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Beylikdüzü is a district lying on the shores of the Marmara Sea in the European part of Istanbul. The area of the district is 360 square kilometers. It is situated 150 meters above the sea level, so the air there is cleaner and not as humid as in the center of Istanbul. Winters in Beylikdüzü are quite soft.

The history of Beylikdüzü starts as early as in the 7th century BC. It is believed that it is then that the Greeks settled there. Later on, in the 2nd century BC, the region passed under Byzantine's rule, and after that – of the Ottoman Empire. All this time Beylikdüzü had agricultural fields and military garrisons, so the population density remained low.

Today Beylikdüzü is a beautiful dynamically developing region. It is one of the few in Istanbul where there is no "gecekondu" – old, literally ramshackle houses built without any documents. All the area of Beylikdüzü is developed with beautiful new residential complexes. Real estate in this area makes profit for its investors, because it is constantly increasing in price. One of the reasons for such a growth is the popularity of both the long term and short term rental. Owing to the convenient location of the district, the rental is in demand both among Istanbul residents and among guests of the city.

The infrastructure of the district is well developed. For example, in Beylikdüzü there are 12 shopping centers and five major hospitals.

According to social reports, 40% of the population of Beylikdüzü has a higher degree. Also, reports say that there are many foreigners living there and that this is one of the most multicultural districts of Istanbul.

In Beylikdüzü, European landscaping standards are met, according to which 1 person should have 10 square meters of green space. In addition, work on the improvement of "Green Valley" botanical park is in progress. Owing to such an approach to landscaping, Beylikdüzü is beautiful in any season.

It should also be noted that this is a sports district: on the coast there are a newly built Marina West Istanbul Marina, a windsurfing club and underwater sports center; in addition, Beylikdüzü has rinks, ski clubs, biking trails and an Olympic swimming pool.

The cultural life in Beylikdüzü is rich too. There is Kenan Fisher museum of marine life, a cultural center and TÜYAP exhibition complex. Besides, each year in Gürpınar quarter they arrange Fish and Beach festivals.

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