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Bellapais Northern Cyprus | Bellapais — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate

Bellapais is one of the suburbs of Kyrenia, where the famous monument of Gothic architecture is located. The quiet and cozy place attracts wealthy Cypriots and foreign visitors.

Bellapais is a small village that attracts tourists with its well-preserved Gothic abbey, which was built in the 12th century.

Proximity to Kyrenia with its well-developed infrastructure and at the same time remoteness from the noisy streets flooded with tourists makes Bellapais a good destination where they can buy property.

From the center of Kyrenia to Bellapais - about 5 km, the road by car takes no more than 7-10 minutes. Bellapais is located on a hill, at the foot of the Kyrenia mountains, so it offers a truly magnificent view of the sea.

Bellapais has a mild Mediterranean climate, which is considered the best for human health: more than 300 sunny days a year, an average annual temperature is about 20 ° C with little rain.

Sea and Beaches in Bellapais

There are no beaches in Bellapais itself; to relax by the sea, you have to go down from the mountains.

Not far from Kyrenia, there are many well-groomed beaches with all amenities: sun lounge chairs, umbrellas, showers, and toilets.

They are located on the territory of hotels, so the entrance there is paid, and children are allowed with their parents for free. On some beaches, you do not need to pay an entrance fee, but a prerequisite for a visit is to order drinks at a bar or food at a cafe.

Transport Infrastructure of Bellapais

You can get to Bellapais by taxi or rented car from Ercan Airport, where planes arrive from mainland Turkey.

Entry through the southern part of Cyprus threatens to further refuse to issue a TRNC residence permit, so if you are planning to buy real estate and live in Bellapais, build a route through Turkey. 

Another option to get to Bellapais is by ferry to Kyrenia from Alanya, Mersin, or Tasucu. But this is a slow way: the journey can take 6 or more hours, but while you are on the ferry, you can enjoy the most beautiful sea views.


From the airport to the Kyrenia bus station, you can also get there by public transport, and from there then - by taxi or dolmush (minibus).

Keep in mind that only cash is accepted in dolmush, you can exchange currency at the airport next to the passport control desk.

Many tourists prefer to travel by rented car - it's more convenient. If you have driving experience and a driving license with you, you can rent a car in advance on the rental office website.

As a result, the car will wait for the right time in the airport parking lot with a full tank. But just bear in your mind, it is most likely that they will also ask you to return the car fully refueled.

Medical Care in Bellapais

To receive medical care, you will need insurance - in any case, it is issued before the trip. Insurance covers most of the services, but does not cover dentistry - it is paid in the TRNC, although it is inexpensive.

If you need an ambulance, dial 112 - this is the general number for all emergency services.

If you want to get a specialized consultation from a doctor (surgeon, therapist, cardiologist, and so on) in Bellapais, you have to go to Kyrenia, since the distances here are small, it’s like driving from one area of a large city to another.

Foreign speakers often turn to KOLAN British Hospital, which has everything you need for diagnosis and treatment: MRI, ECG, X-ray machines, a modern laboratory (simple tests are done in half an hour), competent doctors, many of whom were educated in the USA and Europe.

The clinic also has an emergency department, where patients with a fever, poisoning, and infectious diseases are taken. State clinics are not so badly-equipped, but sometimes you have to wait several days to see the right doctor.

It makes no sense to compare private and public medicine in Kyrenia - often treated in a private clinic is even cheaper for a foreigner than in a municipal hospital, and clinics are equipped at the same very high level. Residents of the southern part of the island regularly come to the northern part to get some medical treatment as prices are lower here.

Tourist Attractions in Bellapais

The main attraction of Bellapais is the abbey of the same name.

The monastery was built by the Crusaders and is now no longer used, gradually dilapidated. What is left of the once majestic Gothic castle attracts tourists to Northern Cyprus.

After visiting the abbey, most of the guests of Bellapais wander through its narrow streets, enjoying the flavor of two cultures at once: Greek and Turkish.

In the warm season (although it’s hard to call winter in Bellapais cold), the village has an amazing aroma of tangerines.

These citrus fruits grow everywhere here. Numerous cafes with cheap but tasty food attract no fewer guests than the Bellapais Gardens restaurant at a luxury hotel or the Kybele Restaurant right by the abbey.

The restaurant is worth going to if you follow a gluten-free or vegan diet, but you can just eat well at any catering point on the street.

Real Estate in Bellapais

Properties in Bellapais are mostly villas of various sizes with or without pools, private gardens, and fireplaces.

The fireplace in the villa is not just an element of decor. Considering that there is no centralized heating here, and in winter a rather cool and damp wind blows from the sea, a fireplace is very useful - you don’t have to warm up a large house with electric air conditioners.

You can buy property in Bellapais both under the construction and/or on the secondary market. The choice is not too big, since in recent years many foreigners have come to Northern Cyprus and Bellapais in particular, but if you wish, you can still find a good object, including a suitable one for obtaining citizenship.

Bellapais is gradually growing - villa complexes are being built around it, both relatively inexpensive and luxurious, exclusively from environmentally friendly materials and with designer finishes. The infrastructure is also developing: for example, in the summer of 2022, it was decided to connect Bellapais and Kyrenia with a cable car about 4 km long.

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