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Mezitli Mersin, Turkey | Benefits of Mezitli District for Living and Purchasing Property

We continue to acquaint you with the very promising and increasingly popular city of Mersin and its districts.

We will tell you about the climate, location, districts of the city of Mersin and, of course, about the features of life at this resort, about its infrastructure, history, population, education, sea and beaches of Mezitli.

We will briefly review kindergartens, schools, colleges and hospitals, show the largest parks and recreation areas in Mezitli, tell where you can do sports, which courses you can sign up for, and where to relax well.

We are sure this will be useful for those who are considering buying an apartment in Mersin and do not want to make a mistake with the choice of the district!

Lately, more and more of our clients and buyers have started to ask us about the city of Mersin.

This is indeed a very promising region where you can find excellent property options close to the sea at a low price.

The cost of property in Mersin is still several times less than in Antalya or Alanya, for example.

And for this very reason, more and more people from all over the world come to Mersin every day to buy property here for a holiday or for permanent residence.

How to correctly choose a district in Mersin for buying property and living?

One of the most popular central districts of this city is the district of Mezitli, located in its western part, 11 kilometers from the city center.

The history of Mezitli is very rich. In this district is one of the most important historical sites of Mersin - the ancient city Soli, founded in the 7th century BC, flourishing and very wealthy. However, around the 70s BC the city was destroyed, and later renamed Pompeiopolis in honor of Pompey the Great, who revived it for a while. After the earthquake in 528 AD, the city finally became desolate.

The area of the district of Mezitli is 515 square kilometers, it includes 40 neighborhoods, the most famous of which are Tece, Soli, Viransehir, Davultepe and others.

The population of this district is 215,000 people as of 2021.

Mezitli is one of the most developed districts of the city of Mersin.

So, what is so special about this district, what advantages does it offer to its guests and people who live here permanently?

Mezitli Infrastructure

Mezitli is the perfect district for those who want to live close to the city center, who need developed infrastructure, comfort and convenience of life and at the same time a resort atmosphere.

Mezitli can offer its residents a multitude of markets and supermarkets, bazaars, restaurants, and cafes, schools, colleges, kindergartens, banks and hospitals, sports and cultural complexes – in short, everything that is necessary for a comfortable and comfortable life.

Mezitli is devoid of all the disadvantages of the very center of Mersin, where there is a lot of old housing, the houses are located close to each other, often without a territory, where the streets are narrow, there are many cars and people.

The Mezitli District – new, with wide streets, new high-quality complexes with well-developed territory, swimming pools, sports grounds, and landscape design.

If you're contemplating moving to Mersin for good, and if you have children and are thinking about their education and development, then Mezitli would be the perfect district for you!

Sea and beaches. Promenade

Mezitli boasts its own beaches, one of the most well-known ones being the Soli beach.

This is a sandy beach that stretches across the entire district - we are precisely here now!

Soli beaches are public sandy beaches, which anyone can use, making them conducive for family vacations with kids. The beaches feature a gentle entry into the water.

Small cafes and restaurants line the beaches where you can order refreshing drinks, food, or ice cream, for example.

Mezitli's beaches are the nearest to the city centre.

They have their advantages and of course some disadvantages - for instance, they aren't as clean as the famous beaches such as Kizkalesi, Yaprakli Koy, or Narlikuyu. The sea itself can sometimes be dirty, and you might come across rocks, both small and large, when entering the water.

However, these beaches are located close to the city, making them very easy and quick to reach!

Also, Mezitli hosts other beaches, for example, Soli Promenade's beaches, which are adjacent to the ancient city of Soli.

Restaurants and cafes are situated along the Mezitli promenade with a sea view, bustling with life, especially in the evening!

In this part of the district, near the promenade, it's harder to enter the sea, but it's an excellent spot for family relaxation and walks!

If you're a fan of pristine clean beaches, then the Mersin beaches in Erdemli and Silifke districts, namely, KızKalesi, Ayash, Susanoglu, Akiyar, Yapraklı Koy, Narlikuyu are waiting for you!

And all of this is again - very close to central Mezitli!

Location and transportation accessibility

Mezitli district has an ideal location. It's straightforward and quick to get to both the city centre and other areas such as Tece, Erdemli and other city districts from it.

There are no traffic jams here, city buses or mini-buses can take you to any district of the city or beach along the coastline very quickly.

All transport operates on a strict timetable, and a single fare system applies everywhere, payable by Mersin Kart or bank cards.

Shopping centres, supermarkets, and markets

Mezitli is a very liveable area with numerous supermarkets, shopping centres and traditional weekly Turkish markets.

These include the "Soli Center Avm" shopping centre and the "Migros", "Carrefour", "BİM", "ŞOK", "A101" supermarket chains, for instance.

And traditional Turkish markets which open once a week in every micro-district will pleasantly surprise you with their variety and low prices!

Education in Mezitli: Nurseries, schools and colleges

There are 3 public nurseries in Mezitli, such as Bircan Tüfekçioğlu Children Day Care, Enis-Necip Tüyeni Children Day Care and Mustafa Baysan Children Day Care.

In Mezitli, there are plenty of private nurseries with varied learning programs where you can send your child for development.

There are 67 public schools in Mezitli, as well as renowned private schools and colleges such as Sınav, Bahçeşehir, Final, and TED.

Sport in Mezitli

Mezitli offers numerous places and sport complex for both children and adults.

One of the largest state sports complexes in Mezitli is the "Aratos Spor Tesisleri". It is a sports complex for tennis and football.

Professional football training is also available at the football sports complex "Green World Halı Saha".

You can also play basketball and volleyball at the "Davultepe Özgecan Aslan Sports Hall" located in the Davultepe district, Mezitli.

In Mezitli, there is also an archery school, a chess school, and a gymnastics section.

For swimming lessons for your children, a state outdoor pool and an indoor pool at the private school "TED" are available.

On Pompei Beach, you can play beach volleyball or sign up for sailing courses.

Parks and Recreation in Mezitli

There are numerous well-equipped parks in Mezitli, where you can take a walk and relax either on your own or with your family.

Among the most popular ones are "Soli-Pompeiopolis Parkı", "Kuyuluk Tabiat Parkı", "100. Yıl Gümüşkum Tabiat Parkı", and "Zeynel Abidin Parkı", etc.

In Kuyuluk Tabiat Parkı, for instance, you can bring your whole family for a full-day picnic and have a great time surrounded by nature.

Where else can you relax in Mezitli?

One of the best places would surely be the Waterpark "Su Dünyası". Here you can refresh in the pools or have fun riding the water slides during the hot summer days!

In the same vicinity is the open-air municipal cinema where you can watch films in the evening.

If you enjoy hiking, let me recommend the rivers located in Mezitli. There are three of them - Kandak, Tege and Mezitli.

For mountain walking enthusiasts, the northern part of the district is home to the Gemlik, Garkyn, Kalegediği, Gelin Kayası, Eyüp Kayası, Hüryüzları Kepesi, Manyt, Saladak, Kushkayasy, Durnaz, Peynir, and Kodja Ellez mountains, reaching up to 1400-1800 meters.

Cultural life and courses in Mezitli

One of the centers of cultural life in Mezitli is the "MezitliBelediyesiAçıkHavaTiyatrosu" Art and Culture center. Built in 2018, it offers various courses, concerts, performances by different teams or competitions.

In the "GençlikveKültürMerkezi" there's one of Mezitli's libraries, and also classes in chess and foreign languages for children.

Moreover, Mezitli has many private courses and lessons concerning various sports or arts for children and adults!

Hospitals and clinics in Mezitli

Of course, you know that the healthcare system in Turkey is very good and surpasses many, even developed and leading countries.

You can get private insurance for you and your family, which helps you be treated in any private hospital in Turkey without any problems!

There are public clinics and centres in Mezitli, one of which is the Mezitli Aile Sağliği Merkezi, for instance.

Of the major private hospitals in Mezitli, "Medical Park" and "City Hospital" can be noted

Real estate in Mezitli, Mersin

Mezitli district can offer you real estate for any taste – both secondary housing and flats in the most modern residential complexes, built with the use of the best materials and technologies.

Many new complexes in Mezitli are a whole world with their infrastructure: including large territories, security, pools, both indoor and outdoor, SPA areas, basketball and tennis courts - that is, everything needed for a comfortable life.

Real estate in Mezitliis popular not only among foreigners but also among Turks. And this is very important when it comes to the liquidity of an object.

That is, you will always be able to easily sell or rent your property in case of need.

And most importantly, probably - real estate prices in Mezitli, Mersin are now 2-3 times lower than prices for similar objects in Antalya or Alanya, for example.

This makes it very perspective for purchasing real estate right now!

Our company's office Tolerance in Mersin is located in the Mezitli area – as we believe it to be one of the most interesting and perspective in the entire region.Our own office in Mersin provides our clients with the broadest range of options with the guarantee of the lowest price.

Our leading real estate specialistswith extensive experience will help you make the right choice and provide quality service not only during the sale but for any questions about life and adaptation in Turkey.

For us, every client is our family, that's how we are used to working and living.

Our 20-years of experience and feedback from thousands of clients speak to the fact that you can entrust us with the choice and purchase of real estate in Turkey and we will do it as reliable and safe as possible!

You can look at our offers about Mersinon the site or simply write to us on WhatsApp at this number +90 537 482 84 23.

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