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Our client's references

We are really proud and excited to announce that over 17 years of our work, most of our clients have become our friends and all thanks to our principals, honesty and professionalism in business. Our clients` grateful testimonials are our most valuable assets that can be built only by years of impeccable operations.
The full list of our customers is very long and profound, but obviously we will share the contact details and opinions on our agency`s services expressed only by those clients who have given us their consent.

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • Sergey, Moscow
    I was engaged in the search for apartments in Antalya for about a year. Addressed to many real estate companies, which help in finding inexpensive real estate was to show remote areas, or offer to buy an apartment for a long time unsaleable. Continuing the search saw a billboard TOLERANCE. I decided to address the issue of help in the search. Little was surprised when they did not immediately began to show objects, and offered to come the next day. Next
    Coming at the appointed time, I was struck by the abundance of proposals (and in the color booklet), which will see. As a result, it was chosen apartment that suits me on location, cost and payment schedule. I hit the second time, when familiarized with the well-written contract, taking into account the duties and responsibilities of both parties, to which was attached a full set of documents about the builder and the facility. TOLERANCE has in its staff professionals in their field, and thanks to a well-organized work prefers to spend registration by proxy. If there is no time, desire or want to save money on travel, you can safely entrust all the operations of the transaction. But the company will not give up, and those who would like to participate and be present at registration and registration with the minor misunderstandings compensated clearly responsibilities and rapid solution of unforeseen situations. TOLERANCE fully takes an independent mediators, taking into account the interests of all parties and has a solid reputation in all aspects of real estate. Minimize
    +7 929 614 54 53
    [email protected]
  • Vladimir and Svetlana, Obninsk
    A year ago, the destiny has presented to us a surprise: we visited an exhibition of real estate in Moscow, where he lit up the idea to buy an apartment in Antalya. His choice was stopped on 4 real estate companies, one of which Agency TOLERANCE. We bought a ticket and come to Antalya. Next
    After 3 days of dialogue with representatives of the company and the trips to the objects, without hesitation, although with great caution - as in any way - and to trust people in Russia have already weaned - we chose Tolerance since the first place, we bribed the fact that employees who work with us at the show each apartment is not only about it merits, but also about all the shortcomings. As a result, we have acquired an excellent apartment of one of the best developers. All our fears an occasion of a foreign country, the language and so on. Put on the backburner after talking to Sergei, Oksana, Taner. Throughout the duration of paperwork they have helped us to resolve any issue clearly, promptly and professionally. And now, after buying an apartment, we know that at any time can go to Tolerance, where we just help in any situation.
    Thank you for your help and support!
    Good luck, health and prosperity!

    Best Regards,
    Vladimir, Svetlana. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Tatyana, Bagrationovsk
    Hello everybody!

    My name is Tatyana. I really want to express my gratitude to the agency "Tolerance"! Special thanks to Larissa !!!

    When I chose real estate agency in Alanya, I have advised the agency, and I was not mistaken. Very hard to find among the many that you need. I wish that you were not deceived, advised and helped select a suitable accommodation. This is not Russia ... here it's different, but in a good way. I just helped, as a native! Next
    It's true! Larissa - very sensitive and friendly girl. With her choice of accommodation was just a journey into a fairytale. Plus - Larissa professional in their field! Well done! Keep it up! We wish for career growth and fulfillment of desires. Everything was clear and simple. I have no problem has bought an apartment and is very happy. Turkey - a country of miracles! The warm sea, caressing sun and sea fruits, vegetables at ridiculous prices. When you come here, all smile and greet you. This continuous positive! Handle only in this agency!
    Thank you very much Director Ali, you are an honest and decent person. I am very happy and wish you all the same! Minimize
    +7 921 109 57 85
    [email protected]
  • Angelina and Rita, Moscow
    Dear employees of Tolerance, my mother and I want to thank you for an excellent job!

    Thank you for your hospitality, honesty and reliability, as well as for the excellent service. We are very happy that we turned to you for buying an apartment in Turkey! You can trust Tolerance! Next
    The Company Tolerance is truly the best option in the market. Employees work fulltime to fulfill all legislative procedures, and they help customers in everything; from the choice of apartments to getting their residence permit. They assist in the selection of furniture and help to solve all the domestic issues. Our experience with the Agency Tolerance allows us to recommend it to all who wish to buy property in Turkey. You will be offered the best facilities in the range of your budget and quality assurance, as the company only works with the best and proven developers. Employees are people who will come to help you in any situation!
    Thank you with all my heart Tolerance, Sergey, Yildirim, Ruslan and Tikhon, it's pleasure to deal with you! Minimize
    +7 925 868 79 06
    [email protected]
  • Irina Karpova, Moscow
    Today I received a certificate of ownership of the apartment in Antalya. Very happily, and the feeling is as if a magic wand waved u again! - Flat in a warm seaside town, which I have long loved. Since my first acquaintance with the firm "Tolerance" a year has passed, rather, only a year. I must admit that I, like any completely inexperienced in matters of real estate, and in general in all the doubting Russian citizen, was not easy to make the first move. Next
    Moreover, cherishing our dream of finally deciding to apply to this agency, I admit that none of this idea does not work, or just really would not afford me, or of such apartments is not really the case. I arrived in Antalya, keeping in mind a bunch of suspicion and distrust to see - and, as they say forget ... However, it turned out amazing in these times people are working there, Honest! Not tiring me wordy advertising, almost on the same day they were able to pick up my apartment with the most suitable payment option for me! The way the vocational and therefore open, clear and easy for me - was the process of registration, only strengthened my confidence. In addition - and this is probably the most important thing - now, after purchase, I know that I have to face this agency in Antalya have support, because it is always possible to ask for help. I would also like to thank those who were happy to meet personaly: Sergey Volchenkov, Yıldırım, Julia, Oksana, Taner, Ruslan and Asim. Your friendly attitude, a clear work and communication with you gave me real pleasure. And the result - in my hands. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Tatyana and Inzilya, Moscow
    Many thanks to the company's employees Tolerance Homes for their comprehensive assistance while purchasing an apartment in the city of Antalya. Thanks for the clear, well-organized and professional activity of your team that made our dream comes true !!! Now we have a piece of the turkish sun. From the very first minutes of acquaintance on the international property exhibition in Moscow till the receipt of the Tapu we constantly felt that we are important to you. Our requests and questions were met in full measure quickly, accurately and professionally. Next
    The entire process from concept (September 2012) until the tapu (January 2013) was for us easy, with a smile, and a pleasure, there were no problems for us. We can't say that we were engaged in this important work ... On the contrary we had a rest! Thanks to you!
    With great pleasure we will recommend you to our relatives, friends and acquaintances. Special thanks Yildirim Ozden, Sergey, Vladimir, Elena, Tikhon, Taner, Ruslan!!!
    We wish you prosperity, well-being, good health and good luck !!! Thank you for being who you are!
    As with the purchase of real estate issues, problems do not end there. We look forward to our continued close cooperation. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Evgeniy Zaytsev, Chelabinsk
    Once the decision about buying an apartment in Antalya real estate company engaged in the search, which could help me in this matter. Information is received mainly from the Internet, viewed offers various agencies, including agency Tolerance. Initially wanted to buy a ready apartment, and selecting a few options, I turned to Sergey Volchenkov requesting more information about them. In addition to the responses to my questions, Sergey offered to consider the option of buying an apartment in a newly built house at the stage of the project. Next
    First there were serious doubts on the memory came defrauded real estate investors, litigation in our country. But many positive and even enthusiastic reviews about Agency Tolerance and developers have helped me to overcome the doubts and conclude an agreement on the purchase of apartments, as the construction of the complex on the site Agency Tolerance constantly updated information on its progress.
    And in the end I received Tapu. I express my deep gratitude to Agency Tolerance and personally Sergey Volchenkov for help, support and participation throughout our cooperation. Happiness, success and prosperity to Agency Tolerance! Minimize
    +7 912 899 19 68
    [email protected]
  • Svetlana Ponomareva, Moscow
    Dear friends, employees Tolerance, you have a huge number of online reviews. You read each and hear a live human voice, which literally trembles and breaks down with joy and enormous human gratitude. For your work, for your patience, with the magical ability to translate people's dreams into reality. Next
    You know, I want to write about something else entirely. That is the word of a businessman and business reputation. And I'm going to treat those who, like my husband and I have already bought an apartment or planning to do so. We communicate with many people every day, go to exhibitions and presentations, get brochures ... How many beautiful words, tempting promises, promises we hear. Have you ever thought about why we decide to make a deal, build your house, decide on some new project with this man and this company? We need you to look into the eyes of the person opposite, and believe that he will not let you down, do not cheat, be patient and considerate, will respond to your calls, answering endless questions, help and prompt. It was a helper and friend, we found Sergei Volchenkova.
    It is necessary that the arguments in favor of the choice of the company were real, successful projects of its clients. Pay attention to their plural! And all this has Tolerance.
    Bravo, Tolerance! You know how to love and to work. Respect and value every customer. You cherish your name and you keep this word.
    I can safely (and want!) recommend this company to anyone who wants to buy a house or apartment in Turkey! Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Olga Raspopova, Moscow
    I express my gratitude to the employees of the company "Tolerance", and to Elena of the Moscow office, who introduced me to the wonderful people from the office of Alanya: Ali, Larissa, Haji - a team of professional, sensitive and kind people. They can be trusted about all the financial and economic issues. The next day I received my Tapu for an apartment in Alanya. I am very happy for their help by the purchase of the apartments. Next
    The nice and kind girl Larisa helped me. She speaks several languages and helped me with the selection and arrangement of housing without any problems. By the way, I bought an apartment, and issued it within one month. I would recommend anyone to like the city of Alanya and recommend "Tolerance" to everyone who would like to buy an apartment in Alanya. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • Ludmila, Moscow
    The desire to buy property in Turkey appeared long ago. After applying to several agencies, the choice fell on Tolerance. And it has paid off. We were pleasantly surprised. The employees of Tolerance are not only objective, honest professionals, but they are also very attentive people and always ready to help customers 24 hours a day with the processing of documents, translation support, buying furniture and design of the apartment. Next
    I want to express my gratitude and many thanks to Sergey Volchenkov and Asim Chelik for their help and support by all aspects of purchasing an apartment. Without their support and care that would have not be possible. They are really Professional with a capital letter, as well as very thoughtful, good people with whom you want to chat and be friends. Minimize
    [email protected]

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