  • Fully furnished and equipped villa ready to move in
Distance to the sea
2.6 km
Best price guaranteed
With sea view
Near the sea
From the developer
3+1 Duplex 140 m2
  • The complex is located on the territory of 12,000 m2
  • Swimming pool, generator, security, solar panels
  • Professional management of the complex

Distance to the sea
500.0 m

Embark on a Journey with Resale Property in Kaş

Kaş, a serene and picturesque coastal town in Turkey, is a hidden gem for those seeking resale property. The market for resale property in Kaş offers a variety of choices that cater to different preferences, blending the town’s unique charm with practical living options. This exploration highlights the unique aspects and advantages of investing in resale property in Kaş.

The Enchantment of Kaş’s Resale Property Market

  1. Diverse Options: The market for resale property in Kaş includes a range of properties, from cozy apartments to luxurious villas, suiting different lifestyles and budgets.
  2. Established Locations: Resale properties in Kaş are often situated in well-developed areas, offering the benefits of existing community amenities and infrastructure.
  3. Ready for Immediate Use: One of the attractive features of resale property in Kaş is the immediacy of occupation, appealing to buyers who are looking for a quick move.
  4. Proven Investment: The resale property market in Kaş has a track record of stable value, making it a smart choice for those looking to invest in property.

Navigating the Resale Property Landscape in Kaş

  1. Variety of Architectural Styles: Resale property in Kaş showcases a variety of architectural styles, offering unique and characterful homes.
  2. Renovation Potential: Many resale properties in Kaş provide opportunities for customization and upgrades, allowing buyers to personalize their new homes.
  3. Proximity to Natural Beauty: Resale properties in Kaş are often close to the area’s stunning beaches and scenic landscapes, enhancing the appeal of living in this region.
  4. Wise Investment Choice: Investing in a resale property in Kaş is not just about enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle; it's also a strategic investment in a growing real estate market.

Finding Your Perfect Resale Property in Kaş

  1. Market Research: Start your search for resale property in Kaş by exploring the wide range of options available, assessing each property’s potential.
  2. Local Expertise: Collaborate with real estate professionals who specialize in Kaş’s resale property market for access to exclusive listings and valuable insights.
  3. Consider Renovation Costs: When viewing resale properties in Kaş, factor in any potential costs for renovations or upgrades to ensure a sound investment.
  4. Location Matters: The value of resale property in Kaş is greatly influenced by its location, so consider factors like accessibility, amenities, and views when making your decision.


Investing in resale property in Kaş offers an opportunity to own a piece of this tranquil and picturesque Mediterranean town. 

With its diverse range of properties, potential for personalization, and strategic location, the resale property market in Kaş presents attractive opportunities for homebuyers and investors alike. Start your journey today to find a resale property in Kaş that aligns with your lifestyle and investment goals.

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