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The most detailed review of the Tece district in Mersin 

We will tell you about the location, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, parks, recreational areas, sea and beaches of Tece. In addition, we will show you the most attractive residential complexes in Tece within walking distance to the sea. 

We are sure it will be helpful for those who are thinking of buying an apartment in Mersin and do not want to make the wrong choice!

And one more thing - you won't find such a comprehensive review of the Tece district anywhere else!

Mersin and its regions are becoming more and more popular. But why?

Therefore, Mersin real estate and its cost of living here is 2-3 times lower than in popular tourist regions such as Antalya or Alanya, for example.

Mersin and its districts are an undiscovered gem on the Mediterranean coast with a very high potential for development.

That is why more and more people from all over the world are coming to Mersin to buy a vacation property here or for permanent residence in Turkey. You can watch our full overview about Mersin here:

Today, we want to present to you one of the most popular suburbs of this city -  the district of Tece, located 20 km from the centre of Mersin, directly on the Mediterranean coast.   

Once it was a small citrus-growing village, but with the rise of civilisation and increased construction, the population grew rapidly and the municipality gave it the status of a Tece district.

Tece infrastructure

Tece is a small neighbourhood or mahalle in Turkish. 

It is part of the Mezitli neighborhood, one of the most developed areas of Mersin. 

Mezitli's proximity to the centre will allow you to enjoy all the advantages and infrastructure of Mezitli - public schools, hospitals, shopping centres and sports facilities, for example - while living in a quiet and peaceful Tece’s neighbourhood.

Which is one of the important features of Tece!

However, the real estate prices and potential for growth in Tece will be even higher due to the proximity to the sea and beaches, which are just now being actively developed.

Especially this will become more apparent with the opening of the new airport, which is under construction near Çukurova, so far from Mersin.

The first phase should be ready for service by the end of 2022.

According to the official data for 2021-2022, there are 1,250 people approximately living in the Tece neighbourhood permanently. 

Of course, with the upcoming of summer season, their number increases dramatically - after all, Tece is a very popular holiday district, and many summer residences and flats are located here.

It is surrounded by the districts of Şahin Tepesi to the north and Seymenli to the east, the Deniz district to the southwest and the beloved Mediterranean sea and beaches.

Not many people know that, according to the administrative borders, it is not Tece itself that is contiguous with the sea and beaches, but with the district of Deniz, or Deniz Mahallesi in Turkish. 

You may be surprised, but according to this administrative division of districts, Tece itself does not even have access to the sea!

Historically, however, the whole area, including Tece itself and the Deniz Microdistrict with its beaches, is popularly called Tece.

The proximity to the sea and beaches has made this area particularly popular.

The people in Tece are calm and friendly, always ready to help visitors or foreigners.

The good old laws of friendly neighbourly life for people of all cultures and nationalities still apply here.

The Tece district has gas and gas heating, and trust us, this is very important in Turkey in the winter.

And another significant advantage of the area is a large number of English-speaking residents here.

You won't feel in isolation and will easily find new friends among compatriots who come from different countries and live in Tece.

Tece Beaches

Tece public beach, called Tece Halk Plajı in Turkish, is located in the Deniz area of Mezitli. 

It is a long sandy beach, in some places with pebbles, about 60 metres long and with a smooth entry to the water.

Its main characteristics are quietness and the lack of a large crowd.

You can see many small fishing boats and fishermen on the beach.

A big advantage of Tece beaches is the absence of roads or highways in front of the beaches, like in Alanya. So it is always quiet and peaceful and the air here is very clean.

At this beach, you can meet small rocks or sharp stones at the entrance to the water.

Sometimes, the water on this beach can be muddy or dirty, depending on the wind and the season. However, this is a common shortcoming of many beaches close to the town itself.

Unfortunately, it cannot yet be called fully equipped and comfortable, like the beaches of Soli, Erdemli or Kizkalesi for example.

Nevertheless, on the beachfront, there are a couple of fish restaurants, a few cafes and pizzerias, where you can grab a bite to eat and a coffee, and a good grill restaurant.

There are no working showers or toilets on the beaches in Teсe, for example. The same applies to the maintenance and cleanliness - it is apparent that the city is not yet actively working on improving it, although the goal is there, and the first improvements have already started!

This is due to the fact that in the past it was mainly used by people living here in summer residences and there were very few tourists.

That is the charm of Teсe - enjoying nature far away from the crowds of tourists.

And another plus of Teсe's beaches is that they are located close to the residential complexes and it is very quick and easy to get here with your swimming suit and towel - easy, comfortable and without unnecessary pomp. 

Many of the houses and flats have sea views - a nice extra bonus! 

And, after leaving the house in the evening, you can for 5 minutes get to the promenade, along which is so nice to walk, when the day's heat subsides!

Also in the neighbourhood are the beaches of Çeşmeli, which many people love to visit on holiday.

Location and transport accessibility

It's very easy and quick to get from Tece to the Mezitli area, which has all the local amenities and will take you 20-30 minutes maximum. 

There are no traffic jams and city buses or small dolmushis will take you to Mezitli or to Mersin itself on schedule.

Considering that Tece is a final bus stop, there won't be many people on buses or dolmushis, and that is very convenient!

All services are timetabled and a single Mersin Kart payment system is in use everywhere.

Shopping centres, supermarkets and bazaars

Tece is a relaxing and lively district with small chain supermarkets such as Migros, BİM, ŞOK, A101, the PTT post office, bakeries and the traditional weekly Turkish bazaars with a great variety of fruits and vegetables.

There are many small shops on the ground floors of most of the complexes, which are very convenient.

The Soli Center Avm is the closest shopping centre to Mezitli. 

Mezitli is also the location of the nearest banks and hospitals. There is a network of ATMs of various banks in Tece itself. 

Education: Tece kindergartens and schools

There are several very small public free primary schools in Tece, such as Tece Teca Primary School and Tece Hacı Hatun Cüne İlkokulu.

There are also state primary and secondary schools such as Şehit Yaşar Yildirim İlkokulu and Tece Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu.

For better education, you can choose private kindergartens, schools or lyceums that are close to the Tece district.

The nearest private college is Ted Mersin College, located just 4 kilometres from the centre of Tece.

Also, at a distance of 3.5 km, in Cumhuriyet, is the private college Vatan Koleji which is a kindergarten, primary school and secondary school.

In these and other nearby colleges, your children can get a quality and advanced education.

And, the distance from Tece district to Mersin University, the biggest university of Mersin, which is called Mersin Üniversitesi, is just 25 kilometres. 

So living and studying in Tece at the same time is also possible!

Tece parks and recreational areas

You can relax in the area with a walk along the seafront, a short walk on the park benches under the eucalyptus trees or just a cup of coffee in a coffee shop or restaurant.

There are several small landscaped parks in the area.

Large, landscaped parks where the whole family can enjoy a walk and relaxation can be found in the neighbouring Mezitli district, the best known of which are Mersin Yüzüncü Yıl Tabiat Parkı, Soli-Pompeiopolis Parkı and others.

Hospitals and polyclinics in Tece

As Teсe is a small district, there are no hospitals or clinics. There is only a small private medical office for minimally necessary procedures. 

The nearest health centre is Tece Saglik Ocagi Mersin, located in the nearby Seimenli district, only 2.5 kilometres from the centre.

The closest hospitals to Tece district hospitals are -  City Hospital, 10.5 km away, and Medical Park, 13 km from the centre of Tece.

Real estate in Tece, Mersin

The Tece district offers real estate that will  suit any tastes - secondary properties as well as flats in state-of-the-art residential complexes built with the best materials and technology.

The main feature of all properties in Tece is their proximity to the sea and beaches. 

From many complexes or houses you can see the sea and get to the beach very easily.

Oh, and yes - in contrast to the city centre, here you can go to the beach directly in your swimming suit, wrapped in a towel - no evening suits and no unnecessary dress code!

It is a green area for quiet, peaceful living with a very high investment appeal. 

People in Tece are very friendly and calm, always ready to help guests or foreigners.

Tece is now being actively developed with new modern complexes, only 3-4 years and it will be seriously transformed, it is already happening right in front of our eyes.

Many of the new complexes in Tece district is like  a whole world with their own infrastructure: large areas, security, swimming pools, saunas, hammams, fitness centres, basketball courts, tennis courts - in other words, everything you need for a comfortable life.

And it also positively distinguishes Tece from the centre of Mersin itself.

By the way, real estate in such complexes, you can always easily sell or rent out if necessary, especially in summer period.

A big plus of district Tece is the presence of gas and gas heating. Therefore, more and more people are choosing this area not only for holidays but also for a permanent residence in Turkey.

The most important thing is probably that the property prices in Tece, Mersin are now 2 or 3 times less than the property prices in Antalya or in Alanya, for example.

You will not find another area in the whole Turkey where the ratio of distance to the sea and beaches to real estate prices would be so ideal!

Which makes it a very promising prospect for buying a property right now!

By the way, the Tece district is so much loved by our compatriots that it can safely be called the most English-speaking district of Mersin! 

People from all over the world live together and often visit each other in the neighbouring complexes.

Our Tolerance company office in Mersin is located in the neighbouring area to Tece, in the Mezitli district, just 7.5 kilometres away. 

Which means that all property buyers in Tece district with Tolerance Homes, will always be able to get quality and prompt service in all matters.

Since almost 20 years of experience in real estate in Turkey, Tolerance is one of the biggest real estate companies in Turkey.

Our key principles are professionalism and trust in everything we do.

We were happy to tell you today about one of the most popular and beloved neighborhoods in Mersin - Tece.

If you want to move to Turkey for permanent residence , you can see our real estate offers in Turkey or just contact us by WhatsApp on +905321584244.

Our team of experts will find the best deals for you in the shortest time!

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