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Apartments in Turkey, Antalya – prices, layout, design, location

If you consider moving to Turkey or you like to explore the life of people in other countries, the first thing you start to think of is an apartment of your own! Where to live? How to select an apartment? Which area would be the best choice? What are the possible nuances of real estate? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

We will give you expert advice from the professionals and those of our clients who have been living in Antalya for several years.

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Below is the list of must-know about real estate in Turkey:

1. Before buying an apartment in Turkey, you should thoroughly explore the city districts and define the place of your residence. Decide how important for you are the distance from the sea, busy streets, pharmacies, banks, shops, and markets. Besides, if you plan to move in with a pet, ask if a dog or other pets are allowed in the apartment building.

2. In Turkey, the number of bedrooms accounts for the number of rooms. For example, a two-bedroom apartment with one living room is considered a “two-room apartment,” and the sales ad will read a “2+1”. Smaller apartments are usually on the ground level, called “zero” in Turkish. The most spacious two-level duplexes – like the one the heroes of our video own – are on the top floor. By the way, the apartment price quite often includes the cost of the kitchen cabinets, the sanitary equipment, and sometimes – the household appliances. As a rule, the price also covers the doors, wall painting, and flooring. Full set!

3. It is worth noting that the price of the apartment depends not only on the number of rooms and in the neighborhood. It would help if you took into account the availability of the pool, security, and additional services in the complex. Sometimes it can be a whole set of services: sauna (Hamam), gym, hairdresser right on the territory of the residence. In this case, the price of the property will be higher, and monthly utility bills will grow several times!

4. One more thing to mention: In Turkey, the cardinal direction of your home does matter. Do the windows look south? Is there a shadow from the upper balcony? Will the apartment get warm in the summer when it is hot and oppressive by itself?

5. Last but not least, the building materials of your real estate! If the property is suspiciously inexpensive, you need to check if the construction company has saved on the finish materials. If so, the room temperature will be low without central heating in the winter, and too high in the summer.

Our life hacks and useful tips will help you not only better understand Turkey, but also assist in avoiding many mistakes and save a lot of time, effort, and money!

Do you want to buy an apartment or villa in Turkey? Do you plan to open your company and start a new business? Do you consider finding a proper commercial facility or a hotel for investment? Then, you need a professional partner in this country to protect your specific interests.

Tolerance is your reliable guide and partner in Turkey with a 17-year experience.  We know and honestly talk about facts that others do not talk or do not know about! Subscribe to "Life in Turkey" channel and get verified information from the professionals!

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Tolerance-Homes Team

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