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Our client's references

We are really proud and excited to announce that over 17 years of our work, most of our clients have become our friends and all thanks to our principals, honesty and professionalism in business. Our clients` grateful testimonials are our most valuable assets that can be built only by years of impeccable operations.
The full list of our customers is very long and profound, but obviously we will share the contact details and opinions on our agency`s services expressed only by those clients who have given us their consent.

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Nikolay and Nadejda Latishev's, Korolev
    Dear compatriots!

    Russians wishing to purchase a house on the magnificent Mediterranean coast of Turkey on the good intentions of men, want to recommend you a real estate office, "Tolerance", which is located in Alanya. In 2011, we bought in this sunny city apartment and not only praise, but also absolutely convinced we made the right choice. Next
    Employees of "Tolerance" will treat you with respect and understanding, pick up an apartment for every taste and budget. English is spoken all in Russian - young, very nice and pleasant to talk to a Russian girl Larisa. She speaks several languages ​​and will link with the others. All are very good professionals, working efficiently, it is quite possible to trust all financial matters - are honest, competent. We think it will suit all who turn to them. From myself again account say that living in Turkey could and should, if possible: good food, plenty of vegetables and fruit, weather, nature ... only a 3 hour flight from Moscow, plus the sea! Minimize
    +7 963 786 45 25
    [email protected]
  • Svetlana Djandarova, Moscow
    I express my sincere gratitude to the agency TOLERANCE for their cooperation and assistance by purchasing an apartment in Antalya. I appreciate your responsibility and professionalism. Next
    I wish all the employees of the company every success in their work and economic stability.
    Good health, prosperity to you and your family! Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Elena Frolova, Moscow
    Many thanks to the staff of «Tolerance», especially Sergey Volchenkov, and that wonderful girl Yana for help us buying villas in

    Kemer. We have spent a lot of time together during the selection and presentation of various buildings, the preparation of the documents for the purchase, opening bank accounts and getting the Tapu. Next
    The company has a very decent staff who you really can rely on for even the most complex problems. Even now, after receiving the certificate of ownership, we continue the interaction. They provide operational assistance in dealing with everyday issues. Thank you for your work and we hope for further cooperation. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Korchak Vadim, Moscow
    We were looking for an apartment in Antalya with the help of the experts from "Tolerance". In just a few days we felt that they are real professionals: erudite, an experienced team who perfectly gives all the information about the real estate market. Next
    Without exception, the complete staff of "Tolerance" is surprisingly discreet, friendly and hospitable. We left with the confidence that all of our ideas will be successfully implemented by Volchenkov Sergey and his team. We did not make a mistake. Thank you! With deep respect for the work of each employee of "Tolerance". Minimize
    +7 905 744 50 21
    [email protected]
  • Vlasov's Andrey and Elena, Moscow
    The decision to purchase a property in Antalya we took Visit the exhibition Property abroad in Moscow. Of the large number of realtors participated in the exhibition, we have identified for themselves representative of Tolerance Mr.Vladimir. He is a certain professional, credible person. Next
    Arriving at Antalya we decided to meet with representatives of all agencies to compare themselves proposals for real estate and equipment of working with clients, because, like all customers, we run the risk of being deceived or confused. Among the representatives of the greatest confidence we inspired us again as representatives of Tolerance. We trusted them not in vain, making their honesty, integrity, responsiveness, attentiveness, politeness. There were no problems in anything. Communication was a pleasant light and relaxed. All questions arising in the process of acquisition and resettlement apartments representatives Tolerance solved quickly and easily, almost without our participation. We had time to enjoy a good rest at a time when there was a process of purchasing property. I would like to say about Sergei Taner, Julia, Oksana. It is these people we were lucky to meet. We express our gratitude to them. Buying property in the country, the language and the laws that we do not know, the most important point - the selection of a trustee to conduct business. We made the right choice and encourage all to follow our example. Minimize
    +7 910 170 78 58
    [email protected]
  • Feoktistov's Natalya and Denis, Moscow
    I express my deep gratitude to Tolerance Homes for their efficient and quick work with the purchase of our apartment in the city of Antalya. Special thanks to: Taner, Nina, Oksana and Sergei and of course all the others of the Tolerance Team. We bought an apartment at the same time also gained friends !!! Next
    Myself and my husband recommend this agency for the of purchase real property and the registration of all official papers. Everything is clean and transparent. Friends, thank you !!! Minimize
    +7 915 479 52 35
    [email protected]
  • Vladimir, Surgut
    Professionalism pleased us! About the company real estate Tolerance, we learned from the Internet. We ventured to call and do not regret it. I arrived in Antalya and I was greeted by friendly and attentive professionals. Show all apartments sold, accompanied on his truck. I chose the property, Tolerance took care about documents. Next
    In a short time they had collected all the necessary documents. I was pleased with the speed, responsiveness of each employee discipline, and support the culture of communication with the customer (me) were on top. It's nice and convenient that the employees of the company speak in Russian. Apartment prices correspond to the information on the Internet. I trust this company real estate and can be recommended for everyone who wants to buy an apartment in Turkey is using the Tolerance. Russian investors in Turkey, there are no barriers. Minimize
    +7 922 404 34 14
  • Novikova Galina, Mitishi
    Thank Tolerance company for the excellent work and good attitude to clients. When choosing an apartment appealed to other companies of the real estate, but chose Tolerance. Next
    The agency employs responsive and professional staff who helped in the choosing, design apartments in the property and assisted in setting the apartment. I thank the team Tolerance and personally Sergey, Oksana, Taner and Nina. Thank you! I would recommend only agency Tolerance! Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Maria Lapkina, Moscow
    Dear Sergey,

    With all my heart I would like to thank you and the Tolerance Group for your assistance with the purchase and equipping of our property in Turkey. You are a real team of professionals that works smoothly and accurately. Next
    Particularly, I would like to recommend the work and professionalism of your employee Yana, who was at any time ready to help the client in all situations that arose. For about every problem that I had concerning my apartment, she always found a correct and clear solution. Always a pleasure to work with competent and professional people. Thank you for being who you are. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Vedeneeva Elena, Nijniy Novgorod
    But as the atmosphere of communication with employees Tolerance from the beginning positioned as if we were old friends, it could only entrust them all to be patient and just wait !!! And what luck - had to wait is not too long, just 2 months and I got the Title Deed! The apartment is very happy! Many thanks to Director Sergey Volchenkov, as well as employees: Oksana, Yana, Taner, Ruslan is a decent, honest and polite people! Acquisition of real estate in a foreign country is a crucial by the order but believe me, if you buy in Tolerance, you are in good hands! Minimize
    [email protected]

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