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Beach front Property in Kuşadası

Kuşadası, a captivating coastal town in Turkey, is celebrated for its stunning beachfront properties that grace the real estate market. In Kuşadası, beachfront living is more than a choice; it's a promise of breathtaking views and direct access to the sun-drenched beaches. 

Best price guaranteed
Best for investment
For Residence Permit
Citizenship approved
4+1 154 m2 294.000 €
  • Private pool 24 m2, own garden
  • BBQ area, spacious terrace, Smart home system
  • Land plot 450 m2
  • Only 150 m from the sea
Distance to the sea
150.0 m

Kuşadası’s beachfront properties offer an unparalleled seaside experience, where residents can step from their homes onto the sandy shores, immersing themselves in the tranquil waters of the Aegean Sea.

Kuşadası's real estate market features a wide array of beachfront properties, from charming apartments to luxurious villas, each thoughtfully designed to maximize the allure of living by the sea. Picture yourself waking up to panoramic sea vistas in own Kuşadası beachfront property, dining with the soothing sounds of waves as your backdrop, and relaxing under the sun's warm embrace right outside your door.

Owning a beachfront property in Kuşadası means embracing a coastal lifestyle that celebrates natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and endless relaxation. Whether you're seeking a permanent residence, a holiday home, or an investment opportunity, Kuşadası's beachfront properties have it all.

Kuşadası's beachfront real estate market is not just about properties; it's an invitation to a life where the sea is not just a view but an integral part of your daily existence. Kuşadası's beachfront property is a chance to savor stunning sunsets, the freshest sea breeze, and the rhythmic music of the waves anytime you wish.

Investing in Kuşadası's beachfront properties is choosing to embrace a coastal lifestyle that harmonizes luxury, natural beauty, and an exclusive connection to the sea. Kuşadası's beachfront property is where your dreams of living by the beach come to life, and each day is a beach day.


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