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Boğaz Northern Cyprus | Boğaz — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate

Boğaz is a small fishing village 25 km north of Famagusta, 7 km from the resort of Bafra.

Its favorable location makes this village attractive for buying real estate: the flat terrain allows building high-rise buildings up to 20 floors, and developers are actively taking advantage of this fact.

There is also a fish market - you can buy fish or seafood there, and then ask the chef in the restaurant to cook them according to a specific recipe.

Boğaz is known primarily for its fish restaurants - people come here from all over the Karpas peninsula to enjoy dishes from freshly caught fish.

Restaurants are located right at the pier, where fishermen's boats come with their catch.

The distance from Ercan International Airport to Boğaz is about 35 km.

The most convenient way to get to the village is by renting a car or taxi. The journey will take about half an hour, the roads are not busy here, there are no traffic jams. Driving is on the left. Don't forget that! 


Sea and Beaches in Boğaz

The beaches in Boğaz are some of the best in Northern Cyprus, as well as in the rest of the coast of Iskele.

First of all, they are sandy, not pebbly, which already makes them attractive for families with children. The sand is clean, and the beaches themselves are well-groomed, and of great length, with umbrellas and sun loungers, changing cabins, and showers. 

Separate parts of the beaches have been chosen by sea turtles that lay their eggs here, and towards the end of summer, you can watch an amazing phenomenon - the hatching of tiny turtles.

The beach season in Boğaz opens in April, although the locals, unlike tourists, do not seek to swim as quickly as possible, but prefer to sunbathe on the shore.

The highest water temperature is in August, which is about 29°C, sometimes even by the beginning of October it drops by only 1–2°C.

Infrastructure in Boğaz

Boğaz is a quiet and peaceful village. There are no large-scale events, but life flows measuredly and calmly - this is why many foreigners come to Northern Cyprus.

Initially, the buyers of real estate here were mainly Turkish Cypriots and the British, now quite a lot of other foreigners from other parts of the world can be found in Boğaz and the surrounding areas.

Now Boğaz is being actively built up. Not far from this village, there is a "Big Old Bazaar" - a unique project that will accommodate almost a thousand shops, cafes, and souvenir shops on 45,000 square meters, all of which will be stylized and decorated in the spirit of an oriental bazaar.

The complex is under construction, and space for shops is already being sold.

Along with residential complexes, the infrastructure of the village is also growing: shops, hairdressers, pharmacies, and cafes are opening. Investors consider Boğaz extremely promising, it is not surprising that many apartments and villas are sold out even at the development stage.

Real Estate in Boğaz

Villas, apartments, and townhouses on the Boğaz real estate market are represented by a large number of properties, mainly in new residential complexes.

The complexes are being built immediately with everything you need: swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, and picnic areas, as well as parking lots.

During the construction stage, real estate prices are 10–20 percent lower, and most developers offer favorable installment plan terms and the opportunity to buy an apartment in Boğaz with a mortgage.

Boğaz is chosen by those who value peace, tranquility, a comfortable climate, as well as transport accessibility from any amenity facilities.

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