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City of Alanya

There are mainly sandy beaches in the center of Alanya, all of them are very well-equipped and are distinguished by cleanliness. The city has many attractions: Alanya Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the ancient mosques, as well as most beautiful caves and grottoes. The environmental situation in the center of Alanya is good, the center itself is very green, the infrastructure there is well developed. The real estate is represented by villas and residential complexes, the properties were built at different times. In the coastal zone there are both old houses and new residential complexes, the majority of the villas are built on a hill some distance from the sea. All the properties are distinguished by a high quality of finish and excellent liquidity.

Location. The center of Alanya is 130 km from Antalya and 45 km from Gazipaşa airport. The city stands on federal highway D400. The population is 285 thousand people.

The sea and the beach. There are mostly sandy beaches in the center. They are well equipped, they provide sun beds and sunshades to vacationers there. The most famous ones are Cleopatra's Beach, Damlataş and Keykubat – these well-equipped beaches are distinguished by cleanliness and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Transport accessibility. From the bus station of Antalya run regular buses to Alanya. Between Gazipaşa airport and the center of Alanya there is a regular special bus service.

Sights. Alanya in different historical periods was a part of various empires – Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman ones. In Alanya there are many places of interest: Alanya Castle located on a mountain as if hanging over the city, the archaeological museum, ancient mosques, most beautiful caves and grottoes, as well as a water park.

Special features. The city center is also a commercial center. There are business centers, banks, and insurance companies here. Numerous restaurants offer meals for any taste, they have everything, from traditional Turkish cuisine to Asian and European cuisine. All processing plants were taken outside the city limits, and therefore the center of the city enjoys good environment. The center is beautifully landscaped, there are many well-kept parks and mini-parks. For lovers of nightlife during the holiday season, many famous night clubs and bars open their doors.

Real Estate. The advantages of real estate in the center of Alanya are good liquidity, cleanliness, landscaped area, excellent infrastructure, and the ability to receive a stable income from renting properties. In the center of Alanya there are both old buildings and new complexes. The distinguishing features of these complexes are rich infrastructure, well-groomed territory, proximity to schools and large shops, as well as easy access to other districts of Alanya. All the properties are of high quality of interior and exterior trim. Located on the coastal strip are mainly residential complexes, and many villas are built on a hill some distance from the shoreline, offering, at that, excellent views of the sea.

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City of Alanya

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