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Küçükçekmece is a district of Istanbul located on the shores of the eponymous lake and the Sea of Marmara.

There are several versions for the appearance of the lakes' names Büyükçekmece and Küçükçekmece. According to one version, in earlier times, to cross to the other side they used rafts, which moved by way of pulling a cable. "To pull, to drag" in Turkish will be "çekmek". This version is confirmed by the fact that in reality lake Byuyyukchekmedzhe, despite the meaning of word "Byuyyuk" – which is "big", is actually less by the area than lake Küçükçekmece, even though "Küçük" means "small", but wider. Therefore, they had to pull longer.

By another version, the confusion with the names is caused by the lengths of the bridges across the lake, and name "cheksedzhe" comes from the method of fishing in these lakes, when networks would be stretched between two boats and hauled from the place where the lake borders the sea away to the side of the sea.

The district has 2 coasts: the lake and the Marmara Sea. In addition, two rivers, Sazlydere and Nakkash deresi, flow here. The development of the area is conducted according to these geological features. The area has many private houses; many new apartment complexes were built and are being built in recent years.

At the same time, the industry is well developed. There are more than 200 factories and more than 10,000 shops and ateliers. Therefore, we can say that the majority of the population of the region are the working class and their families.

Not long ago, Ataturk Olympic Stadium designed for 80,000 people was built in the district. Also, there are 4 cultural centers.

The district has 3 universities and many public and private schools.

Getting here is very easy thanks to routes TEM and E5. In addition, Metrobus and underground train Marmaray go here. 

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