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Rental Income Guarantee Property in Kemer

Kemer, an enchanting coastal haven, offers properties that are a genuine rental income guarantee.

ID: 24793
2.500.000 €
Best price guaranteed
Best for investment
For Residence Permit
Citizenship approved
- 14000 m2 2.500.000 €
  • 96 rooms
  • Outdoor pool, water park
  • Restaurant, 2 bars
  • private beach
  • Separate dormitory for staff
  • Professional management
  • Financial analysis and tax audit
  • Calculation of profitability and future income
  • International accounting
Kemer, Adrasan
Distance to the sea
400.0 m

In the beautiful Kemer region, the real estate market shines with its rental income guarantee. Investing in properties here doesn't just provide a beautiful place to reside; it secures a consistent stream of rental income.

Kemer's real estate market is renowned for the rental income guarantee it delivers. Properties in this breathtaking region provide not only a comfortable living environment but also a reliable source of rental income.

For those looking to experience the perfect combination of serene coastal living and an attractive "rental income guarantee," Kemer stands out as an excellent choice. The properties in this region offer the best of Mediterranean life with the assurance of a steady rental income.

Kemer's real estate market places a strong emphasis on providing a solid rental income guarantee. These properties aren't just homes; they are a gateway to a peaceful seaside lifestyle while ensuring a significant financial return. By choosing Kemer, you secure a beautiful coastal residence and a dependable stream of rental income.

Properties in Kemer are more than just structures; they are your ticket to a tranquil seaside existence, all while offering a reliable rental income guarantee. Kemer's real estate market provides the best of both worlds by combining the joys of coastal living with the financial security of a steady rental income, making it an enticing destination for those who appreciate the allure of the Mediterranean and a wise investment.

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Managing Director
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