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For Residence Permit Villas in Alanya

Alanya, a picturesque jewel along the Turkish Riviera, invites real estate enthusiasts to explore its vibrant market, where the spotlight shines on exceptional villas designed specifically for residence permit seekers. These for residence permit villas in Alanya redefine luxury living, offering not just opulent residences but also the coveted advantage of acquiring an official residence permit in this stunning coastal destination.

For Residence Permit
Ready to Move in
Commission 0%
From the developer
3+1 300 m2 400.000 €
  • Private garden of 500 m2
  • 20 fruit trees
  • Separate kitchen and fireplace in the house
Distance to the sea
25.0 km
ID: 25828
from 439.000 € 1 year installments
Best price guaranteed
Hot offer
Best for investment
For Residence Permit
3+1 300 m2 439.000 €
  • installment up to 12 months, down payment 40%
  • Smart Home System
  • Underfloor heating
  • Parking for 1 car
  • Private pool 15-24m2
  • High quality of construction and interior finishing
Alanya, Alanya Center
Remaining only 5 villas!

Investing in for residence permit villas in Alanya is a judicious decision that merges the allure of a breathtaking coastal setting with the practical benefits of securing legal residency in this Mediterranean paradise. Alanya's real estate scene, adorned with these magnificent villas, provides a unique avenue for investors to relish the coastal charm while obtaining the legal privileges associated with a residence permit.

For residence permit villas in Alanya, diversity is paramount. Whether perched on elevated landscapes with panoramic views of the azure Mediterranean or nestled in the heart of bustling neighborhoods, each villa embodies the distinctive essence of Alanya living. These residences are not just abodes; they are gateways to a lifestyle that seamlessly blends comfort and the legal advantages associated with a residence permit.

The real estate market in Alanya, with its explicit focus on for residence permit villas, transcends the traditional concept of property ownership. It becomes a strategic avenue for those seeking an extraordinary living experience while ensuring the coveted benefits of legal residency. Alanya, with its historical richness and coastal allure, is not just a location to own a villa; it's a region to embrace as home, and these villas serve as the keys to unlock that distinction.

In conclusion, the for residence permit villas in Alanya represent not just a real estate investment but a lifestyle choice with legal privileges. As investors navigate through the offerings in Alanya's dynamic property market, they discover not just houses but residences that open doors to the beauty of the Mediterranean and the advantages of a residence permit in this enchanting coastal haven.

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