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Our client's references

We are really proud and excited to announce that over 17 years of our work, most of our clients have become our friends and all thanks to our principals, honesty and professionalism in business. Our clients` grateful testimonials are our most valuable assets that can be built only by years of impeccable operations.
The full list of our customers is very long and profound, but obviously we will share the contact details and opinions on our agency`s services expressed only by those clients who have given us their consent.

Sergey Volchenkov
Executive Director, Tolerance-Homes

  • I used the services of a real estate agency "Tolerance" in 2007. From the outset, the inspection agency offer professionalism of options was felt that objectively told about advantages and disadvantages of the proposed options, could provide clear answers to all our questions that could not be said of at least two other agencies. Next
    In the end, we liked one of the apartments in the building during the construction phase, and we decided to stop on this variant including because we came to trust people from agencies working with us. The house was put into operation in the stipulated time frame and is connected to all communications without any problems. It also says that the agency is working with reliable developers. Since the house is only beginning to finishing work, we even had the opportunity to choose the color of walls, kitchen sets, as well as reschedule the bathroom to your liking! After the transaction we were given a discount of the costs incurred by us in the study tour. When a contract has complied with all the formalities, which guarantees the purity and legitimacy of the transaction, for example, I was invited by an independent translator from the Turkish language, which is the literal translation of the text and explained notarized power of attorney. Since the conclusion of the transaction and contact to give Tapu had a little difficulty with the law governing the rules of real estate purchase by foreigners. During this time, the agency has taken every effort to accelerate the receipt of my documents in the relevant bodies. We have not had any problems with living in the apartment prior to receipt of the official documents of the property. Agency staff have helped us in dealing with everyday issues, such as those related to the opening of bank accounts, payment of bills and other matters, you may encounter a person in another country who does not speak the Turkish language and not knowing the local rules. From a financial point of view, all the questions were also transparent, did not have any additional costs that were not specified in advance. I am very grateful to the agency "Tolerance" and personally Sergei Volchenkov because now my family has a comfortable home in a sunny paradise, which is so nice to come out of the cold and rainy Moscow! Minimize
    +7 916 270 01 98
  • We thank the company "Tolerance" for the excellent work and their good attitude towards their clients.
    When we were choosing an apartment, we contacted four companies who sell property in Antalya.
    After visiting a lot of apartments, we chose "Tolerance". Next
    The process of registration began immediately and within three days we managed to do almost everything and even got our residence permit .. Employees of the firm "Tolerance" are very good people: no pressure about the choice of apartments; they left the decision to us. The company has helped us with the selection of furniture, curtains and other different things needed for the apartment. And after 5.5 months, we received the Tapu. During our visits to Antalya, the company "Tolerance" is always with us and helps to solve all the problems. Thank you very much for your work, we are very pleased that we chose the company "Tolerance". Minimize
    [email protected]
  • As we have matured to the desire to buy property in Turkey, the question arose: "Whom to trust?" That trust, since almost all the bureaucratic procedure of registration of purchase, due to the duration and not knowing the language, takes place in the absence of the buyer. Of the three selected agencies «Tolerance» more all inspire confidence. And we were not mistaken in their choice. Next
    The guys are honest, punctual, especially would like to say a big thank you Sergey Volchenkov that during the time the deal competently and professionally performed the work associated with this process. After receiving Tapu, we continue to cooperate with «Tolerance» for representation of our interests in Turkey. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • In early 2008, our family finally matured the desire to buy an apartment on the beach in Antalya (Turkey) for use as a long-range problem. In addition we expect from such an acquisition were counted, and the potential risks arising in the course of the procedure of purchase and registration. On the way to our goal could with a very high degree of probability be professional crooks from trading foreign real estate, self-confident, but incompetent in the intricacies of the foreign registration of Realtors, unscrupulous developers with their hitromudroy intermediaries tremendous complexity of financial payment agreement concluded. Next
    So the main thing in the first stage - the choice of good and competent real estate agency of the huge number of sellers is not even, and selling (many in the list proposed, except for houses and apartments will be leather and jewelry, tours to waterfalls). Among the dozens of agencies visited in Antalya we stopped for cooperation with the Agency of the real estate «TOLERANCE». Affected by many factors: to show us already constructed and in various stages of construction of houses and apartments, a qualified explanation of each stage of development of our relations brought by the Agency and the developer license. Important information was that the developer is not built on credit, but on their own, that the Agency has also had its own building. That is, they would answer than the material in the case of any problems. The outbreak of the financial crisis was soon confirmed the need to address this issue. A significant role played by the real estate company's website. Satisfied with the agency's website. Easy navigation, advanced search, detailed profiles of the proposed facilities, good pictures and interesting own articles help us form an opinion about this housing and the Agency. Also suitable opportunity to study the layout of apartments, map and development plan for the area. Overall - a great and competent work site, compare favorably against other similar resources. It has a brilliant knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff of the Agency, which is always available not only directly at the office, but in all possible channels of communication today: e-mail, Skype, Moscow and Turkish phones. The result is a complete picture of the state of the market we are interested in real estate version of the apartment and found the most favorable, in our opinion, the conditions. In the process of leading the deal Volchenckov Sergei showed qualities such as the ability to conduct complex negotiations between us and the Turkish builder and the ability to coordinate the actions of the parties. Thus, it is sought to maximize consider our wishes, therefore show, in general, match them. We were satisfied with the support of inspection of the apartment, as well as the signing of the contract in numerous administrative and banking procedures. Making chosen apartments we began on the stage of concrete boxes, and every month we received fresh, highly detailed photos and reports on the progress of construction. Very satisfied with Cherniavskaya Inna, which in the process of buying an apartment provided us with comprehensive assistance. Thanks to her support, we bought exactly the apartment that we dream about, and put in the amount by which expected. And what the necessary and comprehensive assistance it has provided to us for your stay in Turkey, acquisition of furniture and all the necessary. Driver Taner not only provided us all the necessary transversal, but also through their connections faster and easier registration of all. From the first minutes of the meeting the head of the Agency Yildirim Ozden creates an atmosphere of trust and integrity in the complicated process of purchasing property. Unnecessary excitement fade into the background. Feels professional approach and informal approach to clients. The transaction was monitored them up to obtain registration documents. In the difficult time of international economic crisis, many buyers told us kind words about the staff of the Agency for their assistance in extension and restructuring charges. We have moved! Got Tapu by the Agency concluded all necessary contracts for services and decide all questions of normal residence at the new location. But this work the Agency did not stop us. The Agency has assumed all the functions of maintenance of housing: the timely payment of all required payments, maintaining order and cleanliness of the territory and the swimming pool, the solution to all arising questions. I am pleased to recommend the Real Estate Agency «TOLERANCE» and his friends turn to it again, should the need arise to competent realtors! Minimize
    +7 926 708 69 40
  • Those who are already engaged in buying property abroad, agree that the occupation is troublesome, nervous and risky. Where to begin? What is the real estate agency to choose? How to check the purity of the transaction and who will help you in a country whose laws you know? These and many other questions arise at first.
    Agency "Happy House" which is the representative of Turkish company TOLERANCE, helped to dispel doubts and arrange a free inspection trip to Antalya. Next
    During the three days spent in Antalya during the Christmas holidays, TOLERANCE find the most advantageous offer. The choice was made already on the first day, and the next two days were already prepared all the documents to the subsequent course of the transaction took place without my participation. During the next 6 months, Sergei (TOLERANCE) informed me about the deal and got my certificate of ownership Tapu. And here I am with a family meal in your apartment for a vacation, we arrived in the morning Sergey helped in the selection of furniture and by the evening the apartment was furnished. Throughout the holiday, he decided all domestic issues arising in us. But our relationship did not end with TOLERANCE for sivolicheskuyu board entered into an agreement under which the Company undertakes to pay all utility bills and taxes, to organize meetings, konrolirovat property during our absence, and more on what you do not want to spend their vacation time. Thanks to impeccable work of the Academy "Happy House" and the Company TOLERANCE, my family became the proud owner of an apartment on the sea. I hope my review will help potential buyers to make the right choice. Minimize
    [email protected]
  • In February 2009, I and Olga, appealed to your company (representative in Russia) to pick us a good apartment in Turkey, in the region of Alanya, inexpensive, close to the sea, to acquire its ownership. We work with a representative of the company Elena Goretskaya. Elena told us in detail about the procedure and the rules of real estate acquisition in Turkey, what documents are needed, in general, unfailingly polite and answered all questions. Next
    Twice, at our request to us by mail were sent materials on apartments for sale - pictures of the apartments, price, views, and so forth. There were a lot of options, we have been unable to choose, Elena patiently worked with us, advised , answered the questions. We - the Russians - and accustomed to rudeness and coarseness, and so it was a pleasure to work and feel now, European service and attitude towards us. We are very grateful to the management company for a great selection of frames that represent your company in Russia, well done. Finally, we chose what we need, and in April 2009, came to Turkey for the direct selection of apartments and checkout. In Alanya we were very warmly welcomed, within ten days to work with us a group of people from your office in Alanya: Hassan irrigation ditches, secretary translator Victoria Kuleshova, the driver (I'm afraid to make a mistake in the name - NEVAF OGUTGU). Each morning (and for the first call) we took away from the hotel, where we lived, showing options for apartments and patiently listened to women's whims Kravtsova. In the evenings we were going to the office, discussing options, we were treated to tea and biscuits, were taken to the hotel. There was a feeling that we have come to a good friend, do not want to leave and we were a bit embarrassed that we took up so much time. Finally, we chose an apartment, started the paperwork. Then we was driven to the shops of Alanya, showing where we can then buy furniture and other household appliances, and subsequently promised to help with any questions and problems related to the residence of foreigners in another country. Just do not tell me the letter, so we're just glad to thank you for your well-selected by the frames in Alanian office. Your employees because we like to win, and that, by signing the contract and paying the money, we did not have even thought that we can deceive or put it in the Russian way, "throw". We are very glad that fate brought us precisely with your staff and we have addressed it in your company, we hope that we will meet with Viktor and Hassan and very pleasant driver during your stay in your country. Such quality of service for the Russian real estate companies are rare. We mainly rude, rude and cheating, and your - polite, patient, friendly and reliable. All your friends when buying apartments in Turkey, we are now advised to contact the company TURKEY. Well done, great work, a special thanks to the head office of your company in Alanya - only a professional specialist to organize the work of the office at the highest quality. Minimize
  • Thank you to all the staff office Tolerance! Despite many difficulties; due to the fact that the laws of our countries are different, and a lot has been unclear; the employees of Tolerance took care of everything during the process of registration documents. Everything was explained - clarified, and they did everything to successfully complete the registration. Next
    Thank you for your support and assistance by the preparation of the documents! Your friendly attitude, patience and careful staff immediately attracted us to your company! I wish you prosperity, good sales and all the best for your entire team. Minimize
    +7 926 836 56 08
    [email protected]
  • I bought an apartment in Alanya and had and currently still have close contacts with the team of «Tolerance», operating in Alanya. Thanks to the managing director Ali Igde, the driver Haji Ogutcu and (now) Victoria Kuleshova. Next
    I recommend this as an excellent professional office which works with decent people, which is a very important point in such a delicate matter, as the purchase of real estate. Minimize
    +7 906 334 27 77
    [email protected]
  • I am Bakhramova Samira and I want to express my gratitude to the company «Tolerance» for their competent care and attention to its customers. Living here in Alanya, I have not felt somewhere far away from Russia, as a lot of Russians live here who also enjoy all this beauty. Next
    We are so cozy and comfortable that once again I want to thank «Tolerance» and their employees, namely: Victor Kuleshov and Hassan for the selection and purchase of real estate. When they meet their clients, they offer excellent conditions for interest-free deferral, and also help in the preparation of documents on all matters. I sincerely wish the company «Tolerance» and their employees good health, success and prosperity in their work, and all the best and good. Minimize
    +90 536 233 42 87
  • We wish to thank the real estate agency "tolerance" and the Director Volchenkov for skilled and high-quality assistance in purchasing real estate in the city of Antalya. Next
    +7 985 924 61 88
    [email protected]

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Managing Director
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